Special: February 2011 Aquarius Wallpaper Message Starry☆Sky Starry☆Xmas (Amaha Tsubasa)

Limited edition Aquarius Starry☆Xmas present desktop wallpaper ^^

Special Christmas present prepared by each boy for all Starry Sky fans were published on their Twitter accounts on Christmas eve. I followed their Twitter accounts and collected all of them :D Their tweets are very cute and in-character. It’s strange because when I read the tweets, I could actually hear them being spoken by their respective seiyuus in my mind! Quite intriguing. :P There’s also a Christmas message from each boy on their individual Christmas present site.

Aquarius: Suzumura Kenichi as Amaha Tsubasa 天羽翼:鈴村健一
@ http://twitter.com/AmahaTsubasa
Birthday: 3 February
February wallpapers: Previous download links are dead. Leave a comment if you like me to reupload.

This is his Christmas message:

めりーくりすます! ぬはは~君に俺からクリスマスプレゼント。
ねぇ、ぎゅっとして? 俺をあっためて?

Merry Christmas! Nuhaha~ This is my Chrismas present for you.
Nu-… it’s not my invention. It exploded before I could give it to you.
It’s a special day, so I worked too hard…… Ununu……
Yep, today is special. That’s why I’m giving you, my most beloved a big present.
But the real Christmas present is “Me”!
Nee, hug me tightly? Make me warm?
Nuha~ being together with you is makring Christmas red too.
Love you. I love you very much. Nuhaha~.

[Disclaimer: pardon the not so accurate translation ^^;;]

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