Special: Merry Christmas! Better late than never! (DRAMAtical Murder)

Guess who came down the chimney tonight?

Christmas Day may be over but there are 12 days to celebrate it! Nitro+Chiral illustrator for their upcoming BL game DRAMAtical Murder, Honyarara has posted a new illustration of Aoba in Santa costume.

Download it here! http://www.nitrochiral.com/staffblog/2011/12/111227_1461.php

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12 thoughts on “Special: Merry Christmas! Better late than never! (DRAMAtical Murder)”

    1. I misunderstood when you said 12 days to celebrate /sob. Even if it’s delayed a month, if there are less glitches, I’ll be happy~ But I’m still really excited for this ahhhhhhhh

  1. Awww everyday i grow to love honyarara’s style more and more i think the dmmd is better than the pixiv work though imo.

    merry x-mas!

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