Special: Bath time fun Junjou Romantica version (Usami x Misaki)

Oo~ guess whose cute little butt that belongs to? :3

After Sweet Pool’s Tetsuo x Youji one-coin chibi’s debut in the miniature bath tub, I took Banoni‘s suggestion to make Junjou Romantica bath scene too :D

It is possible to balance Nendoroid Petite heads on some one-coin chibi bodies as you can see in my previous Junjou Petite review. But this time, we’re using Y-shirt Akira’s naked body and Nendoroid Petite Misaki’s head. I tried but there was no way that tiny body could support the big head without some help.

So this was what I did. Notice that there are no ball-joints available to connect Misaki’s head to Akira’s body. So I used a plastic wire fastener and twisted it into something that will fit both holes.

The resulting wire fastener (is that what it’s called anyway?)

Don’t be shy Misaki, you look per…fect…ly…. cute -NAKED- now! :D~ Yay~

Misaki: Usagi-san…mi naide (don’t look)
Usami: Misaki… kawaii… *smoochies*
See? Usami agrees too…

Anyway, this is the scene I decided to recreate, based on art of a Junjou Romantica bromide I bought.

Usami x Misaki <3 What do you think :D Pity I didn’t have the exact props though…

Usami: Come, Misaki. Let me scrub your back.
Misaki: *_* Iyadda! No… I don’t… want… you… to… *struggles & frowns & pouts*

To be honest, the pics I took after that turned out to be REALLY *coughpervycough* (yarashii) *_*
I decided to upload the milder one on photobucket and…

The NSFW one elsewhere (in case it gets flagged)

Misaki: Umm… Usagi-san Yame… (>_<)
Usami: Suki-desu, Misaki…

It’s scary how Usami’s hand is like… in such a -PERFECT- angle for this… *hides* OTL.
And Akira’s naked body’s hand also has the Tsundere-Uke-Resisting-The-Seme angle ^^;;;

Speechless? (^///^) *sweatcoughsweat*
Junjou Romantica Love!~

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48 thoughts on “Special: Bath time fun Junjou Romantica version (Usami x Misaki)”

    1. @m: Ah~ I see! Thanks for letting me know :O I’ll try to fix that. In the meantime I’ll just remove the hiding feature :3 enjoy the pics!

  1. Brands? o: No no, I get the scents mixed specially to match the characters. XD; I just ordered some test mixes from a different person though, since she seem to have pretty good feedback. Shall see if she’s good enough to replace the one I buy from currently. 8D

  2. That… can’t be right. XD BASARA definitely have more female fans than males.

    Not quite. o: I’m quite happy with USD falling since I have been buying custom made linen sprays for my dakimakura covers and nendoroid pouches. XD; So they’re really cheap for me now.

    1. @Luvi: yeah, the makers don’t seem to realise it… or do they? OTL;;; We want more fan-service! DX

      Icic… if that’s the case it’s great X3 Any good brands to recommend? :D

  3. lol Have you noticed that all the BASARA goods so far are not really fanservice-y? They’re all generic goods like mobile straps, or charms and stuff. :<

    Urgh, The exchange rate. I got so used to the old exchange rate, when 100 yen = 1USD, that I've been underestimating my expenses by quite a lot. x_x

    1. @Luvi: Sigh… so unfortunate :-\ there’s so much fan-service potential!!! I wonder if there are more male fans than female fans?

      Such a pain! DX My Dad says that US is probably deliberately lowering their own exchange rate so as to stimulate their own economy and the result is that everybody else has to suffer for it.

  4. Google have a lot of gadgets that are quite useful to us otaku/fujoshi if you know how to use em. 8D

    I /do/ wish they had included a line where Masamune murmurs to you or something though. T_T I’d have a nosebleed so powerful, it’ll shoot me up into space.

    They’re probably still available on Y!J though. o:

    1. @Luvi: I should find time to explore them :D

      Indeed. They really should have done something like that :( and we can all make mochi together with the rabbit on the moon lol~ Why can’t they fan-service us a little huh? He doesn’t have to say such long lines. Just a few simple but intimate ones are good enough.

      With the current exchange rate, our wallets are bleeding till outer space too, aren’t they? T_T I always end up paying extra of more than 50% at the end of each Y!J auction, so trying to curb that shopping spree addiction OTL;;;

  5. Haha yeah. Fangirls are scary. orz

    Well… it /is/ kinda moe if you look at it from another angle……… or it could just be me. OTL It’s kinda like you snuck into the army to stalk Masamune.

    I will! If it’s still available when I get my paycheck! *3* …And if I don’t splurge on anything else. x_x

    I like the Okita one, since he’s such a tease, but it’s already sold out I think. TwT

    1. @Luvi: lol but you’re a smart one cos you actually set Google to update you automatically. For me I usually check manually ^^;;; ah~ so I learnt something new today! kekeke

      LOLLOL you ah… :D well, you made a good point…

      Okita’s clock is tempting too *_* but yeah… you’re right… all sold out…

  6. Yup! XD I got Google Alerts set to send me an email as soon as their crawler finds a site with news on the clock. orz

    Masamune’s lines seem to be kind of personal too. I can say for sure since the image on Animate isn’t very clear, but it says ‘anta’ a little after that line with the ‘Hey! wake up guys!’ in it. XD Bad English, maybe?

    I might get the DRRR!! clock if it’s still available next month though. o: And maaaaybe a Hakuouki one. Playing the game again on the PS3 has reignited my love for the guys. OTL

    1. @Luvi: woah… but I wouldn’t blame ya… you love him!

      *_* yeah probably bad English but it sure sounded like we’re bunking with a whole bunch of smelly soldiers and he’s trying to wake us up for the morning drill :P

      Get it get it! XD It’s such a lovely clock <3 AH… which Hakuouki clock are you going to get? I'm thinking of getting the Saito one as well if it's still available x_x I'll be so broke.

