Special: Countdown to Gian Carlo’s Lucky Happy Life (Lucky Dog 1, Tennenouji)

Released :D

Countdown Day 5: Gian Carlo staying cool.

Countdown Day 4: Luchino Gregoretti’s gotta look suave for the launch.

Countdown Day 3: Giulio Di Bondone is so sweet.

Countdown Day 4: Ivan Fiore eating… a hotdog? Lol

5 more days to game release! Bernardo Ortolani does the first count!

Special countdown Tennenouji/Yura illustrations for Animate Japan :D I shall attempt to collect all and post them here ^^ Click and download the fill pic below.

Download: {filelink=134} | {filelink=135} | {filelink=136} | {filelink=137} | {filelink=138} | {filelink=139}

You can also help monitor the link here: http://ow.ly/i/eZz6/original

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18 thoughts on “Special: Countdown to Gian Carlo’s Lucky Happy Life (Lucky Dog 1, Tennenouji)”

  1. @Ponytale: Yep! It sure made it an awkward trip home… lugging around such a giant thing.;; It has the game, bath sponge, poster (with the same art on the box), mini-bottles and a short comic about the mini-bottles…but oddly enough, the packaging is like 40% box…

    @sigma: Gian does look so moe in a cute sailor outfit! A bit shota, though, haha… I think that Tennenouji should release more Lucky Dog1 related posters! I’d much rather buy those than the trading cards! ; u ;

    1. @Puchi: lol that’s cute XD the box is to accommodate the poster so that it doesn’t get bent?

      Envious of your goodies! They’re all sold out too.

      True. Trading cards are nice but too small :(((

    1. @Puchi: cos it comes with lots of freebies at an extra cost tho… That’s the Animate Japan only exclusive that comes with bath poster and other goodies. Costs almost 6000 Yen :P

  2. Ohh man, it’s getting so close! I’m waiting with bated breath! > u <

    The game itself looks a little bit like Mario Party with cutscenes instead of minigames, judging from the Tennenouji website… Also battles or somethin'?

    And Headehi looks a bit creepy… Also highly looking forward to more chibi CGs! The sample ones are to die for <33 Looks like more Giancarlo sekuhara everywhere too~ But I guess that goes without saying!

  3. Ahhh, I’m so excited! <3 Friday can't come soon enough!

    It's recycled artwork, but Yura's chibis are so cute as always <3

    1. @Puchi: yeah :D cute as ever! <3 I just realised that with that crop of Bernardo's pic, you can put him on the toilet bowl and it'll be like he's reading newspapers while doing his business at the same time lol lol XD

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