Special: At the end of Code Geass R2, Lelouch has gone…

Code Geass Surfer Lelouch

to Lalaparadise…

Hmm… so Code Geass R2 officially ended. Will there be a Season 3? I’ve stopped chasing after the series after the first season. And now that R2 has ended, I’ll have to find the time to do a back-to-back marathon of both Seasons. It would feel more satisfying, wouldn’t it? :)

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8 thoughts on “Special: At the end of Code Geass R2, Lelouch has gone…”

  1. @akiyama: hehehe… shiawase desu XD

    An open-secret wish… dear Medicom, please also give us at least a ProjectBM Suzaku in White Knight uniform… *prays* (so that I can dress both him and Lulu up in meido gear for a big dose of fan-service HAHAHAHAHA *evil laff*) Lulu: (-_-)”

    @Dragonfly: I’m not sure if I want it to go on forever lol~ unless they are going to make it good! But it’ll be great to see at least some OVA or spin-offs ^^

    @kielmaru07: LOL~ XD

  2. Oh my God, let’s hope there will be a season three! >_< This show can’t end! It’s too good! I mean when Rolo…y’know, it was over in my heart right then, but I rejoiced when the plot continued to twist. It’s one of those shows that the script is so good, they could totally make it go on forever–and they should!

  3. No rush, will need it by mid october but if cannot then plz send whenever you can (juz dun forget becoz i like it)
    also need your review on tht LuLu (including the upcoming R2 Lulu)

    Yep goodie bag so you can tell your family how friendly your internet friend akiyama XD XD XD

  4. Hey sweetie, my external hard disk that I use to store these files have started to act up for about a week now (T_T) I had trouble starting it up using the USB/ firewire enclosure and today it finally stopped responding.

    I’ve plugged it into my trusty old vintage P4 desktop as an internal disk and am copying out the files this very minute :P. Fortunately it is still readable (thank God!) but it just can’t keep a proper connection to the laptop when plugged in as an external disk. Don’t want to ignore it any further. The last time I ignored the warning signs of my laptop hard disk, it failed just one day just after I was thinking I should back it up the end of that week when I finished all my work… *dies in cries*

    Hopefully, I can reformat the old disk and give it a new lease of life again.

    Yep, I’ll send you surfer Lulu file a little bit later when the backup and reformatting is done. When do you need it? ^^

    Wow 4th issue oredi! That’s awesome xD Looking forward to reading em! Yay! I have a goodie bag too… kekeke.

    Oh~ if it is delayed, my credit card won’t be charged for it since they only charge when the items ship, which is a relief in a way o_O”

    News just in R2 Lulu further delayed till 20 Oct.

  5. Thanks but if you’re busy you can send me the original file and i’ll have ‘Iwaki’ to clean’em.
    The credit is still all yours *cheers*
    it’s probably not so-neat but it’s still cute and i like it because of the simplicity.
    seriously, i never thought of doing it and always ended up with boring graphics. Ewww…

    ah Kohaku magazine is oredi in its 3rd issue and November (during EXPO) will be the 4th issue

    I save the copies for you including *speaking in a low voice* BL manga, Omamori, Togainu Memo Pad…
    Yummy a goodie bag ^_^

    If a release delayed tht will affect your credit card billing izzit?

  6. I can’t remember which font. I’ll send it to you later ^^

    Hehe glad you liked this pic! xD Took me some time to clean up Lulu’s background and super-impose it on the beach. It wasn’t very well-done actually. If you see the higher resolution pic, some areas are not well masked. The photo quality of the beach maybe not be as good too. I kinda rushed it out. Photoshopping Lulu and searching for a suitable beach pic took about 1~2 hours or so I think… not including the time taken to shoot him. That was probably around 20 mins.

    Too excited loh… wanna -ride the wave- of excitement generated around the last episode of Code Geass R2.

    You wanna grab it for your 2nd mag issue? Please Lemme clean it up nicely first XD

    Btw, release of Medicom’s Project BM! R2 version Lulu is delayed. He is expected to be available around 15 October. Same goes for Togainu Coupling figures. They’re delayed till end October for Vol.1 and end November for Vol.2

    Ah~ the e-gallery… it should also be on the to-do list =_= remind me some time later, k?

  7. Technical Question:

    What font do you you use for LalaParadise?

    Nice picture, he surely looks convincing as surfer XD

    I really want to snatch this picture for my magazine. Your indy pics looks good too.
    (oredi save one issue for you+togainu memo pad)

    Really think you should have your own e-gallery for your pics.

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