Special: Hatch your very own Gian Carlo from Gian’s Egg (Lucky Dog 1, Lucky Happy Life)

Sounds cute, doesn’t it?

Released to commemorate the launch of Gian Carlo’s Lucky Happy Life. This mini game will probably be around for some time.

Sign up here: http://egg.woga.co.jp/

But the file is freakin’ huge OTL;; and took a really LONG time to load.

After you manage to get past the registration page, you’ll be asked 4 questions to determine who your Gian’s Papa. Remember to check 3 items per question. I know what the questions are asking for but don’t really know what the most of the answers actually mean ^^;; so I make different combinations until I could get the “Papa” I want for my Gian’s Egg.

You can also insert the blog parts into your website but again… the file takes freaking long to load, so I decided not to add it.

You can search ‘ponytale’ for my Gian’s Egg after you’ve signed up for your own. My Gian’s Egg’s Papa is Bernardo of course :D You have to take care of the egg by doing something to it everyday. I think the options varies daily.

Looks something like this:

Few days after the egg landed lol~

By the way, if you visit and pet other people’s eggs, sometimes they’ll give you gifts too.

After giving some of the Papa gifts to my Gian’s Egg, I get Santa-rina Gian XD Now I can go register for another Egg to cultivate.

My other Gian hatched into a cute purple bug(?) lol~

Various Gian’s Eggs hatched by you guys XD So cuute <3


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43 thoughts on “Special: Hatch your very own Gian Carlo from Gian’s Egg (Lucky Dog 1, Lucky Happy Life)”

  1. Hey do you mind if I link this article in my livejournal? I had recently gotten into this and I found this to be one of the only guides in English about this and it helped me. I’m working on making my own complete guide in English (a how-to guide) based on trial and error and things I’ve found through researching it on my own.

    I know this is like really old (I can’t believe it took me this long to find this) but I was just curious and thought I’d ask anyway

  2. They added a new Ranking page displaying all available hatched Gian’s~ (including a nude oneXD lolz) plus a top 100. I wonder how long this game will stay online? I wanna have them all *sob*

    1. @Myra: XD that’s cool! I’ll try to check it out later. I think the game should last as long as that game website is up :3 we can help one another grow faster perhaps by visiting our Eggs. Everyday we have 5 turns so use them up! U get a Papa’s gift that accelerates your egg’s growth :)

  3. Oh, no I made the other account the first time I knew about the game. You see, I can’t understand Japanese, so I kinda got mixed up. I was thinking “Did I do it correct?” over and over. I’m a worrywart hehe. So I made another account after I made the first one, just to be sure I did it correct. ^ _ ^

    My username from my first account (which is my main account) is Samantha.
    My other username from my second account (my ‘just to be sure’ account) is Akira.
    You don’t have to pet my two eggs just one if you want to. But if so, pet the Samantha one, okie. By the way, I always make sure I pet your egg! :)

  4. My Gian egg just hatched a day ago. I got a pudding Gian. SOOO CUTE! So now I chose Ivan. I made another account because I got mix up the first time, but I also chose Giulio. So in this account I chose Luchino.

    1. @MisakixUsami: you don’t have to create new accounts :D You can adopt more eggs using the same account after each egg hatches.
      What is your username? I’ll go pet your egg XD

  5. ffffffffffff, Santa Gian and Pudding Gian–! SO CUUUUTE <33333333333

    ; u ; <33333

    I wonder if the type of Gian that hatches depends on the decoration of the egg or on the papa? Because Guilio's being pudding makes total sense, but I'm not quite seeing the connection between Santa and Bernardo…

    But I can understand milk and cookies leading to Santa!

    1. @Puchi: I have no idea. I think choosing the options for the egg at the beginning should be the main reason the result varies. But I’ll have to hatch more eggs with different combinations to see it.

      I can see the possibility of why Bernardo can coax a Santa-rina out of Gian. Since it’s possible he can sweet talk Gian into cross dressing for him lol.

  6. @ ponytale: your lil gian egg has hatched! So cute~~ So you can get a new egg after the first has been hatched?
    My username’s myra9 ;P

    1. @Myra: Yep XD I adopted a new egg that has a bunny shape lol~

      I’ve visited your cute heart-shaped egg! XDD I can’t pet it cos I’ve exceed the limit for the day. I’ll drop by again tomorrow ^_^)v

  7. Eek! Puding and santa??? Oooo gee— its so cuteeeeee—-!!!! I wanna to pet it also but… Ugh… Lame net…(っ╥﹏╥)っ

    1. @Mito: You’ll have to be patient. I waited 20 minutes just to load the flash game ^^;; But it’ll definitely load up, so do other things to distract yourself when you’re loading the page :D Please give me your nickname when you get your egg! I’ll pet it too XDD

      I just adopted a new egg hehe.

  8. @Ponytale: Green hair and reality don’t really match well… yep…
    You know, in the end she was the one cheating on me. So it’s hard to take her seriously since I’m always faithful in love. :)

    Yep megane. :3
    I mostly know Kōji Yusa as the bishonen Fubuki Tenjoin in YGO!GX and Lau in Kuroshitsuji.
    I’m myself a big fan of Takehito Koyasu and Jun Fukuyama.
    You should make a BL fan’s favorite seiyu popularity poll. Not a big thing. That should be interesting to see.

  9. ~Ivan would be fun to watch as a papa cos would be cursing and swearing so much (with happiness?) at every little development of Egg Gian XDD


    My name there is “Dorian”
    I havn’t even tried clicking my poor egg yet!XD*bad parent;*

  10. @Ponytale: Bernardo of course. :)
    My last ex-girlfriend made me notice that I’m always easily attracted by green hair dudes. And since dating a guy who likes both boys and girls was apparently not easy to her (no kidding…), it was kind of a release that green hair guys are exclusives to japanese anime/manga/games.
    #what a life.
    And Bernardo wears glasses. So that makes a perfect equation.

    1. @KOKURAN: X3 ah~ i see! Have you seen any green-haired good lookers in real life? I haven’t tho :-\ Mmm, she probably felt real insecure and couldn’t take the attention you get from both sexes.

      For me, Bernardo is voiced by my fav seiyuu and I like his playful character. Glasses is mega-moe to me too.

  11. I’d like to make Guilio the papa, as he is my favourite character, I always want Gian to end up with him.
    Wouldn’t it be kinda incest in the end? X,D

    1. @Nipah-Nyaa: Lol~ officially the Papas are guardians (not really blood related so…) “technically” not incest ^^;; lol~ XDD Gulio is a cutie indeed.

  12. Yep! I adopted one~! I made Ivan the papa just because it sounds so hilarious…

    My username is Puchirus and I made another one with my sister, fufu

    …whyyy is Bondone an optionnnnn… That one is hers. xD;;

    1. @Puchi: lol XD that’s cute! I think Ivan would be fun to watch as a papa cos would be cursing and swearing so much (with happiness?) at every little development of Egg Gian XDD

      Ahh~ so Ivan’s Gian’s Egg is a little diamond! Show how previous Gian means to Ivan, doesn’t it XD

  13. lol, such a cute idea!
    I gotta make Guilo the papa, even though he might mistake it for food and eat it.; That, are get him fat on sweets. XD

    your right about the load time X-X

  14. …Oh man, that’s awesomeee. I bet Bernardo would be an excellent papa for egg-Gian! I think Luchino would probably be a nice papa too, but…uh…not sure about Ivan and Guilio… Maybe Guilio would be awright since it’s a little Gian…

    It’s such a cute concept though! ; u ; <33 I can't help but d'aww a bit.

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