Special: Lamento Beyond the Void 5th Anniversary (Nitro+CHiRAL)

CD Jacket of upcoming convenience store LAMENTO Drama CD revealed!

Events and goodies lined up to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Nitro+CHiRAL’s fantasy, cat boys BL game Lamento Beyond the Void in 2012.

Title: Lamento Beyond the Void 5th Anniversary
Link: http://www.nitrochiral.com/special/lamento5th/

The website was unveiled on 29 October 2011.

First up are lovely limited edition wallpapers of the game’s protagonist uke cat boy, Konoe コノエ. Various sizes of wallpapers illustrated by illustrator Yamada Uirou will be available for download for 4 weeks. Click on the yellow button on the site to get to the page.

Second in line is Rai ライ, the sexy and proud cat.

And sweetheart black cat Asato アサト.

Is it just me or does Bardo remind you of Kotetsu from Tiger & Bunny? lol~

Kotetsu-san!!! (^o^)/ Err.. I mean oyaji cat, Bardo バルド.

Other things to look forward to are:

1) Event: Lamento Cafe ラメントカフェ
Date: 22 – 31 December 2011
Venue: : Cure Maid Cafe キュアメイドカフェ and QUEEN DOLCE
Description: It should be something similar to the Sweet Pool cafe event in this post and feature special theme menus.

2) Drama CD: Convenience store LAMENTO 「convenience store LAMENTO」
Date: 29 – 31 December 2011
General release: 25 January 2012. Preorders are open!
Available: Pre-sale during Comic Market 81
Official site: http://www.fwinc.co.jp/chiralmobile/cs_lamento/

Description: 「convenience store LAMENTO」 manga was first included in a booklet 「po-chi袋」 sold at Enterbrain booth during Comic Market 75 (コミックマーケット75). It will be dramatised! The story will involve characters from Togainu no Chi 咎狗の血 and Lamento. The manga is also included in Chayamachi Suguro’s artbook CHAYAMACHI CHiRAL WORKS.

More information about the drama cd will be revealed at a later date. It should be something fun like Love Love Lamento Gakuen and Chiral Cafe e Yokoso alternate universe.

3) Short Story: Lamento in Cool-B Magazine Vol.43.
Date: 4 April 2012
Scenario writer: Fuchii Kabura 淵井鏑
I’ll update again when more information is available.

Also, catch Konoe’s seiyuu, Hatano Kazutoshi 波多野 和俊 in Nitro+Chiral’s Ustream live recorded broadcast on 28 October 2011. . I think he is kinda cute!
Link: http://www.ustream.tv/user/Nitroplus/shows

Hatano Kazutoshi (left) playing with Konoe’s plushie strap.

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47 thoughts on “Special: Lamento Beyond the Void 5th Anniversary (Nitro+CHiRAL)”

  1. All of these posters are just SO amazing. I keep hoping they’ll do a re-release for Lamento for Windows 7/MAC systems but it is wishful thinking T_T Also I think pixiv might actually have some fanart of Bardo = Kotetsu, so you’re not alone :D!!

    1. @Tachibana: Lamento probably didn’t achieve the same success as Togainu… not sure but maybe they’ll do that one day *_* Maybe Yamada Uirou is a T$B fan? XD

  2. Yesterday was cleaning up a bit with my sister, and found in one B’s-Log (jan’10) an awsome drawing of the Poet (Shui could be his name?). My surprise was to see which illustrator was, Yamada-sensei. I thought this illustrator was newer at nitro+chiral than actually is, I feel a bit stupid now ^^u

    Anyway, this makes me feel more excited about Asato’s wallie kufufufu =^.^=

    1. @izas: Yeah. Yamada Uirou drew the covers for some of the later Lamento drama CDs. Immediately after Kurahana Chinatsu left, she more or less took over all the artwork for Togainu and Lamento :) and that was before Sweet Pool was released in 2008. Honyarara who is in charge of Dramatical Murder is the newest addition to Nitro+Chiral.

      Asato’s wallie will be gorgeous! XD

  3. I almost literally screamed when I saw Rai’s wallpaper today. Saved it, but I didn’t change it yet, haha!

    Does the Gift Online shop ship overseas, or do you have to go through a proxy?

  4. Thanks for the info about the plushies! Will definitely look out for them. OMGoodness! That Rai wallpaper is gorgeous! Now I can’t wait for Asato’s. *_*

  5. I went to that site a few days ago and was so excited! Looking forward to the other wallpapers and the cd. Really want that Konoe plush!^^ Hopefully, it will be available again soon. I would love it if one was made of all the characters, especially Asato:))

    1. @yudashin: Rai wallies are up! :D Konoe plushie will be up for sale again at Gift online store in December 2011. Watch out for them.

      Keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll make all the cat boys too!

  6. CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE————!!! *overdoses* okay i’m dying for not see sth cute for a quite long time… *shot’d* awww~ Lamento is already celebrate its 5th years anniversary already~ :D i haven’t play it but i will soon~ >:3 *cuddle konoe plushie*

    1. Yay! Rai’s up! Now I’ll just wait for Asato. Though I have to agree with izas that a Kaltz and Leaks one would be nice.

    2. Ah, it’s no wonder Bardo seems like he’s from Tiger and Bunny, he’s got a pink background a similar looking face. XP

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