Special: All I want for Christmas… is you! (Suzaku x Lelouch)

Suzaku x Lelouch Love

Merry Christmas!

From my current fav couple, Suzaku x Lelouch XD

It should be have been steamy but… oh well… *shrugs*

Want more action? Check out this older post about their reunion BL manga style lol~

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15 thoughts on “Special: All I want for Christmas… is you! (Suzaku x Lelouch)”

  1. okay professor durian-ology, does durian comes every year or seasonal fruit?

    i’ve seen some but not eager to buy it, becoz bad durian is really bad. Brrrr!!!!

    1. Mmm… Durian used to be a seasonal fruit but now thanks to technology, we can have durian all year round ^^ The top quality ones here are called D24, premier durian from Malaysia/Thailand hehe. So maybe you can ask the fruit vendor where the durian is from. The flesh of the fruit is usually creamy and thick. The colour tends to be orangy-yellow. Makes me want to eat some just by talking about it. XD ENJOY!!!

  2. Yeah..but it sorta affected me in certain way. i dun enjoy being in a place with crowded people. Occasionally lah…

    Eat durian for new year LOL~
    and i remember your advice not to eat durian in air-conditioned room

  3. Mmm… beer XD

    Yah it is nice to be just a little high. Beer doesn’t have such a high alcohol content keke so it is good. Sake is good too! XD

    So cool ^^ most of our view would be blocked by high rise buildings… we can hear the fireworks tho’

    Hmm… icic glad to know it was an uneventful and relatively peaceful Christmas :)

  4. @Fuuga: Happy new year to you too! Yeah the countdown is always fun…
    it’s good lah celebrating it with family..some people not always meet their parent, like me. they live in different city

    Mmm..beer~ <———–Now you’re Homer Simpson? LOL
    juz a lil bit of liquor for special occasion. I save some sake since April hee hee hee

    luckily the fireworks show available from the rooftop of my house.
    we still worried of some bomb attack.
    During Xmas church is even guarded by armed policemen and they made thorough check with metal detector and K-9 before the mass and xmas eve.

  5. Fuuga, Happy new year to you too! *huggies*

    Mmm… staying home and watching the coundown on tv is an indulgence too hehe (=^_^=) If it is a rainy night, I’ll be happy to be wrapped up warmly in bed and listening to a yummy BLCD kekeke

  6. Happy new year to you both~<3

    No parties for me. I usually stay home and watch the fireworks and wait for the count down to begin.XD;;

  7. have fun!!!

    Gonna have some firework show, dunno where but can be seen clearly from my house.
    probably will drink beer with some friends and enjoy the fireworks.
    Hope it wont raining like last year

    1. Mmm… beer~ XD We have fireworks and “count-down” events but the locations are far away from my place. I would most probably avoid going to those cos although public transport is available, it’ll also be very crowded after the show ends.

      Yeah, hope it’ll be a non-rainy night!

  8. Cool ^^ that’ll be great!

    Hmm… I’ll probably be out with friends, have dinner and catch a movie or something. Oh yeah and catch up on some sleep. Sweet pool is eating up my bedtime :P

  9. Will have english ver. but only in summary.

    What’s your new year plan? im going to celebrate cousin’ bday (31st dec)
    Other than tht i plan to marathon-read MONSTER manga (Urasawa Naoki)

    1. @fuuga: ^^ have a happy happy new year too! Going for any new year’s party?

      @akiyama: no worries! I’ve been looking forward to your mag XD Popped by… ooo very good! Pity I can’t read indonesian. Think you can translate your articles for English readers? :D

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