Special: Limited edition Finder no series Wallpaper (Asami x Takaba, Yamane Ayano fair)

Want access to that delicious bod of Asami Ryuichi from Yamane Ayano’s Finder series?

Title: Finder no Netsujou manga in 2 flavours:
1) ファインダーの熱情 アニメイト限定版 Animate Japan Edition (with mini-manga booklet) and
2) ファインダーの熱情 初回限定版 First-press Limited Edition (with mini-manga booklet)

The Animate Japan edition revisits the SM play in Vol. 1 that so infamously launched the relationship between Asami and Takaba ^^;; You should be able to get that additional book cover while stocks last.

And the first-press limited edition mini manga booklet give us mind-blowing 3P action involving the threesome Asami + Feilong x Takaba.

And where can you find the limited edition wallpapers? The clue is in the obi around each manga (btw, both content in the manga are the same ^^;; in case you’re wondering)

Well, visit this special website link
(Available until 7 November 2011)

And enter the password below: 8455

The other version you can find is Takaba Akihito when he was Feilong’s captive.

And people who bought the manga can also send in a request form to get a DVD of Yamane Ayano’s live painting of Takaba Akihito’s dakimakura + 2 illustrated cards of Asami and Feilong in their sleeping pose. They didn’t say it’ll be new artwork, so my guess is that it’ll be the same as the ones used for the bedsheets.

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20 thoughts on “Special: Limited edition Finder no series Wallpaper (Asami x Takaba, Yamane Ayano fair)”

  1. ;o; wha dvd! It’d be so cool to see her making the drawing! (i’d be drooling the whole time lol!)

    The wallpapers are steamy, love it! still no match for starry sky June wallapaper~ XD

    1. @sigma: if I’m not wrong her video is on YouTube too. Do a search for it ^^ but of course the DVD version will be better quality heh…

  2. Thank You for this <3

    Man the 3P booklet was hot, really wasn't expecting that when my friend sent me the scans XD

  3. Thank you very much, pony! I’ve downloaded the wallies as well!

    When I saw the scans of this book, I was like woooooowww! Really, Yamane-sensei knows what pleases the readers best, that 3P was amazing! I like VF cos it’s a mafia story, has action, is gorgeously drawn and has awesome smex. And Asami is god level seme XD

    1. @Planck-chan: hehe beautiful wallpapers! Definitely a treat for fans.

      That 3P scene was serious pr0n :D~~~ Sensei sure knows how to work her semes. And it was like Feilong and Asami are connected together via Takaba too. Kinky doubled up on top of the 3P. I prefer this one to the SM booklet but that one is hot too.

  4. OMG. The wallpapers are so gorgeous. *w*

    Thank you for sharing the password~ /I really need more half naked bishies as my desktop wallpaper… Even if I am gonna earn myself a weird look from my family if they were to see it. ROFL.

    Thank and thank you once again. ^^

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