Special: Gian Carlo’s Lucky Happy Life Chibi Wallpapers (Lucky Dog 1)

These chibi wallpapers are too cute to miss!

I think they’re not limited period releases but you may have missed them if you didn’t browse the official site for Tennenouji/Yura’s game, Gian Carlo’s Lucky Happy Life.

Visit the site here: http://www.tennenouji.net/LUCKYHAPPYLIFE/

Click on the gift box on the top right corner and download them :)

Enjoy the irresistible chibis!

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15 thoughts on “Special: Gian Carlo’s Lucky Happy Life Chibi Wallpapers (Lucky Dog 1)”

  1. This wallpaper is sooooooooooooo ADORABLE!!!! Kyaa~! I put it on my laptop last night. Gian is soo cute! AND Giulio’s expression is sooo lovely and adorable!!! Gian and Giulio are fav characters from Lucky dog!

  2. (bug)
    That’s just Lucky Dog 1 is certainly the gayest mafia ever, and to do this over Hitman Reborn is something… Yes I love mafia fictions. But I’m more used with stereotyped classy 1930 brown and golden colors… But the cover art of the game is wonderful. Sure.
    Maybe I’m just not fond of chibies… I don’t know… Mmh…

    1. @KOKURAN: Hahaha XD I caught a few episodes of Hitman Reborn. Weird but amusing… but I got to it too late. Too many episodes to follow up on and download, so I gave up :P Maybe when I have too much time on my hands… which won’t happen very soon.

      Yeah, the Mafia usually conjures a black/white film noir style of understated atmosphere but Lucky Dog 1’s cheery feel is right at the other end of the spectrum.

      Maybe chibis are too cute? :3

    2. @KOKURAN: i’m with you, brother! ;D

      but i have to admit, the chibis made it ironically delicious. Who would have thought those cuties were mob bosses :d

  3. The first time I’ve seen that art some days ago, I though: gay. That rainbow with all these chibies…
    But Bernardo is more priceless than ever with his Y ponytail. So, it’s ok. :3

    1. @KOKURAN lol XD I love all the bright cheerful and yes gay colours + rainbow included XD it’s such a saccharine sweet composition.

      Love the hair clips too!

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