Special: Lamento Guide to Lunar New Year Countdown III

Lamento Guide to Lunar New Year

Like Christmas, lunar new year is a time where families gather and members who are away will try to make the trip back home for the reunion dinner on new year eve.

On new year’s day, families would visit the homes of relatives and catch up with one another over food and drinks and more food and drinks XD Married couples would give out red packets (红包) filled with a token sum of money (in even numbers) to unmarried relatives and children as a well-wishing gesture. Generally, a pair of mandarin oranges would be exchanged too for good fortune.

So yeah, it is a time of joyful reunions and… for some, unavoidable gatherings (oh well, life is not perfect *shrugs*) Fortunately my family doesn’t have that issue… ^^;;; Although there are some relatives whom we only meet once a year and we always end up talking about the same boring things like occupation, studies, etc and typically, single folks will be badgered to get hitched and the younger married ones will be asked to make babies and such… Some may think it is pointless and rather be doing their own things during the holidays than spending time with “strangers”. *_* I’m not immune to these thoughts either but family is a -strange- thing. Even when we don’t keep in touch, the warmth I feel when I see these relatives and cousins is always there. Nostalgia doing its magic again perhaps. What an indulgent feeling… :)

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4 thoughts on “Special: Lamento Guide to Lunar New Year Countdown III”

  1. Family reunion is okay for me, after all i dun live in the same city with my parent.
    But i admit that things can be annoying when some of my in-laws suddenly go ‘kaypoh’
    There is this particular sister in-law who still treat hubby as her baby-brother *faints*
    embarrassing and makes me feel awkward.

    Not just single folks that get badgered but also mommie like me.
    Question like “when are you going to have another baby?” pops out. LOL~

    I guess we’re facing that kinda thing coz we’re still on lower level of the family tree.
    when you considered as a senior, it’s your turn to ask the questions. ha ha ha

    1. Yea :D that’s just how being in a family is usually like lol~ oh well have to bear with it kekeke… sigh back to work now and feeling the blues.

  2. lol leeks!

    I agree with you on the relatives/family only talking about the same boring things. Its kinda annoying because they know the answers to the questions they ask.XD

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