Special: Lamento Guide to Lunar New Year Countdown Start!

Lamento Guide to Lunar New Year
This year, lunar new year falls on 26 January 2009!

The Chinese traditionally celebrate the start of the new year not on 1st January but based on dates on the lunar calendar which varies from year to year. This is a major event especially for people of Chinese descent.

Our Lamento boys lend us a hand on the countdown :D

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2 thoughts on “Special: Lamento Guide to Lunar New Year Countdown Start!”

  1. I had just learned this too from a friend. I feel silly i didn’t know, i had thought it was at first of year. OTL;;;

    *sqeee!* Three of my favorite character seiyuu’s in one picture!*n*

    1. Ah no worries, I mean I also wouldn’t have known about these special days if we don’t celebrate/have them as official holidays in our country ^^

      Hehehe… I love Asato (Hatano Wataru)! When I first heard him I was like… this seme feels more like an uke XD but I really liked his voice, especially in the Lamento drama CD.

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