Special: 2012 Tomoe Yoh Capricorn Birthday Wallpapers Starry☆Sky (honeybee)

New artwork for the new year? Tomoe Yoh 土萌羊 Birthday wallpaper!

Capricorn boy Tomoe Yoh’s birthday is 12 January!

Special wallpapers for download!

Download: {filelink=227} | {filelink=228} | {filelink=229} | {filelink=230}


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11 thoughts on “Special: 2012 Tomoe Yoh Capricorn Birthday Wallpapers Starry☆Sky (honeybee)”

  1. Thank you for the update! * v * Did you go for Comiket to draw lots at the SS booth? OTL

    Sadly I missed Yoh’s wallpaper by two days ;___ ; Do you happen to have the image to the wallpaper?

    1. @aziraphale: I would love to! But didn’t go to comiket myself orz;; Did you go?
      Yeah I downloaded them! I’ll up them when I can. Watch this space :3

    2. I did! * v * It was my first Comiket and I spent on them ; __ ; I wanted the blanket though.

      All right thank you so much <3<3

    3. @aziraphale: It’s possible to buy the full set (like everything) from mandarake but it costs about 25000 Yen orz;;; if you can get friends to share with you and buy the other stuff inside, you can probably consider.
      Link: ekizo.mandarake.co.jp/shop/en/item-mandarake-kuji10001.html

      Oh forgot to ask… do you want to share with us some coverage of the event? Like pics you took etc :D I’m sure most of us would love to know your first hand experience!

    4. Whoa that’s really costly * __ * ;;; But the temptation!

      Ahh I don’t mind. But I didn’t really take alot of pictures of the event since we’re not allowed to take photos in the event hall ; – ;

    5. @aziraphale: Tempting right… I’m salivating too. Trying it separately may cost more and still not get the blanket ^^;; so if you have extra cash to spare, the whole set might be worth it. There are 2 versions of blankets right? Can consider selling the rest of the items on ebay or something after that orz;;

      No worries! I’ll email you about it then! :D

    6. That is quite true. But I think the Mandarake link you gave me only includes the first season lot ; v ; Yes! I’ll be getting my hands on the first season blanket soon. Now it’s a matter of hunting down second season’s one! T u T;;

      All right!

  2. Yo know, that new art of Kazuaki they are using, I want a high resolution image of them all together. And that Christmas image where everyone gathers at the bus stop. I love Kazuaki’s art so damn much *A*

    I wonder if honeybee will make another game series with her art~

    1. @Celestie: It would b be nice if they released posters or something :D I wonder too… they’ve pretty much covered all areas in the franchise? Wonder what other surprises they can come up with.

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