Special: Celebrate Christmas with Togainu no Chi cake! (Military Shiki x Akira)

Beautiful Togainu Military Shiki x Akira Christmas cake!

A Togainu no Chi fan in Japan celebrated Christmas for the Togainu boys and staff and commemorated the anime by preparing this lovely cake and the limited edition wine! Like… wow :D And the picture was taken with Military Togainu plushies too! Cute! Don’t forget to drool at the wallpaper on the monitor lol~ I’ve read about fans celebrating birthdays and special occasions by baking or buying cakes and stuff for their favourite characters. I think that’s rather cute and a great excuse to pig out on yummy desserts! XD I personally don’t have the time or resources to do that tho ^^

Shiki’s wine is red indeed! :D so my guess is right. The pretty little accessory on the right side is the pendant that came with the limited edition Shiki wine, Togainu no Chi Original Wine: Ruler~ General Shiki’s wine 「咎狗の血」オリジナルワイン「支配者~シキ総統のワイン」~ priced at 5,250 Yen each.

Do you make stuff like food items related to your favourite BL series? :D Have you seen other awesome looking food created by fans for BL-related series?

Pic source: http://yaraon.blog109.fc2.com/blog-entry-143.html

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8 thoughts on “Special: Celebrate Christmas with Togainu no Chi cake! (Military Shiki x Akira)”

  1. Wow the art skills on that cake is awesome!*-*Looks so yummy!
    The pendent looks so nice and detailed.
    Is that wine glass a nitro item too?

    I’ve yet to only see this food created by bl-fan. I do remember seeing designed cookies of togainu no chi.
    Other than that i’ve seen the things created mostly by moe fans for series like lucky star etc….the lengths they go to is kinda scary.;; XD

    1. @sigma: Not sure about that wine glass tho :O cos I’ve never heard about Nitro releasing it keke but it certainly looks like a matching set!

      Ooo cookies! That sounds good! XD~

      I think probably one of the motivations is that they can share the pics of their lovingly made cakes with others on the internet :D It seems rather fun and interesting to get reactions to their work.

  2. Wow, this fan is a real hardcore fan, huh? I swear, some people just have too much time in their hands.. xD

    I went to her/his blog, and it’s pretty cool. But, her review about TnC’s last episode made me giggle. Especially the jeep part. I mentally kicked myself for being ignorant on such an obvious animation scene mistake.. xD

    1. @hirochan: lol~ yeah that’s hardcore indeed! :D But I think it’s fun if you can afford the time but like what imacatlover said, it would’ve been fun if it was a party with friends XD

      Yeah it is hilarious XDD though I feel really sad for all of us fans because the anime sucked so big time.

  3. @imacatlover Yeah I’ll have to come up with a real big excuse if it involves the family hahaha… parties are definitely better with company!

    And that’s some awesome icing drawing skill! :D Cos the boys looked great on top! Probably the fan drew the outline on the sugar coat layered top with edible ink then filled in the colours with the cream and stuff X3

    I like the pendant too! Looks beautiful. I think the Lamento one would look awesome too if it is based on the logo design. I wonder what sweet pool’s look like. Maybe it’s the school crest?

    Lol~ yeah I burst out laughing at those pics OTL;;; sad as it sounds. The first image on that page is the compilation of the scenes that were reused or repeated from previous episodes as well as within episode 12 itself. Yes. They even reused scenes in the same episode OTL.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to add an episode 13 that is a DVD-only ending since the original episode 12 was in shambles.

  4. *w* Wow, that’s really being dedicated to your fandom *hearts* I wish I had somehow time to do this too~ But I’d have two problems, though :( One would be that my family and friends included would think I’m mad, and two would be that I don’t really have someone IRL with who I can fangirl over Togainu no Chi… :( I don’t like to party by myself…

    ..But oh well, it’s the thought that counts, and it’s fun that people do this anyway *w* I kinda wonder how they did the icing. I hear Japan has all these fun kitchen goods that somehow help you make a mold or a stamp, so that icing the cookies is a piece of cake! ;3 So cute~

    Also, the hanger that comes with the wine is pretty awesome! owo;; And then that glass too… I think I should go and check if someone has them on YAJ already! *w*

    Man… I also died a little inside when I read that blog… xD;; I lost it at “jeep” xDDD The thought that Motomi is pimpin’ with his jeep around town, while Rin is still crippled in the hospital, omg… xD;;; Or Akira sitting secretly in bended leg position off-screen… it hurts, but I can’t stop laughing (v w v);; I kinda wonder what the first was thing was, though. Is is a compilation of shots they re-used from the PV and other scenes? I’m happy to hear at least that Japanese fans are conplaining/making fun of it too. It gives me slight hope the animators feel ashamed enough to start working their asses off at the DVD’s =__=;;

  5. @planck-chan – Merry Christmas, dear! YES! Shiki’s red wine XDD My guess is the fan made the cake :D And it looks like a yummy chocolate cake!

    Yep… And yet the animators found the time to add hairs to Motomi’s nipple OTL;;; and didn’t forget to flash almost everybody else’s nipples too. OTL OTL. Thank goodness Keisuke was spared the disgrace.

    Those posts pointed out so many horrifically hilarious but true things about the anime I laughed although I was crying inside (T_T).

  6. What a wonderful way to celebrate Xmas! And red wine <3
    I wonder if was her who made the cake…
    LMAO so much with her post, that anime pic of Akira near the car (the best explanation: Shiki heads under the wheel XDDDDDDD). LOL if those professional animators don't have perspective / distance notions, OMG what they done to this anime?

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