Special: Kichiku Megane 5th anniversary wallpapers (Spray)

Spray Celebrates 5th Anniversary of Kichiku Megane

Kichiku Megane was first released on 20 July 2007 :D To commemorate and thank their supporters, newly illustrated wallpapers for the desktop and mobile phones by Misasagi Fuuri are downloadable at the official page. There is no deadline announced so I think the wallpapers should be available for some time :)

Link: http://spray.ne.jp/wall/kichiku5th/

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7 thoughts on “Special: Kichiku Megane 5th anniversary wallpapers (Spray)”

  1. LOL all of them are waiters except for Honda the chef.
    Ugh, Kotobukiya took a BL product survey last year but nothing comes out of it.
    I can’t believe it.

    1. @urusaiii: Nice detail lol~ :D
      Well, not exactly BL product survey but for male figures :) They did come up with Yu Yu Hakusho and Yu-Gi-Oh! figures.

    2. YuYu hakusho and YugiOh don’t count. Those are general Shonen anime. I thought that survey was targeting fangirls (女性向け), and I highly doubt the result are YuYu and Yugi…
      disappointed at them :-( They did mention it would be revealed at wonder fes winter 2012, but nothing!

    3. @urusaiii: you definitely have a point in terms of figures… but they did have quite a breakthough with those sexy cushion covers featuring the boys from DRRR!! and utapri :) Oh they were supposed to reveal a secret male figure which we were speculating on, remember? I hope it didn’t get scrapped D:

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