Special: Happy April Fools Day 2013 BL and Otome side (Si-Nis-Kanto, NO, THANKYOU!!!, DRAMAtical Murder)

Nitro Chiral website transforms into the hardware store website in DMMD :D

The games companies have done it again :D April Fool’s site specials which are only available for 1 day! (1 April in Japan time). Here’s a quick list of these specials! :D Have fun! I’ll put up the individual pages of each April Fool’s gag when I have the time.

New Omerta Yajuu no Okite game! View the PV http://blog.livedoor.jp/karinentertainment/archives/52599791.html

Madalabo spoofs an early BL game Ojisama Lvl1 with Goshujin-sama Lvl 1 http://madalabo.com/2013fool/gosyujinsama1/index.html

Play with the boys and win to see the special http://www.ands-products.jp/siniskanto/0401/

HolicWorks Yandere BLack x Do-M club mini drama http://www.holicworks.jp/evaf2013/black3/index.html

Otome: Short stories from Yandere Tengoku series by holicworks http://www.holicworks.jp/evaf2013

Kamisama Kakko Kari Special http://www.easy-peasy.jp/0401/

Parade’s NO, THANK YOU!!! game delayed! Due to new game specs!? http://pa-rade.jp/nty/

Taisho Mebiusline new magazine of spells launched http://lovedelivery.biz/menu1.html

Nihonhazard lol~ http://hgl.x0.com/nihon/top.html

New BL project by Cineria http://www.ike-men.net/

Otome: honeyqlo! Uniqlo spoof :D http://www.asgard-japan.com/honeybee/honeyqlo/

Please let me know if I missed out anyone :D

Update more silliness:

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11 thoughts on “Special: Happy April Fools Day 2013 BL and Otome side (Si-Nis-Kanto, NO, THANKYOU!!!, DRAMAtical Murder)”

  1. XD Lost it. Expected to see at least the nitro_chiral’s one when I came home from work, but I forgot my time-zone is 12 hours from japan’s. 22 pm here, it’s alread april 2 there.

  2. @ponytale: did you get a lot of screenshots of the pages? I missed the utapri and a few others. I like to save them, too. They are so cool! I wish they would stay up for at least another day.

  3. Saw the Nitro+ joke, it was adorable! In the products list there were Lamento themed allmates and Solids from Togainu! Nnngh! <3A<
    I'm disappointed I missed the HolicWorks drama and short stories, though. :C Have you seen what it was all about?

  4. eh?! utapri have the same joke called PRIQLO. OvO also brothers conflict have a joke yoo called sisters conflict XD where everyone turned into pretty girls and Ema as a boy. its on tumblr^^ brocon also have Asahina Bakeries @ bc-anime.com for april fools XD

    1. @Gakki: I love uniqlo too and its amazing how popular they have become even outside of Japan. Fun surprise to see them parodied.

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