Special: BL Game Bird Love (April Fools 2012, Tentacles, Syokusyu, Akabane Kenji)


Title: Bird Love (BL Heartful Boyfriend? HolicWorks April Fool’s 2012 parody) :D
Available: ???
Company: TYRANT/HolicWorks
Plot: The story. There’s none. お話。 特になし。
Artwork 原画: 敷田歳
Scenario シナリオ: 外注
System システム: 遺跡

鳥山翔太/赤羽根健治 Akabane Kenji
亀頭和歌人(攻)/丈隆志 (?) 高橋研二 (Takahashi Kenji)
ひよこ太郎/北野大地 (?)

These characters are supposedly from Tokyo Onmyouji 東京陰陽師. This is the screen cap of the homepage that was up for a limited time during April Fool’s Day 2012.

Kitou Wakato 亀頭 和歌人 (きとう わかと) CV: 丈隆志. Seme. His brother is Muke Tarou. If I’m not wrong, it refers to the head of the penis orz;;) 攻。兄は剥太郎。 (むけたろう)


Hiyoko Tarou ひよこ太郎 (ひよこたろう) CV: 北野大地 Jumbo size chick. It absorbs people’s hatred and grows rapidly. Emits voice from his stomach. 大型のひよこ。人の怨念を吸い取り、すくすくと成長している。声は腹から出る。Hiyoko Hell (?)

Btw, is it just me or is there a nose and an eye peeking out from the chicken’s belly?


Toriyama Shouta 鳥山翔太 (とりやましょうた) CV: Akabane Kenji 赤羽根健治. He is the same seiyuu who voiced the uke in Yandere Heaven BLack. Inherits his parent’s poultry farm. 23 Years old. Took over management of the farm after graduating from university. He can see dead spirits at the farm and is afraid of them. (Then there are parts I don’t really understand so I skipped them ^^;; It has something to do with why he wears a Madoka-style dress if I’m not wrong.) He likes rice crackers. Special ability: Can manifest a chick from his palm, etc. Overall uke but occasional seme.



Scenario story. Rolling over the image changes it to the next one lol~

Chicken-type tentacles ^^;; ひよこ型触手
Boy, tentacles are getting popular in BL, aren’t they…

Scenario シナリオ(製品版では変更になる場合があります)




【翔太】 「ひよこ型触手……!」



【和歌人】 「ほら、これをもっと味わえ……ッ」



【ひよこ型触手】 (ボクノカワリハ イクラデモ イル カラ)


【和歌人】「ッ! 余計なことを! お前たちが今更救われるはずもないのだ! 言うことを聞け!」
【翔太】「余計なのはあんただ! よくもこんな非情を!」
【ひよこ型触手】(ショウタ…… ボク ショウタノトコロニ ウマレタカッタナ……)




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18 thoughts on “Special: BL Game Bird Love (April Fools 2012, Tentacles, Syokusyu, Akabane Kenji)”

  1. gasp! The dress reminds me of pretty cure! lol, he looks damn good in that;;; i want to see this game made!

    Yes it looks like a eye to me too! Scary chicken…;;o-o;;

    1. @dandycorsets: hehehe pretty cure! XD I think there’s a chance they’ll make it … so much effort put in XD shouldn’t waste it right?

  2. i don’t get much of the farm being in a bl plot..
    but that tentacles, ooh la la~ (*/∇\*)

    oh, and i was planning to get a ds just for playing japanese games..
    do you know any bl games that has an english patch for ds?

    1. @mai-chan: pffft yeah doesn’t make any sense XDD and it seems that tentacles are getting popular in BL.

      I don’t think there’s any BL games for DS now… is there? D:

  3. lol. thats pretty amusing. I quite like the art. ^^; haha those tentacles…not a big fan but i don’t really mind it.

    They should do a mini game on these april fool jokes :)

  4. I find this strangely amusing :D Soem of these companies should really release a mini-game or sth based on their April Fools jokes.

    1. @Sug: They might :D Pil/Slash made their 2011 April Fools joke for Shingakkou into a mini-game that is fully voiced and shipped it as a tokuten when they released Shingakkou fan disc earlier this year :D

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