Special: Bath time fun with Tetsuo x Youji (Sweet Pool)

One-coin version of Youji’s bath tub ero-scene in Sweet Pool~ lol~

Sigh. I couldn’t do very much about the blurry shots tho… please pretend it is the effect of bathroom steam XD I really need a camera with good macro lens for close ups :-\ Sponsors anyone? lol~

It’s Monday and I’m feeling a little blue~ I try to love Mondays because it’s the start of a brand-new and awesome week! (Thnking positively) OTL… but if you’re like me (did not have enough sleep), here’s a couple of Tetsuo x Youji shots to cheer you up ^^

If you have ideas for their conversation (Conversation? What conversation. No need for words. They’re gettin’ it on! lol~) please feel free to suggest and add it to the comments! I’ll see what I can do with them in the future XD

I had a fun time making the bubble foam in the tub and getting the boys wet lol. Getting them to “hold” their “lying-down” poses in the tub was next to impossible due to their bases and heads. Well, I could try to use things to prop their backs up but… I’ll try it next time I guess. In the end, I used a more “straight-up” standing pose for the shots and lathered them with foam. Looks like they’re sitting in the tub, no? :D

A close-up! I couldn’t put their faces or bodies any closer to make them do ero stuff with each other cos their heads are too darn big ^^;;

Oops~ Youji’s uncensored tiny-P (^///^)

Hope you enjoyed this and have a wonderful and lovely week ahead! ( ^-^)/

For more info about the bath set, check out my previous post :)

Photos featuring Kotobukiya Chiral Mori, one-coin chibis Youji and Tetsuo on 2 Y-shirt Akira naked bodies :3

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19 thoughts on “Special: Bath time fun with Tetsuo x Youji (Sweet Pool)”

  1. I hope she’s fine now. D: D: D:

    I would have a complete Vocaloid family even if I didn’t get her re-issue though. Since I’m getting the paw lab version anyway. XD But yeah, might as well. =_=

    1. @Luvi: :3 yeah, fortunately she’s better now… thanks!

      Hehe that’s true! I forgot about the new Miku. Her face looks different though :D I’m not going to buy the old Miku *tempted but determined* but they’re selling her kinda cheap? Either that or the later nendoroids are more expensive than before.

  2. Ah… it shortened my comment once again D’:

    Omgosh, the tub sounds already love pure love *w* But haha, good girl? xDDD Man, I’m SO over budget it’s not even funny xD Especially with the PSP w/ Akira kills my wallet for the year, but I’m glad I mangaed to grab him. I do have a PSP, so I had to have the game… even though I’ll probably understand so little of it… ^__^;; Luckily at Amiami too! I missed the first batch, and was totally pissed at the world for it. I was like no way I’m going to ask a middlemen service for this… damn you GSC! But then he came back on Amiami, and I ordered it very quickly. There are still a few left, and I’m happy I won’t be ending paying up for middlemen fees and such =w=

    Well, you did say you had the CG in mind…. but I wonder hwo you’d do that xD Ketchup? Tomato sauce? Fake helloween blood? Since whe’re closing in on helloween, you might find something xD And hmmm… I haven’t seen that CG before. I should check my CG set one more time…

    Gosh~ the drama CD sounds so cute *w* I actually like slice of life in my BL, and to read about something Sweet Pool related without death, evil cults, general wierd things and Youji basicly pooping out… yeah… .__.;; It’s good to read that such nice scenes in SP are possible! Kinda reminds me of the Lamento drama CD xD Where Konoe is given the role of Snow white in a play, and Rai ends up being the prins ;3 And lolling forever at Leaks being the witch xDD

    Ah… I don’t own a bath… :( But the images are really cute, anyways *w* And you should really finish Lamento! It’s totally awesome! *hearts* And artbook… it seems sold out everywhere now… :( I think only HS had him for international. Maybe it’s still available on JP sites?

    1. @imacatlover: it’s the double pointy brackets again OTL;;;

      Yeah, even if it kills my budget, I’ll get it first rather than regret later when the prices rocket *_* Side-effect of playing these Japanese games… you may end up learning the language! So I think it’s a good thing lol~ (consoles self) Icic… I think I got the first batch. Great to know that they did a 2nd batch and more fans could get their hands on them :) I hope planck-chan got it too. I think she was quite upset for missing it when it first went up.

      If I were to do the bloody CG scene, I’ll probably use water colours so that the red dye wouldn’t stain the figures X3 I’ll seriously kick myself if that happened! If I remember correctly, it’s during the same bath scene before Youji hallucinated and started releasing bloody stuff when he was pleasuring himself during bath time ^^;;; I could be wrong cos it’s been a long time since I last played the game.

      The Komanami Gakuen drama CD is cute and sweet. It’s kinda sad too cos we all know what will happen at the end in the game. I love the slice-of-life story about the boys… after that painful ever-blue drama CD, they really needed to give us some healing from the heart break OTL.

      Hahaha Love Love Lamento! That was really cute! I love Asato for interrupting their rehearsals and performance each time Konoe was put in a compromising position lol~ Too cute X3 Leaks being totally absorbed in his role as the witch was pure win lol lol~

      Which Lamento artbooks are you referring to? :O I think Lamento Green Notes and White Notes should be still available.

