Special: Lamento Guide to Happy Lunar New Year!

Lamento Guide to Lunar New Year
My New Year Wish is…

Happy, prosperous, new year everybody! Great health and wealth to all!

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29 thoughts on “Special: Lamento Guide to Happy Lunar New Year!”

  1. It looks really cute! When i get a chance i would love to see what its about. Shounen-ai is always a good thing for me~ XD

    yea toward the terra gave me the water works alot too.
    Have you seen the extra short that came with the dvds? It actually makes you feel alittle better about the ending. Im just sad blue wasn’t in the extra too….blue x jomy forever~;o;

    1. Yeah, the series was good in itself, so shounen-ai was just a totally unexpected bonus XD

      *nods* I felt better after watching the Terra extra too but quite unsatisfied as well. There were so many heartbreaking deaths in the series *angsting* I love Blue x Jomy and I would’ve also liked to see Keith x Shiroe and Sam x Keith ^^;;; The mangaka Keiko Takemiya is very good at stories depicting the tragic/dramatic/angst/cruel/realistic human natures. It’s like you want to slap some sense into the characters so that they can avoid the tragedy but you cannot and you become filled with overwhelming helplessness which leads to some serious angst! You’ve seen Kaze to Ki no Uta anime right? Woah the manga is even more painful and tragic x_x

  2. Moyashimon? 0-0
    Ive never heard of that series before sounds fun though.

    Hmm have you ever seen toward the terra? Its a series i saw last year it was really good. The story and characters are compelling. I don’t know if you’d be to into it though. It has BL hints. XD

    The series im currently watching now is casshern sins its really good too. The animation is eye candy(vibrant colors) and the story is interesting though toward the later episodes it gets alittle emoish if it wasn’t already. XD
    It’s robot/human kinda story, Not as good as Eve no jikan.

    1. Yeah, Moyashimon is about a guy who can see microbes with his naked eye. The microbes have their own personalities and are diabetes-inducing cute! The human characters may not look very attractive at first but they’re interesting and well-fleshed out. The story is refreshing, funny and educational. There’s a special short segment at the end of episode where different microbes introduce their functions kekeke I also love the quirky depiction of university life and enjoyed it very much ^^ There’s some shounen-ai too but I didn’t know that before watching the series.

      Toward the terra was quite an emo experience *_* I had a number of “GAAAAH~ WHY??? WHYY?? *bashes desk and angst*” moments while watching it. I felt tears well-up for a few major events in the anime too. There were so many regrets. Agrees! The BL hints were really strong XD but the ending left me quite… ambivalent. Especially the “In the end, I’m still alone…” I didn’t know to laugh or to cry at the wicked way it ended. =_=;;;

      I’ve been interested in Casshern Sins but haven’t found the time to follow it. I’ll probably marathon after it is completed :D

  3. lol i got to give “kizoku” a look then~

    ah higurashi….uhhh. lets see i liked the first 5-6 episodes in the first arc, but after that it just gets weirder with each different arc, i dont know if there all supposed to add up to one storyline are not. I think i stopped watching around the epi 14 i cant remember. It lost my interest. XD

    1. Hope the drama doesn’t disappoint you lol~

      Ah~ icic… thanks for the info, I’ll give the anime a try when I can ^^ I just completed Moyashimon… not new but it was pretty entertaining. Microbes never looked cuter XD

  4. lol they are aiming for the wallets!

    OMG! OMG are you serious!!?? I was just thinking when i saw the character that makotos seiyuu would be perfect for him! (Kyaa ponytale you kills me but in a good way ;w;) I’m so happy to be a leo now. XD
    I didn’t even think to searching his name.(wikipedia is great) I had forgotten the name of his CV so this is surprise. I run into this seiyuu so much without knowing it i should find dramas with him in it.*-*

    You are taurus <3
    The character under you looks fun too!

