Special: Kamisama Kakkokari Valentine’s Day 2013 voice messages (easy-peasy)

BL Valentine 2013

One-day only time-limited Valentine’s Day voice messages! Don’t miss them!

Link: http://www.easy-peasy.jp/kms/0214

Featuring all the characters from the 2 game routes/disks.

School Rumble Chapter 学園騒乱編

BL Valentine 2013

Back-alley Riot Chapter 路地裏繚乱編

BL Valentine 2013

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12 thoughts on “Special: Kamisama Kakkokari Valentine’s Day 2013 voice messages (easy-peasy)”

  1. Curse you Japan time! It’s still Valentine’s day here (USA). I wish they would think of other time jones for these events, but I think Japan doesn’t realize the amount of overseas fans there are now.

    1. Oh yeah! I just remembered! I got confused with the title! I was thinking of something else. Sorry about that. No. I didn’t manage to listen to the Valentine’s messages. Did you? ^ – ^

    2. @ Ponytale

      Oh, darling! Take your time! There is no need for you to rush to upload the Valentine’s Day messages. I can wait forever! ^ – ^ Thank you though. I really appreciate it.

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