  3. D: Are you all right?
    Yeah. T_T There are fanmade bodies for puchis though. Really cute. _> I’ll probably be getting her for her face parts + leeks though. orz

    1. @banoni: yeah… unless we make our own like what Luvi said. Hmm let me try and see if I can balance the Junjou boys’ heads on the bodies and put them inside the bath tub. It’ll be a challenge tho lol~

      @Luvi: yeah I was slightly feverish last night, so popped panadol before I slept and some this morning. Better now and back in action (no choice cos gotta work). My mum’s germs are powerful. She’s still sick tho’ :(

      :D wa~ that’s great! I wish I could make these figure parts myself too.

      You’ll be getting Miku’s reissue? :O I guess why not huh… and then you have a complete vocaloid family! ^^

    1. @Luvi: woo… had a really long day… OTL and found myself feeling a little feverish now. Anyway, yeah with Goodsmile, I think it’ll be a long while before we have boy nendoroid bodies that are naked ^^;; The miniature tubs are really quite worth the money tho. There’s even a small removable stopper in the to keep the water from flowing out! Really cool detail X3

      Miku again? OTL you never know… maybe Kaito too :0

      @imacatlover: XD glad you love it too! Go go grab a mini tub for the boys! OH… you’re a good girl you know? Cos you stay within budget XD And glad you managed to grab a copy of that PSP version with Akira nendoroid puchi. I had a feeling it might get out of stock quickly, so even though I hesitated a little (I mean I don’t even own a PSP), I decided to order the game almost immediately anyway. I did check around to see if other sites were going to sell it first but no luck there.

      Hahaha… yeah, that’ll be creepy even if the chibis are so cute! I already had the bath time in mind minus the blood. Actually, that Sweet pool ero scene had a same shot but non blood-filled CG.

      Oh~ in the drama CD, Tetsuo and Youji was supposed to go to an onsen together cos Youji won free tickets for winning a competition at school. See my summary here: https://ponytale.lalaparadise.com/2009/09/16/blcd-sweet-pool-drama-cd-komanami-gakuen-gakuen-sai/

      Nitro+ also sold a bubble bath soap featuring yu-pon style chibi Tetsuo and Youji dipping in the onsen :3 and they’re selling it again http://adf.ly/110581/www.nitrochiral.com/special/chirallabo/goods09.php

      Enjoy the games! Lamento was a bit long tho, so I haven’t found the time to actually finish it OTL;;;

      Wishlisted the artbook too! I’ll get my hands on it eventually… now I’m too broke.

  4. Ohgod, this is soooo ubercute *___* I love the bubbles, and I’ve always wanted to do this with Chibi Akira and Shiki *w* Now I want a mini tub too… but since I just ordered the TnC game w/ Akira petit, I’ve officially have reached my limit for this year… v__v;;

    Y’know, I quickly scanned the first tub post where you were talking about buying the tub, and thought you were going to do the Youji tub scene where he lies in blood… @__@;; And I was like “OK… creepy…” But this is so much cuter xDD Is there really a Sweet Pool scene where they’re both in a tub? (haha, still a Sweet Pool n00b. I should DL the game, cause I’ve finally found out how to play Togainu and Lamento on my brothers old PC *heart*)

    Saw an older post about the Suguro Chayamachi artbook too *w* Gosh, I have it ordered too! I did it right away when I found out~ Do you like her art too? So little people do, but I absolutely adore it! *w* October… so close, yet so far away… *hearts*

  5. ……. Now I’m tempted to get a miniature tub. orz It’s a good thing the lack of nude bodies for Nendoroid is stopping me from buying it though. XD;

  6. So cute! Thanks for posting these pics!
    Yeah, I agree that puchis need at least a naked torso…
    Seeing this bathtub, gives me a lot of ideas… want a bathtub, a big bed for Usagi and Misaki hahaha you end up wanting to give them a “real” life.

    1. @planck-chan: X3 glad you enjoyed them! Yeah the closest to naked we have are the upcoming bikini clad K-on puchis ;P I’m waiting for the day the nendoroid boys also get their swimwear trunks versions!

      XD Yes! Misaki and Usami’s love nest! <3

  7. Omg! This is win!XD
    I love the photos so much/an the extra bubbles you added in~

    ~~**(Conversation? What conversation. No need for words. They’re gettin’ it on! lol~)

    lol no words are needed indeed.

    Have a good week too! Mine is going to be loooong…OTL

    1. @sigma: XD they’re too cute for words! I left their heads on the naked bodies for now… lol~ design for Akira’s body is pure genius :P <3 Nitro+Chiral and Yupon

      My week's going to be loooong too OTL What will you be up for? I have been bugged by procrastination which have caught up with me now ^^;;;

  8. lol They look like they could drown in that tub. XDDD …You make me wish Nendoroids had nude bodies. orz

    What kind of soap did you use for the foam? o:

    1. @Luvi: you’re absolutely right lol~ Youji kept falling inside the pool of bubble foam (literally drowning) when I tried to put him in that pose for his ero-scene shot.

      I also wish figma had proper slender naked bodies too. Aniki’s beefy figma body just doesn’t cut it for the younger boys.

      Just my own shower foam XD Shokubutsu brand
      Pump the nozzle a few times to put the shower foam into the sink, then use a “jet-spray” in the bathroom (which is relatively powerful) to spray water onto the soap. Volia! Bubble Foam! XD After I made enough foam, I scooped it into the miniature bath tub for scene setting :P

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