Special: Happy 29th Birthday Gian Carlo! Fortune Teller Game (Lucky Dog 1,Tennenouji)

Tell Gian’s fortune on his birthday!

Lucky Dog 1 Gian Carlo’s birthday is 12 October! A special limited period fortune telling game is available until 22 October 2011!

Birthday Project: ジャンの29歳の誕生日を勝手に占おう!

You can do it only once a day and after you hit the round button on the middle-right, you’ll be given a number of points for the day… I had a ZERO OTL;;; guess I’m not that lucky today D: depending on how many points you received… Click on the mini game again and…

You’ll get a response from Gian :3 Different points will nab a different response.

I’ll translate when I have more time :D Please collect the responses and share your results too!

フフ、俺のツラ。イイ感じで笑ってね? イイオトコじゃね?
じゃね? ポーカーだってさ、ビリッケツの1も5枚で

So go over to the official site and hit that round button now before it ends.

Official site: http://www.tennenouji.net/top.html

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2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

22 thoughts on “Special: Happy 29th Birthday Gian Carlo! Fortune Teller Game (Lucky Dog 1,Tennenouji)”

  1. Awww, Gian looks super adorable with the hair-bow! My birthday is also on October, so I’m happy Gian’s birthday is on October.

    Anyways, I also got a zero, too……. T _ T I hope they fix it!!!

  2. WHAT THE—-!! i’m the luckiest person (the second after Gian er… no the third after er… uhh…) anyway i get zero~ :D what a perfect circle~ XDDD

  3. Bah I’ve been doing this event since it started ’cause I was waiting for the SS lmaoooo never knew what it was for, should have saved the results :c

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