Special: Lelouch in happier times? (Code Geass)

What would you give... Lelouch

Let’s just imagine that Suzaku was the one who shot this pic.

What would you give... LelouchI don’t remember seeing any pics of Lelouch wearing a checked shirt before but… he looks cute in ’em, doesn’t he? ( ^///^)

I wanted to save this “special” for the 80,000 page views… I know its just about a couple of days more but I guess I won’t wait. Anyway, I’ve already missed posting up photo specials since (Naoto x Naoya) 40,000 page views ^^;;; Well, thanks for being here with me! (update: 23/06/09: Thank you for 80k page views ^^)

Lulu’s outfit (shirt, bermudas shorts and shoes) are from Azone International sized for 1/6 dolls. They arrived this morning along with other doll clothes I bought. And I’ve learnt the hard way that size 23 cm doll tops won’t fit him. Too small! (my ~~$$$~~) *cries* But fortunately he could wear 23 cm doll shorts cos he has a really small ass lol~ but they definitely won’t fit other Medicom figures.

As for his bike, I bought it during a short trip to Jakarta last year. Looks pretty neat huh… I’ve been meaning to do something with it for the longest time.

Well, this shot is meant to be taken in front of the old shack that Lulu and Nunnally stayed in where they first met Suzaku as kids (erm yeah, it’s a stockphoto but what the heck…) ^^ If Britannia didn’t invade Japan, the boys would probably grow up together there and taken this shot?

Well, most probably not… in our fantasies I guess.

Are you still in touch with your childhood friends? Social networks like facebook has brought many of us back in contact. Although we made the effort to meet up after that but it only made us realise that all of us are now leading very separate lives. Had Lulu and Suzaku lived in a normal world, would they too have drifted apart like many of us did? It is nostalgic to know that we once shared common experiences and fun/hilarious times together as children and I guess it will always be a treasured memory.

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12 thoughts on “Special: Lelouch in happier times? (Code Geass)”

  1. Not yet. (sent my friend request anyway)
    Trust me, i will not annoy you on FACEBOOK XD

    Social networking is OK lah thou’ at some point but can be annoying.
    I don’t collect “friend” unless i know them and anyway most of my FACEBOOK contacts are my relatives (cousins, an uncle, and my bro and his girlfriend)

    Believe in or not, i just sign up for FACEBOOK last month.
    Back then i have other social network account but later asked the administrator to remove my account after getting several “invitation” to become a mistress. *sigh*
    I’ll be flattered if somebody asking me to a girlfriend instead of mistress (perhaps because i’m too old? XD)

    1. Added! XD Nah dun worry about the bugging but it would’ve been fun to disturb each other when I was full-on obsessed during my first month. We’ll see monkeys and chickens flying to and fro while superpoking friends from all over the place. It was fun while it lasted tho’. At first I also only added people I know too but during the obessive periods, I added a number of them whom I didn’t know personally cos I needed to complete some RPG game (DUH!) so I restricted their access to my profile using the privacy options XP

      Nah~ age has nothing to do with it. I think those sukebe oyaji were taken in by your pretty and innocent looks and want to take advantage of you o_O

  2. i dont remember the picture drama epis…hmm

    lol! yea being able to change the clothes is neat there aren’t many figures that have that do they.

    1. They’re specials short films included in Code Geass DVDs. I rewatched my R1 DVDs recently, so the memory is quite fresh. I remember that before the R1 DVDs were licensed/released, GG subbed the Picture Dramas too.

      Yeah, most Medicom figures are “strippable” and we can dress them up like dolls ^^

  3. Nice picture~ ^w^

    I wonder why i don’t remember how they met up with suzaku…maybe i missed a episode…;;;

    btw how tall is lulu figure? It’s the figma version?

    1. Thanks! XD I was inspired.

      Do you remember the Picture Drama Episodes? If my memory serves me correctly, they showed in one of the episodes about how they met as children.

      This Lulu is the Medicom Toy Project! BM version. About 30 cm tall ^^ He is my favourite out of all the action figures I have. He is expensive but I really feel he is worth every penny :) cos *whispers* you can strip him XD

  4. Is tht bike from the airport? :P
    Hmm..almost a year and i’m not book any flight to SG *sigh*
    Chrisan stills remember you anyway

    FACEBOOK helps but i refrain from being attached to it, i’m being realistic and most of my friends are still around me and i’ only couple of hours away from my cousins.
    It’s bit distracting like messengers :D

    But you’re right about leading very separate lives….
    Thou me and my friends have lots of common ground, it’s hard to be ‘the way we used to be’….
    I could never turn back time or wish for a re-make (lol), but it’s a great thing to know we never stop wishing each other a happy life despite the differences.

    so wish you a happy life dear! (and plenty $ to buy imported goods XD)

    1. Yep, that’s the bike XD and put into good use now! Lulu is so photogenic, he looks great in/with anything (well, almost). I put him in meido gear once but didn’t take any photos lol~ Lulu: *gasp* NooOoo…

      One of my top wishlist is a 1/6 sized grand piano that I can use for my figure shoots… This is like super ultimate: http://www.hlj.com/product/SEG74082 but I’ll be happy with just non-playable one. I found it on sale for 1/2 price on Yahoo Japan auctions tho… *_* so tempting. Anyway, I bought a 1/6 violin at the airport too but it is really fragile ^^;;; it broke at the top once when I was posing it with Light. I super-glued it back on. Guess I wouldn’t risk that again.

      (^///^) Mmm that’s sweet to know! *hugz Chrisan* Remember the heart shaped balloons? No worries… looking at the economic climate as well as the H1N1 virus, it’s probably better to stay put at home. Let’s make a date for next year :)

      O~ I resisted Facebook for the longest time! In the end I added it partly due to marketing research. Boss requirement lol~ (as well as peer pressure from my cousin, then I got hooked by those brainless applications for about 2 months) Anyway, it’s interesting to see photos of old friends and find out what they’re up to now. But like what a friend who refused to go along with the trend said… there’s a reason why some friends “dropped out” of his life and being on facebook and getting peer pressured into adding old friends who have now become acquaintances into his friends list just makes life complicated, since he values his privacy. Well, makes perfect sense.

      Yep! I wish you happiness too! XD and yay for the $$$ to bag treasured figures. keke

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