    Hoshi Souichirou i havn’t heard much from him. I saw that he played in higurashi I somewhat remember that voice. (That anime is really werid btw! XD)

    1. kekeke it’ll be nice to get those CDs if I can afford it *_* tho’ sadly I’m really quite broke now. There’re also 3 drama+game CDs as well right? I really wonder what the game is going to be like. Hmm… I sometimes wonder if such items will ever be popular if they’re voiced in own languages. ^^;;;

      In BLCDs, he is usually uke and quite a good one at that… you can nosebleed all the way XD Just off-hand I remember one older BLCD that left an impression. Kizoku Series 3. Hana wa kizoku ni te orareru 貴族シリーズ 03 – 華は貴族に手折られ. It was my first time listening to Kishio Daisuke’s uke and at that time I was still relatively new to BLCDs. I was like… ooo cute uke ^^ The story is typical BL, period drama. Uke owes $ and becomes Seme’s sex slave but the H was hot. *hides*

      Gaah~ the Taurus character looks embarressed/troubled lol~ but cute too kekeke I wonder what he was thinking. I’m not a Hoshi Souichirou fangirl but he has a cute voice. I’m not sure what voice he’ll bring to the Taurus character tho. XD I’ve read about Higurashi but haven’t watched it. Is it worth the time?

  5. Yeah, I think his “unfinished” style looks refreshing on book covers, posters, etc but as HCG… it looks too raw. The illustrations are mostly cut-off at the waist and there’re very few full-body compositions (whether H or normal CG). His character expressions are also kinda limited.

    Starry Sky looks like fun… they’re aiming straight for our wallets XD Wa~ such a coincidence cos your Star Sign character is also voiced by the same seiyuu who did Makoto kekeke. Mine is Taurus voiced by Hoshi Souichirou. His voice can be quite cute too ^^

  6. I perfer the new artist too. The older artist wasn’t bad (though there style doesn’t interest me), i think its there style that leaves a feeling of unfinished maybe? I can’t really see much of there bodies on the web site so i can’t really tell. XD

    I don’t know if you play otome games but theres a interesting one coming out called starry sky


    Its intersting I really love the designs. From what i read here


    It looks like instead of the game coming first the drama is an monthly! The idea is fun and the seiyuus so far are great!*v*

    What sign are you? Im a leo so the character im under is Naoshi! He seems like one of the happy go lucky characters like Makoto. Hopefully he isn’t yandere like him. XD

  7. hehehe especially when Youji went “Are you ok?” over Makoto’s overexcitement about valentine chocolates XD

    I’m looking forward to the artbook. Must try to get it. From the looks of it, I think there’s quite a number of original unpublished sweetpool art :O

    Gosh, he does look like Tetsuo *big heart* XD Must bookmark it. Hope they cast some of my fav seiyuus for the game ^^ I did some research, the new artist is 敷田歳 (Not sure how that is pronounced in Japanese) I prefer his/her art style over Love Delivery’s previous work. When I saw the CGs of the previous game, the artist seemed to be weak at drawing the lower body of the characters ^^;; either that or the art seemed rushed and unfinished.

  8. Ah! I went to sweet pool website they have a cute little game were you can give them chocolate lol!XD

    Hopefully you see this before they take it off.;v;

  9. Ooo my guess is that it is their Valentine’s special XD Notice both Akira and Shiki are holding bouquets of roses? Shiki’s smirk makes me feel like he’s thinking about doing naughty things during the date hehehe

    Ooo… those are definitely new Yu-pon pics and they’re SO CUTE!!! I wonder why most of them are mousepads? Cheaper to produce? ^^;;; I think the postcards are nice. I’ll definitely burn my $$$ when they release those sweet pool chibis XD

  10. Kya! I’ve never seen the yukata art piece it’s so cute. ;w;
    Ah the radio cover is cute too. I’ve heard about the radio show but i’ve never actually listened to it. Sounds interesting though.^^


    I don’t know if there new designs but ive never seen them before.

