Special: 2012 White Day Wallpapers DRAMAtical Murder (Nitro+Chiral)

Ooo more beary lovin’ for Aoba on White Day!

Featuring the side characters. Is this a hint that these guys get to do naughty things to Aoba? lol~ From left: Mizuki, Trip, Aoba, Virus and Akushima.

Special wallpapers are up until 27 March. Grab them before they’re gone!

Download: {filelink=259} | {filelink=260} | {filelink=261} | {filelink=262} | {filelink=263} | {filelink=264}

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14 thoughts on “Special: 2012 White Day Wallpapers DRAMAtical Murder (Nitro+Chiral)”

  1. Yay, thanks for the heads up! :D I think after Clear, I’m most curious about Trip and Virus, so I’m really happy they’re featured here. ^^

  2. GRABBED!!
    I want an Virus+Trip+Aoba END… no matter it’s GOOD or BAD T_T
    and Ren!!! why so cuteeeee *poke poke*

  3. omg, dude i am so late! OTL when did they release a opening? It’s so cool!!>v< I love the music!
    Is the band goatbed??? omg i want a album.;;

    1. @sigma: lol~ I bet! That’s Mizuki, Aoba’s good friend it seems. Hope you had a fun white day too!
      Yep, the soundtrack is up for preorder!
      I’m looking forward to the new character figure too! I don’t know much about the doujin circle but the art style does look like his huh :D~

    2. It is! @Q@ *explodes with happy*
      You know if he where to make his own original yaoi, then his works would be considered Bara genre?XD (I recently found out about this other yaoi genre few weeks ago, didn’t know it existed. How long has this been?XD;;)

    3. @dandycorsets: AWESOME! XD Well most Bara styles are typified by men drawn with ridiculously huge muscles lol~ His would be a nicer balance of brawn and bishie :D The Bara style is usually drawn with the gay male as target audience, not women ^^

  4. Nice :D
    If they’re important enough to be on the White Day wallpaper, maybe those are the other semes?

    It’s so cute how Aoba always cuddles with Ren ;U;

  5. Awwww, I love this wallpaper! I think I even prefer it to the Valentine’s Day version haha XD I seriously can’t wait for DMMd *keeping my fingers crossed for a Trip/Aoba/Virus route*

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