Special: 2012 Starry☆Sky Merry Christmas Chibi Kiss Desktop, Twitter Wallpapers (honeybee)

Starry Chibis kisses this Christmas!

Lovely Christmas to all!

Link: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/starrysky/limit/2012christmas/index.html

Christmas messages!

Tohzuki Suzuya Cancer:
Quiz time. What is the CHristmas present that I want? If you can’t answer it, there’ll be a punishment, ok? Hint. Something that will be revealed if not held together closely. Tick tock, tick, tock… Buu~ Time’s up. Since you couldn’t answer, it’s ok to ask you for lots of Christmas presents right?

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Kanakubo Homare Taurus
Hey, I have a wish for cute Santa. I want to receive a kiss from cute Santa. Fufu, it’s ok once in a while, right? Ok, close your eyes and receive a kiss from me. After that, I’ll give you my Christmas present……

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Amaha Tsubasa Aquarius
Nuhaha~, Christmas cake was delicious~! It’s so sweet/yummy that I stuffed my face until my cheeks were going to drop! However, I’m not completely satisfied yet. …… Why? Nuhaha~, that’s because I haven’t eaten the thing I want the most yet. Can you give me the sweetest thing? It’s your sweet kiss, ne?

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Aozora Hayato Virgo
It’s Christmas today. I’m so happy to spend Christmas like this with you. That’s why…… this is your Christmas present from Hayato-Santa. …… I feel embarrassed to have said that. I shouldn’t be saying things I’m not used to like that. Let me do it again. This is my Christmas kiss for you.

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Kinose Azusa Sagittarius
Since I’m sempai’s Santa tonight, I’ll all ears for anything you say. That’s why, try giving me a wish. Is there anything you want? …… Sempai, why are you hesitating? …… It’s alright if you say you want me, you know? Fufu~ cute sempai. Here, please close your eyes. No matter what it costs, I’ll give to you tonight.

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Kagurazaka Shiki Ophiuchus
Merry Christmas~. Nn~…… Hey? No Chrismas kiss? Then let’s do it again. Nn~… Tastes like strawberry. I’m delighted to receive candy but I’m happiest to get your kiss. That’s why, Nn~……

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Tomoe Yoh Capricorn
Do you know why I’m a reindeer? Fufu~, that’s because I want to be able to meet you even before Santa does. I left Santa behind and came to meet you. Red-haired reindeer has come to meet you! Joueux Noel.

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Hoshizuki Kotarou Libra
Come on, please come over here. I want to give you your Christmas present. Close your eyes when you come here. What do I want to do? Don’t have to worry about the details. You just keep your eyes closed, and wait for my kiss. That’s all. Merry Christmas.

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Mizushima Iku Gemini
Ah~, Miisuke, I’m the one who kiss the girl ok? That’s why, get over there. If, if you understand that, don’t put up a fight. Sigh…… then let’s have a fair match. Let her choose who she wants to get the kiss from, me or Miisuke. Hey, you’ll definitely choose me, right?

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Shiranui Kazuki Aries
Well, its the Holy Night again! Although it’s nice to spend a noisy Christmas with Tsubaya, Hayato and the rest of the gang, I love spending Christmas with just the two of us too. Thank you. For being by my side again this year. Come on, don’t be embarrassed. Let me give you my kiss of gratitute.

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Miyaji Ryunosuke Scorpio
Me..Merry Christmas…… Come to think of it, I find that I’m not very good at saying this each year. It is strangely embarrassing. However, I don’t dislike Christmas. It’s because it’s a day you smile with so much happiness. Thank you for spending Christmas with me again this year. I want to show you my gratitude…… can you, close you eyes?

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Nanami Kanata Pisces
…… Why are you, behaving like you’re hesitating? You didn’t make me wait long. You’re making me feel embarrassed too for waiting…… Come on, come closer to me a little more. Then, look closely at me. This year, you’ll give me a present again, right?

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Haruki Naoshi Leo
Merry Christmas!! Hehe, I’m so happy to celebrate Christmas with you! … Wa, Yikes Sorry! I embraced you suddenly…… I was too happy I couldn’t help it. …… However, is it ok to stay like this? I can feel it right now, the feeling of happiness that I wanted to give to you. A special night, a special kiss……

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All the chibi kisses are really sweet and cute. Don’t miss out the wallpapers! :D

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15 thoughts on “Special: 2012 Starry☆Sky Merry Christmas Chibi Kiss Desktop, Twitter Wallpapers (honeybee)”

  1. Happy Holidays, Ponytale! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a healthy New Year too!
    Thank you for your blog updates! ^ – ^
    ( Huggles )

    1. @ planck-chan

      I’m so sorry! I couldn’t help but comment! I love your picture! It’s adorable! ^ – ^ I bet Ponytale would like it! Merry Christmas to you, planck-chan! I hope you have fun! ^ – ^

    2. @planck-chan: Thanks dear for the lovely gift! You took such an awesome pix of the boys! <333 Merry Christmas and wishing you and your loved ones a fabulous new year! HUGS!

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