Special: Happy Birthday Maeda Tomoaki 2011 (Hadaka Shitsuji)

Goshujinsama (Master), Happy birthday to you!

BL game seme protagonist of Hadaka Shitsuji 裸執事, Maeda Tomoaki’s birthday is 24 October (Scorpio! A star sign often used for characters that have sadistic tendencies lol~) The creator, Togomito 倒神神倒 posted a special short comic on his blog after confessing that he actually forgot about it lol~

Official page: http://madalabo.com/20111024tomo_birthday.htm

Maeda Tomoaki: Wa~ooh~

Each butler prepared presents for the master. I’m too lazy to translate everything ^^;;; so as you can see, there’s a cute mug cup, flower bouquet, a feast, a classy looking pen, chocolate (I think) and a key holder? We can more or less guess who gave what gifts.

Maeda Tomoaki: I’m extremely happy. This is the first time I celebrated my birthday like this. Seriously. Thank you! (And all the butlers’ hearts went Kyuuuun at that sweet and happy smile)

Sakuma Kyouichi: Master, we chose these gifts based on our own judgment. Is there anything that you truly want? We’ll be happy to give it to you…
Maeda Tomoaki: Hmm… that’s right…

Maeda Tomoaki: I want a fan disk of Hadaka Shitsuji.

*lightning strike* (lol~)

Sakuma Kyouichi: Everybody, Let’s have an emergency butler meeting right now.

Not here… nor there…

Quite an amusing way to celebrate the seme’s birthday lol~ :D The chibis are so cute too! Hmm… I wished he didn’t draw those weird faces for his characters during the H-scenes tho… they didn’t look appealing to me at all. ^^;;; But I guess the story and art will definite have its own audience.

Btw, the Hadaka Shitsuji Official Visual Fanbook was released on 31 October 2011!

Title: Hadaka Shitsuji Official Visual Fanbook 裸執事 公式ビジュアルファンブック
Price: 2,835 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 31 October 2011

Description: All for the sake of the master.
Contains lots of illustrations in the gallery, behind the scenes making of, and interview with the creator.

Hidden character personalities, world view /game settings will be introduced.

Event CG and walkthrough. Tribute illustrations from professional and amateur artists. Six of them include: Emal John えまる・じょん (who illustrated for Vivid Color’s BL game, Nessa no Rakuen 熱砂ノ楽園), illustrator Suzuken スズケン whose works include 三国恋戦記, 木足利根曽 of Doujin BL game, Gakuen Handsome 学園ハンサム, illustrator 五城タイガ of mobile game To Love Prince 愛してプリンス, 体育教師極 artist ガレオ and BL doujinshi mangaka Nukobao ぬこばお.

Table of contents:
1. 人物紹介
2. 物語
3. 寄稿イラスト
4. 画廊
5. Interview & Flow chart & Extra


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15 thoughts on “Special: Happy Birthday Maeda Tomoaki 2011 (Hadaka Shitsuji)”

  1. @Ponytale
    I do agree on that part.
    But you can just choose between the nice route or the sadist route. I mean, the choices are easy to read and understand. Believe me, the ‘nice’ routes are all sooo fluffy~ And they’re not even hardcore either.
    Just a little spoiler: One of the nice routes don’t even have a sex scene. ^^/

    1. @Liru: O~ the funny faces only appear in the H-scenes of the sadist routes? :O Cos I’ve only seen the sadist ones from the magazine OTL;; okie, I’ll give it a try when I can :3

  2. Yay! Maeno Tomoaki’s birthday is one day before mine! But I don’t know if I’m a sadist. Maybe I am hehehe.

    The comic strip was super cute funny. I wish I had a butler harem like Maeno Tomoaki~!

  3. Holy shizz I literally cracked when I read that~
    I really enjoyed playing the game, despite some REALLY surprising twists. :3
    Hahas I remembered reading a post that somebody wished for a fandisk even though it’s impossible. Who knew there’s gonna be a future plans for it? XD
    Gotta thank my stalker tendencies. I always lurk the site pfft.

    I’m coming for ya Komine! :’D

    1. @Liru: You enjoyed the game? :D I should try to look away from the strange orgasm faces and give it a try huh ^^;;

      Hehehe I think if the game sells well, he should do a fan disk :D I’ve read a number of tweets to the creator requesting for fan disks.

  4. He sure does like his ahegao, doesn’t he? I didn’t mind the strange faces so much, but… hmm. I think I came out of this game more or less…traumatized?

    I’d totally buy a fandisc of Hadaka Shitsuji! Maybe some epilogues of the “bad endings” that were actually the sweet romantic endings, haha~

    Ahh, and I sort of want that art book~

    1. @Puchi: The creator is a guy so ^^;; but its interesting to see BL done by men :D I haven’t played the game so I don’t know, just judging from the game CGs that I’ve seen.

      I wouldn’t mind buying the fan disk too if he did away with the strange orgasm faces with tongues sticking out OTL;;;

      Me too! I’m curious the making-of, interview and tribute artworks :3 Let me know if you buy it and please do a review XD

    2. @Ponytale: Sure thing! I’ll check to see if they have it at my local Animate in a week or so, but if not I’ll mail order it… The cash register people turned kinda red and asked if they heard correctly when I asked if they had the game itself in stock the first time… It was pretty embarrassing, haha;;////

      I’m mainly looking forward to the making-of! It’d be pretty cool to see some of the processes that went into this five-year long project. o A o

      Annnd, if you thought the CGs were bad…hoo boy, some of that dialogue… seriouslyyyyyy. Tomo-chan made Ichinose crow like a rooster while he banged him on the roof. …I don’t even… And then some of the more humiliating scenes involved bringing in the other butlers to watch… so that made ’em even worse… hahah;; I did a short review of the game on my tumblr!
      If you’re interested~ . v .b I tried to make it pretty spoiler-free.

    3. @Puchi: I’m also not sure if I can buy BL games over the counter to be honest OTL;;; So embarrassing…. Gaaa… You’re so brave!!!

      That’s a fab review! Thanks! I feel more encouraged about playing the game now but I still fear for my otome kokoro DX

      I’m very curious about the making-of too :D

    4. I got the book last weekend, but have been a bit too busy lately to go through it thoroughly…
      ; 3 ;”

      I had some time this evening, luckily, though~! It’s actually very high quality! I’ll do some more in-depth scanning and reviewing later though, since I think it might take a bit of time to scan that many pages… “OTL;; Maybe someone with a better scanner will pick it up! Haha~

      I might just scan the interview, guest art and 4-komas, though… ^ – ^;;…

      Underneath the dust cover had a really special treat, though! Ha☆ha☆Hadaka Rangers! I was really surprised when I took the cover off to scan it in!

      There was also a parody page for a “Hadaka Shitsuji 2” with a femme fatale protagonist! The scans are really bad so I’ll have to redo them later…

      …I’d play the heck out of Hadaka Shitsuji 2 if it existed. “OTL… Too bad it’s just a joke!

    5. @Puchi: Wow, it looks pretty awesome! OMG please don’t damage your book! DX I’ve not found any way to scan a book without hurting it yet ^^;;

      Would appreciate it if you just take pics of the parts you find interesting.

      Lol~ Ha☆ha☆Hadaka Rangers! XDD so much for “Combining” to form a better robot. Maybe the Hentai version would come out in the future… you never know.

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