Special: Midou Takanori 2013 New Year Greeting + Wallpaper (Spray, Kichiku Megane, Gakuen Heaven 2)

Gakuen Heaven 2 Double Scramble protagonist Asahina Yuuki looking snappy in kimono!

Received the special greeting from Spray again this year! If you’ve subscribed to Spray’s mailing list, you would have received the email from the character you chose when you first signed up. :D

You can subscribe to the mailing list here: http://spray.product.co.jp/mailmagazine_info.html

Greeting from Midou-san :D


Happy New Year!
How about starting the year with a first visit to a shrine, since it is a special precious vacation?
I know you may not believe in Buddhist deities or like to be in crowded places but I think it isn’t such a bad thing to do the same things as other people do during the new year. What do you think?
I would like to go there to make a wish for our happiness.
The truth is, I also want to bring you to a place that is near the shrine. One of the reasons is that I found a nice shop there.
I wish that I can spend a good year with you again this year.
Midou Takanori

Did you receive greeting from other characters? :D Please share with us!

And in the greeting email, you can also download the special wallpapers for the new year.

Grab them here!


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5 thoughts on “Special: Midou Takanori 2013 New Year Greeting + Wallpaper (Spray, Kichiku Megane, Gakuen Heaven 2)”

  1. A happy new year!!!^^
    Sure I share my greeting from Katsuya (Megane) with you and hope others will do so as well:

    I was a bit astonished that there was no special for starry sky but I found these Dramatical Murder wallpapers :
    Hope that was helpful.

    1. @kitsunebi: Thanks for sharing! :D

      Me too! I’ve been stalking Starry Sky site but no update… maybe they’ll try a better-late-than-never thing again lol. And thanks for the headsup for DMMd wallpapers! <33

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