Special: DRAMAtical Mother April Fools 2012 (Bitro+CHiRAL, DRAMAtical Murder)

Planned release 29 December 20012 lol~

Title: DRAMAtical Mother
Price: 10,000 tag
Date: 29 December 20012

April Fool’s 2012 special by Nitro+CHiRAL :D proudly presented by Bitro+CHiRAL

The story summary… is actually the same as DRAMAtical Murder if I’m not wrong. Just that the graphics are given the 8-bit pixel treatment :D Serious cute!

Character information. So cute!! :D Aoba, Koujaku, Noize, Mink and Clear.

The enemies including Akushima and police officer.

Screenshots of the game.

Check out the mock game demo here :D It’s cute and you can move Aoba around with your mouse. It doesn’t do much but maybe I don’t know what to do with it ^^;; Clicking on the options didn’t give the results I expected.

Bitro CHiRAL You need flash to view it
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11 thoughts on “Special: DRAMAtical Mother April Fools 2012 (Bitro+CHiRAL, DRAMAtical Murder)”

  1. Awww, so cute… I think the first option in the menù is “talk” because if you go near Ren and press that they talk and Ren go away(in your bag, maybe? Because after that there is a new option in the menù, it can be “items”?), and you can go in the other room with Koujaku and Tae XD

    1. @Hawah: It’s a bit hard to describe… I think you have to just glide your pointer around Aoba to nudge him around? orz;;
      Walk next to Ren,
      Talk to him (1st option),
      then you can guide Aoba to the door (on the right) and
      it’ll lead you to the next room…

  2. hahaha. this is such a cute parody of Earthbound(SNES game) and the Mother series in general.
    my inner gamer heart is pleased. c:

  3. That mock game was cute.. ^^

    I managed to get outside where I talked to Clear, Noize, Mink and Akira (in an alleyway XD)..
    I even fought a cop and won.. XD
    And.. I did pretty much the first option everywhere… ^^”

    Aoba’s granny is cute too, I met her in the second room where I also met Koujaku XD

    1. @Yoru-chan: Wow thanks for sharing your tips! I didn’t really know how to get out but after reading your comments I tried again and did it! :D I didn’t have time to explore further but I managed to get a couple of donuts from Granny. lol~ I’ll try to play it to the end if I can XD

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