Special: Happy April Fools Day 2016 BL and Otome side (Nitro+Chiral)

Guess who?
More April Fool’s madness and fun for 2016 :D Available for 1 day! (1 April in Japan time).

Nitro Chiral’s has done it again :D
There’s a special puzzle game at http://www.nitrochiral.com/chiralhonpo/shunga-puzzle/
and specially arrange Togainu no chi theme song

Vampire Omerta!
Check out the game PV

Spray’s new game Tsumi naru Rasen no Ori -Whispers of Iscariot-
What the characters are really thinking.

Galtia Special Voice

Parade’s NO, THANK YOU!!! They were joking when they said they had an update I think.

You can check out their new comic http://pa-rade.jp/nty/comic07.html

Taisho Mebiusline x Tokyo Onmyouji x Beniiro Tenjou Ayakashi Kitan crossover movie this time lol


Tennenbooks e-book store…
You get to download a free story that is over 600 pages long. Not a real story tho…


Cineria closing down?


Eroge: Nitroplus game becomes BL game lol


Otome: Hakuouki SSL VPS hosting service


Otome: Otomate cafe


Otome: Starry Sky Starry Knights


Otome: Dynamic Chord Dynamic Lord


Otome: Rejestic Brothers new game


Otome: Utapri musical is back with new cast


Update more silliness/cuteness:
Kamiaso – http://www.kamiaso.com/
Meikoi – http://www.meikoi-psp.com/
Gakuen Handsome store – http://store.penet.co.jp/items/2933807
Prince of Stride – http://posweb.jp/
Diabolik Lovers – http://dialover.net/tw_account.html
Taisho Alice – http://www.primula.jpn.com/taishoalice/
OZMAFIA!! – http://ozmafia.com/

Kurobas – http://www.kurobas.com/
Joker Game – http://jokergame.jp/
Sakamoto desu ka? x Rakugo Shinjuu – http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/sakamoto/
Sakamoto desu ka? x Rakugo Shinjuu – http://rakugo-shinju-anime.jp/
Hetalia The World Twinkle – http://hetalia.com/twt/news (I think it’s not a joke)

Goodsmile http://special.goodsmile.info/nendrone/ (there’s a possibility this may become real)
Miracle Train – http://miracletrain.jp/

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5 thoughts on “Special: Happy April Fools Day 2016 BL and Otome side (Nitro+Chiral)”

  1. Hey Pony!! Was wondering if you have read Captive Prince yet?? Kurahana recently made art for the Japanese release of it!<33 Looks amazing. I'm currently reading vol one. Its good! <3

  2. hahahahha!!! thank you for posting these! I never think to look up this stuff on 4/1. heck it’s not even April anymore I just happened by your blog again.

    lol Rejestic Brothers took me a second. I couldn’t stop laughing XD

  3. As always thank you for sharing :D
    This time I nearly found all you found but I never know about the Anime ones.
    Luckily I had free time this year to look around a bit more. This 7 hours time difference can be difficult from time to time… Sometimes I would wish that more sites would let the special be available a bit longer, esspecially those that need time like games…

    I enjoyed Nitro+Chirals Aprilfools special most. These drawings, the whole design was great XD.
    Did you solve all puzzles and get the wallpapers this year?I`m bad at these puzzles but somehow I managed to solve them all. If you didn`t get them I could send them to you.
    The storybook for meikoi was really cute and the bonuscharacter for majikyun was…hilarious XD.

    Rejestic Brothers:Did you see that when you click on the bear lying there on the cloud showing you his back different textboxes pop up? Same happens when you click the bars(?).The characters at the bottom are random. I like these little details they put on the site.

    I found these specials as well:
    http://www.comfort-soft.jp/products/pm/ (still online)
    Broccoli made extras for the other titles as well ( http://www.kamiaso.com/ and http://www.magic-kyun.jp/ (whitedayvoice for the later one is still online) )
    Takuyo: Sweetclown and kaeru summer changed their Twitterheader and Icon. The icons are still available.
    http://dwd-anime.com/ <- They had a popup with a letter and changed the background to the picture that pops up when you visit the site now.
    I have some screenshots if you need? (Also not for everything because the programm didn`t work that well this time and I realised it too late…TT.TT)
    If I remember something else I tell you.

    I`m sorry that I didn`t answer last time. I´m ill since over a month and have a lot of stress right now. Kittyboys have to wait a bit, making slow progress…. wanted to go for Rai in the first run but Asato is soooo cute…
    My mind is telling me things like:
    Safe the trees and go for Asato! XD

  4. I like how creative these jokes are every year! They become so elaborate in some cases as well, it’s really nice to see.

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