Special: Gakuen Heaven 2 Halloween event 2011 (Spray)

Spray updated their Gakuen Heaven 2 website and launched a Halloween event too!

Most of the action is happening on the newly created Twitter accounts of their boys. Follow them to get clues and hints to unlock the secret page. There will be special event wallpapers for download :D

Twitter accounts:

榊宗司朗 http://twitter.com/#!/SakakiSojiro
水無瀬新 http://twitter.com/#!/MinaseArata
鷺森空也 http://twitter.com/#!/SagimoriKuya
高東政嗣 http://twitter.com/#!/TakatoMasatsugu
八神玲音 http://twitter.com/#!/YagamiReon
笠原智友 http://twitter.com/#!/KasaharaTomo
園田瑛士 http://twitter.com/#!/SonodaEiji
千葉隼人 http://twitter.com/#!/ChibaHayato
城河清匡 http://twitter.com/#!/JokawaKiyotada


Clues revealed so far from their conversation: Sorry, I realised that I missed out some important information because I didn’t read closely!

  1. Search at the bottom of the pages inside gakuenheaven.jp
  2. Search at the bottom of the pages inside prot.co.jp
  3. Yagami said ‘I’
  4. Solve the crossword to find the letter
  5. Look for Minase Arata for the last letter.
  6. Extra hint from me… there are 6 letters :D Search at the bottom of the pages inside gakuenheaven.jp/gh2


You’re supposed to download this crossword puzzle mat and solve it to get to the password. The coloured box holds the alphabet which is the password.

Clues given by Masatsugu Takato:

1:「学生」を英語で何と言うでしょう?What is the word “Gakusei” in English?
2:この作品は「学園ヘヴン●」です This game title is “Gakuen Heaven *” Fill in *.
3:私が愛してやまないものです It is something I love forever.
4:八神がよくこの楽器を演奏しています。This is an instrument Yagami Reon plays.
5:私はこれがないと本が読めません。I cannot read a book without this item.
6:私から見て、榊宗司朗さんや伊藤啓太さんのことです。From my point of view, who are Mr Sakaki Sojiro and Mr Ito Keita?
7:ハロウィンに欠かせないものです。An item that is a must in Halloween.
8:今回の舞台ですThe stage where this game is set.
9:料理する人のことです。They are people who cook.
10:笠原は「ロリ●●●」キャンディーが好きなようですね。Kasahara Tomo loves Lolli ***. Fill in ***.
11:我が校は、通称「●●学園」と呼ばれます。My school is also commonly called ” ** Campus*. Fill in **.
12: この項目は彼にヒントをお願いしましょうか Shall we ask him to give us a hint to this item?

Additional hint for 12 is that the answer is 「ACE」! ひらがなでは「えーす」

Let’s give it a try :D Here’s the link to the newly updated character information that you’ll probably need to solve the crossword puzzle.

Link: http://www.gakuenheaven.jp/gh2/chara_01.html

When you found the answer, go to this secret page located at: http://www.gakuenheaven.jp/gh2/halloween/pass.html

Yay! FOUND IT! \(^-^)/ Have fun! XD

Link To This Page
1. Click inside the codebox
2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

17 thoughts on “Special: Gakuen Heaven 2 Halloween event 2011 (Spray)”

  1. At first I wasn’t even going to try, but I decided to. Now I think I have the answer wrong and can’t figure out the right answer. T_T

  2. Hm, just wondering, must all the letters be in caps? I’ve found all the letters but it didn’t work. I think I missed out something.

    1. @Liru: I think you have the same issue as I did when I thought I found the password and wondered why it didn’t work.

      Here’s a hint, there are 6 letters, not 5 :D

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