Special: Kamisama Kakkokari character birthday message voice 2013 (easy-peasy)

Never mind the fact I missed out all the previously released voice messages orz;;

Character from 『神様(仮)』学園騒乱編
Ikuta Shuuichi’s 生田秋壱(cv:波多野和俊)birthday is on 19 September.

The seiyuu Hatano Kazutoshi is the voice of Konoe from Lamento. The limited time special voice message is available at the official site for one day only. Don’t miss it!

Link: http://www.easy-peasy.jp/kms/0919/


When is my birthday? Erm, it’s actually today. Eh? You knew? You’re being mean. But, thank you. I’m really happy to celebrate it with you. This is probably the first time I felt so happy on my birthday.


Previous voices I missed below:

Character from 『神様(仮)』学園騒乱編
Nomiya Seigo’s 野宮青梧(cv:葵海人)birthday is on 4 July.

Expired Link: http://www.easy-peasy.jp/kms/0704/


Character from 『神様(仮)』路地裏繚乱編
Kifune Toma’s 貴船当麻(cv:堀川忍)birthday is on 1 June.

Expired Link: http://www.easy-peasy.jp/kms/0601/


Character from 『神様(仮)』路地裏繚乱編
Tenma Yukiharu’s 天満倖春(cv:桜ひろし) birthday is on 15 April.

Expired Link: http://www.easy-peasy.jp/kms/0415/

Anyone saved the files?

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