    Me an avid gamer? lol! XD *dies*

  11. !! I forgot all about that character! Thats true it be really nice to see a chibi of him. I have yet to play his ending, he looks like a interesting character. Maybe more hope for a re-release of togainu coin figs~ ;w;

    Oh! speaking of chibis yu-pons new artwork for nitro merchandise is really cute!>w<
    have you seen them? Theres even sweet pool chibi pics. I’m thinking they might release the coin figs soon from seeing this. TTwTT i want them to but then its like….i have no money now to buy it.XD
    yupons artwork is super cute. itd be really awesome to see some odin sphere figures from him/her(?).

    1. Yukihito chibi on the Togainu radio show CD cover is cute too… Mmm Let’s hope for togainu re-issue again keke. Ooo~ I’ve not seen Yu-pon’s latest artworks. I only seen a new Togainu fan of Akira and Shiki in yukata and they’re awesome cute! Can point me to them?XD YAY Sweet Pool chibi! If they release them now, I think I would cancel my pre-order for other figures. If I remember correctly, I’ve only seen Yu-pon SP chibi of Youji and Tetsuya in a limited edition telephone card… can’t find the pic now… :-| I’m not sure about Yu-pon’s gender but I think should be a woman.

      Odin sphere’s characters look good! You’re quite an avid game player huh XD

  12. aww ;w;

    you dont have to do that for me~*hugs*
    but thank you for your help with these ones i actually have grown fond of them. XD
    Kitties and demons….its puuurrrfect (lol)

    1. ^^)b no worries at all… I’ll keep ya posted! Hehehe~ I’m hoping they release sweet pool versions too. oh and PS2 Togainu versions for the new character Yukihito! How could I forget… Now he’s the only one missing from the gang! :O)

  13. hi ^^
    no i didn’t even bother to email them about it. the lamento chibis are cute. I noticed they gave me a new set instead of used. Im thinking they didn’t have it in stock are they didn’t realized it was the wrong series. its okay though i was going to buy the lamento figs sooner are later and i got surprised. XD;

    maybe nitro will do the togainu no chi coin series sometime again…

  14. hahaha yeah.

    Since both togainu and lamento mini manga oredi appeared. (starring all characters from one coin figure series). I look forward for Indiana Jones and others to get their debut on this blog :D

    I’m inspired to do the same with my Giroro collection but not sure if i can afford the time to do it. Giroro is red, he is an auspicious chara for me.

    anyway i love tht small bamboo on the corner. cute.

    Umm..mind if i ask some tutorial on how to create tht kinda border?

    1. @Akiyama: XD yeah! Giroro! Lucky red! Well, I was planning on doing only one lunar new year greeting card starring some other action figures but the Lamento chibis had better ideas ^^;;;

      I drew the bamboo with the pen tool in photoshop. I’m not skilled with the tool but I can still manage simple drawings like these. The border was traced amd modified from a picture I found. I used the shape tool (the rectangle one) for the lines ^^

      @Fuuga: Phew~ if it’s new, that’s great cos it’s cheaper than normal retail price XD Anyway, I’ll keep a look out for the togainu chibis and update you if I see any ^^

  15. @Fuuga: *speechless* gosh… Have you emailed them? I’ve made many orders from mandarake before and they have been reliable so far… (*~*)

    @Akiyama: Hahaha… XD He is devil of wrath… I think his horns are inspired by an ox’s and since he is red (firey) as well, he is most suitable for this final pic! kekeke

  16. lol it is to much cuteness! Italy is love~>w<

    orz i got my package from mandrake you wouldn’t belive what they did…they sent me lamento one coin figures unstead of togainu no chi!TT_______________________TT

    1. oh dear, *_* the server hanged? *hugs u* HAPPY NEW YEAR!

      Uwah~ PASTAAAAA~ XD LOL LOL LOL and Chibitalia is such diabetes-inducing cuteness.

      Awesome Hetalia! And GG has already subbed the 1st episode! Too good! and TOO SHORT! Why only 5 mins each…

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