    1. @Luvi: XD that’s great! Ordered? lol~ :D

      Yeah, me too. DRRR!! clock’s lines are more fan-service-y and more personal cos the boys are talking directly to us. I mean… what’s with that “Hey! Wake up guys!” wake-up call??? OTL;;; come on! It’s like we’re sleeping with a lot of people at an army camp or bunk =_=;;;

      Maybe they think guys may want to buy the clock too so they made it generic. *full of zannen hatred now*

  7. Please do! T_T You have no idea how desperate I am for this clock. orz
    Coincidentally, I was just telling my friend how awesome it would be if they released a Masamune voice alarm clock a day prior to Animaxis putting it up on their site. >_<;

    Edit: Ahahaha. orz I caved and ordered Hayate from AmiAmi too.

    1. @Luvi: oh my… I was also thinking about that too. Can’t wait to see what exactly he is going to say in the clock lol but so far no news of the clock yet but if I’m not wrong, Animaxis should be 3 weeks early in posting Masamune’s clock for preorder. So let’s check Animate and Movic at the end f this week.

      Lol~ ^^ I’ll probably order him AFTER my orders for upcoming Togainu goodies are done X3

  8. I clicked on the link as soon as I got the newsletter from Animaxis! T_T But it was already sold out. I’ve sent them an email, and they said they’ll let me know if they’re able to get more from the manufacturer. Have been looking everywhere ever since but I can’t find a place that has it open for pre-orders. TAT

    1. @Luvi: Sometimes Animaxis post them a lot earlier than other stores. I’m sure Animate Japan etc will definitely be selling them very soon :O If I see them elsewhere, I’ll keep you updated.

  9. o: Imma try it out when I comment in the future, I suppose.

    Definitely! <3 The only two characters I love the most are Kaito and Masamune. X3

    Urgh. The Revoltech figures. I was tempted to purchase them many, many times. But their faces always make me think twice. orz

    1. @Luvi: ^^ kk hopefully it helps. If you encounter any other issues, do let me know :D

      Ah~ while we’re at the topic of Let’s Party~ (lol~) do watch out for a Masamune voice clock that’s going to be released early Nov. Animaxis posted the item for preorder but I think you’ll probably be getting it from Animate Japan right? But they haven’t added the product yet.

      Yeah, I also ordered them initially but couldn’t get over the faces too. I cancelled them in the end even though they’re really going for cheap during promotions..

  10. Aaah, that is so cute! And I died at the last two nsfw photos. lolol
    I regret not trying to get my hands on the Junjou nendo puchis. TwT

  11. Yeah. Maybe if there was a way to disable html codes in comments…

    lol Masamune’s pouty face, you can never resist that. x_x
    I might get more if there is a re-issue in the future. orz

    1. @Luvi: I installed a comment preview plugin… and typed in loads of pointy brackets to the left and the right. Seems to be working ^^;;; Maybe it’ll help.

      lol~ you really love him! XDD I hope they do a nice figma of him. The Sengoku Basara revoltech faces are epic FAIL OTL even though the articulation looks awesome if you know how to pose him right.

    1. @Luvi: oops *_* can’t really help the double brackets issues in wordpress OTL

      Lol~ 3 sets! XD I’m tempted too. I’ll probably get at least 2 cos I love his expressions lol~ :D tsundere-poi ah~ icic… as for Hayate, if nothing more attractive comes up, I’ll probably get one of him cos reissues are most likely going to be rare for figures like him.

  12. I got 3 sets! /o/
    2 to play with and 1 more for safekeeping! >>>>>>>>>>>> Hayate. orz

    Have you seen the pictures in Mikatan’s latest blog entry? Masamune is so cute and pouty in there! >/////< January seems so far away all of a sudden. ;A;

    1. @Luvi: Yeah! lol~lol~ XD I thought so too when I did the Togainu no Junjou shot hahaha XDD His expression is priceless here with that naked body.

      ZOMG!!! Masamune Nendoroid!! Must buy… but I haven’t decided if I should just get one or two *_* how many did you get?

      Are you going to buy the Hayate Nendoroid too? :3

  13. This entry of yours really made me laugh and fangirl. Uwaaa~ Hontou ni kawaii! ;3 It’s so cute. And the script really matches the scene. I’m missing the anime now. T.T I want to see a naked Usagi too. XD

    1. @GlaringDream: XD hehehe… Thanks! Junjou is so much fun! I considered making a naked Usagi but later I thought maybe he should be fully clothed instead. Seldom do we see Usami naked. It’s always Misaki who’s being stripped lol~ XDD I’ll see what other scenes we can do next time with the two of them X3

      @Ri: lol~ glad you enjoyed it! kekeke.

    1. @Nagara: Lol~ yeah :3 Misaki is incredibly cute… I can’t help smiling everytime I see the pics too. Twisted? Yeah… it does look it, doesn’t it? OTL;;; lol~ XDD

      @planck-chan: woah… I didn’t know the new one-coin ball-joints can be completely removed! They were stuck on quite tightly and I didn’t dare try in case I break something… Hmm maybe I’ll try again :D

      Thanks for that awesome tutorial! I have been thinking of (decapitating) doing that to the old one-coins chibis for some time now but haven’t found the courage to take the plunge XD I don’t have a mini hand drill tho *_* Hmm… Lemme see what I can whip up :3

    1. @planck-chan: Glad you liked them! XD I wasn’t expecting the pics to become so pervy at the end lol~ ^^;;; happy accidental discovery lol~

      @Tasuki_Honey: Yeah! The butt looks great on Misaki huh X3 Glad you liked the pics too!

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