Special: July 2011 Cancer Wallpaper Message Starry☆Sky Starry☆Xmas (Touzuki Suzuya)

Limited period Cancer Starry☆Xmas present message and wallpaper site ^^

Special Christmas present prepared by each boy for all Starry Sky fans were published on their Twitter accounts on Christmas eve. I followed their Twitter accounts and collected all of them :D Their tweets are very cute and in-character. It’s strange because when I read the tweets, I could actually hear them being spoken by their respective seiyuus in my mind! Quite intriguing. :P There’s also a Christmas message from each boy on their individual Christmas present site.

Cancer: Ono Daisuke as Touzuki Suzuya 東月錫也:小野大輔
@ http://twitter.com/TohzukiSuzuya
Birthday: 1 July
July wallpapers: Previous download links are dead. Leave a comment if you like me to reupload.

This is his Christmas message:


For me… I have a vague impression of spending Christmas with you. You looked like you enjoyed the Christmas cake I made and I see your smiling face. I wiped the cream from your cheek and we exchanged Christmas presents…… I wanted Christmas to be like this forever.
However, things are different. It’s not possible to be together all the time. But we are together right now. For this I’m extremely happy.
You are like the Christmas present to me and this is my Christmas present for you.
I love you. Let’s spend Christmas together forever, ok?

[Disclaimer: pardon the not so accurate translation ^^;;]

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