Special: 2014 White Day Wallpapers (Nitro+Chiral, Togainu, Lamento, Sweet Pool, Dramatical Murder)

2014 White Day! Why does Youji look troubled?

My fav bit of the illustration is Keisuke’s stalker chibi shadow in Akira’s box lolol :D Poor Akira (Togainu no Chi), Konoe (Lamento) and Aoba (Dramatical Murder) looks really happy eating while Youji (Sweet Pool) seems to be buried with pressies… princess sure is popular :D

Special wallpapers are up until 16 March. Grab them before they’re gone!


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9 thoughts on “Special: 2014 White Day Wallpapers (Nitro+Chiral, Togainu, Lamento, Sweet Pool, Dramatical Murder)”

  1. Hey, wanted you to know that the sculptor doing the Youji figure is doing a Couple figure bust of Sweet pool!!!*0* The pictures up are awesome so far omg….*saves*

    1. @dandycorset: Yep yep! Thanks for the headsup! XD Stalked her twitter acc and saw the boys! Too awesome for words. I’m looking forward to the final sculpt too! To be able to sculpt like that! Wow! Gotta get work out of my way before we can embark on our own figure sculpting adventure…

  2. Ep~ I forgot to mention but I saw the ads for the new Mushishi anime coming soon! I think you were the one that loved this series too and told me about it yrs ago right? Excited? I can’t wait~ *v*

  3. ;v; omg White Day flew by too! *headdesk*
    Thanks for the wallpapers again!
    I love the Youji drawing in it! Hmm I wonder who left him such a cute treat? XD
    The Locker-chocolate ambush scene is cute too! (Youji come from an all boys school right? XD It’s been so long since I played game I don’t remember anymore.;; )

    Hope your Holidays have been great! Ready for the Summer? I can’t wait. I think I’m going to ditch the text books and chill for a change.;

    1. @dandycorset: Yeah! Gosh… first quarter of 2014 is almost over o_O;; Work has left me depressed somewhat =_=;; but it’s comforting to know I can walk away from it if I really don’t want to do it anymore. Phew~ Anyway :D Youji’s school is mixed! Although we don’t see them in the game much lolol~ they made Youji jealous in the drama cd cos of their excitement over Tetsuo (working in the cosplay cafe) during the school festival.

      Enjoy your well-deserved break and have a great time! <333

    2. Aw I hope things are going well for you!*hugs* If you need anything you can write me, though my replies might be late.;; ;_;

      Wah so his school is mixed! I never knew lol. XD Ah I want to listen to that drama CD! *-*

      Omg one more moth and I’m free~~~~! My frist summer in a LONG time! *cries* It can’t come soon enough…*as I’m being engulf by all the reports,presentation speeches and essays I have to do currently….*X_X

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