Special: 2012 Snow Fight! Dramatical Murder Happy New Year Wallpapers

New Year’s Day is so much fun!

Download the time-limited wallpaper created by Honyarara here!

{filelink=193} | {filelink=194} | {filelink=195}
{filelink=196} | {filelink=197} | {filelink=198}

Here’s to an awesome and fruitful 2012 filled with lots of joy, happiness, bishies and $$$ to buy goodies with! Stay healthy, be happy! And may there be peace in the world! (^_^)v

今年もよろしくお願いします!m(_ _)m

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25 thoughts on “Special: 2012 Snow Fight! Dramatical Murder Happy New Year Wallpapers”

    1. missed ya too!!<3

      XD i am watching hiiro no kakera~ i didn't even know it was released already. I'll tell you what i think when i get back~;v; *excited*

    2. It was interesting. I like how they remain true to yones style. Though it was off at times in the animations.; Sad it already has a lot of haters. ;_;
      Looking forward to seeing more! (have to finish up Inu x boku first; It’s so cute anime <3)

    3. @sigma I just watched it. I thought it looked pretty good. hopefully the quality of the animation doesn’t deteriorate as it goes on.-

      Inu x Boku? It’s good? I’ll try to catch it too then :D

    4. Inu x boku is so cute and funny! i am enjoying it~
      mamoru plays such a fun character!!XD
      For some reason the characters remind me of kuroshitsuji (don’t know why) ;;

  1. Happy New year ~

    Kinda using that background now but it’s a bit too noisy. I have quite a few stuff on my desktop that worked with my previous backgrounsd but… OTL Gonna do some computer new year’s cleaning, lol.

    Btw, random question due to the adverts on your site but… do you happen to use TM?

    1. @Oru: Yeah it’s an interesting piece to look at if its a poster displayed on the wall instead :D The resolution should be good enough for an A4 print?

      Would love to have time to do spring cleaning… not just the computer but the room orz;;;

      TM? What’s that? :P

    2. Think so but I’d never dare with my poor printer, aha.

      Likewise but gotta keep it to a virtual standard or just cleaning dust and vacuuming.

      Your site as advertisement for it: Tinier Me, that game that in Japan had collaboration with Starry Sky, Hakuoki, Uta No Prince and other popular series / games. Oh well, guess not.

    3. @Oru: Lol~ takes guts to print BL stuff on your own too I guess orz;; XD

      Oh Tinier Me! Icic… well, I personally don’t have that much time to spend on chatrooms so I didn’t bother signing up for the actual thing. It’s tempting cos the avatars are really cute. They also have Kuroshitsuji boys too. I’ve tried the demo on the Japanese site before.

  2. Happy new year Ponytale!Thanks for all news of the last years,i wish 2012 years will be as well! For the new year wallpaper,i love Clear with the octopus on the finger,so funny!(sorry for my bad english-___-“)

    1. @blackducan: XD Happy New Year to you too! Yeah, 2012 will be a fabulous year for us all! Yep, Clear is too cute :3 Don’t worry! Your English is perfectly ok!

  3. Thanks for posting this up, ponytale~
    Happy new year to you too!

    Koujaku and Noize’s expressions are priceless! I almost couldn’t recognise Aoba there. o.o”

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