Special: Happy April Fools Day 2012 BL side (DRAMAtical Murder, Omerta and more)

Just for one day, BL game companies like Nitro+CHiRAL have some fun with their websites!
That’s Arubitro-sama taking over Nitro+CHiRAL’s website at http://www.nitrochiral.com/

Update 9/4/2012: Click here for post on Bitro+CHiRAL

Traditionally done once a year by most companies and only available for 1 day! (1 April in Japan time). I don’t have time to do individual pages of each April Fool’s gag, but here’s a quick list of these specials! :D Have fun!

DMMD DRAMAtical MOTHER?? http://www.nitrochiral.com/game/dmmd/

Omerta Gakuen no Okite game?? http://omega.karin-e.jp/index_02.htm

Madalabo Kitchen run by Maeda Tomoaki and his butlers?? http://madalabo.com/

Si-Nis-Kanto after 10 years game! http://www.ands-products.jp/siniskanto/

HolicWorks mini dramas and gags for all their works! http://www.holicworks.jp/evaf2012/

Gakuen Onmyouji. Tokyo Onmyoji Fan Disk? One of the links from HolicsWorks list. http://www.holicworks.jp/evaf2012/20120401/april_onmyouji/ap_onmyouji.html

Bird Love (probably inspired by Heartful Boyfriend) lol~ Also from HolicsWorks List http://www.holicworks.jp/evaf2012/20120401/apl_bird_top.html

Yandere Heaven BLack and Beniten crosscover! (HolicsWorks list) http://www.holicworks.jp/evaf2012/20120401/beni_yandere/apl_beni_yandere.html

Yandere Heaven BLack’s new BLCD? (HolicsWorks list) http://www.holicworks.jp/evaf2012/yan_himeno.html

No longer just TWO chinkos but THREE! http://hgl.x0.com/nihon/top.html

NO, THANK YOU!!! By parade. New software? http://pa-rade.jp/

Otome games, as usual go check out Starry Sky http://www.honeybee-cd.com/starry_sky.html

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20 thoughts on “Special: Happy April Fools Day 2012 BL side (DRAMAtical Murder, Omerta and more)”

  1. They seriously never fail to amuse me! Very creative of them and most certainly funny! XD It is cool how they do this for every year~ LOL!
    On another note, the character design for ‘Bird Love’ is somehow familiar… Kind of remind me of this certain artist/mangaka artwork but I can’t seem to remember… orz (Unless I am mistaken and they just happen to look similar. XD )
    Anyway, the characters are definitely hot! *w* Just look at that blue flower sticking oddly out from that shirtless guy’s pants and the way the other guy dressed~ *lovelove* LOL~

    Thank you for the amazing compilation~! :D

    1. @Lurker: And most of them only last 1 day, such a pity! I’m glad that the ideas do take a new form of life later on when they make fan disks/specals, for example Shingakkou’s April Fools in 2011.

      If I’m not wrong, Bird Love should be drawn by the same artist who did Tokyo Onmyouji? ^^;; I also can’t seem to remember cos it looks so familiar to me too. I hope they make this into something real too.

      I’ll post the offline ones like Bitro Channel soon :D

  2. Daaaang I wouldn’t mind the SiNis Kanto after 10 years one. Looks like it’s just up in my alley. Too bad it’s not real :/

  3. Must remember about this next year! So sad I missed it all, too bad its only for that day. Thank you so much for the teasers.

  4. I happened to stumble across Omerta website yesterday and thought that was a new game!!!! I even posted on aarin about it!!! OMG I AM SO EMBARRASSED AND CANT BELIEVE I WAS FOOLED!

  5. B’aw, my Internet was down so I missed all of these… ;u;
    But thanks for the previews! XD I can’t get over DRAMAtical Mother and Bitro+CHiRAL, rofl.

  6. Oh thank you sooo much ponytail… I was hoping for some more yandere heaven black drama cds… thank you… ^^

  7. LOL!!! Some of these made me laugh so hard! They’re awesome!

    But… T-Three chinkos… s-seriously?! ;;;;;;;;;;;;OTL

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