Special: 2012 Happy Birthday Toudou Jyouichirou (Omerta, Short Story, Wallpapers)

Update 26 May 2012: Birthday wallpapers are FINALLY up!
Happy Birthday Master!

The seme that makes JJ go all otome-like in Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~
Toudou Jyouichirou’s birthday is on 21 April.

Limited period special wallpapers should be at the official site in about a week’s time. I think the staff was so busy they forgot? lol~ Anyway, here is the official link to

Download: http://omega.karin-e.jp/BD_sp/01_wall/wall_paper.htm

In case I don’t have time to make a post, there’s a Twitter event on 22 April to celebrate one year anniversary of the game’s release. More information here: http://omega.karin-e.jp/05_sp/14_gakuen_info02.htm

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2 thoughts on “Special: 2012 Happy Birthday Toudou Jyouichirou (Omerta, Short Story, Wallpapers)”

  1. Ponytale!~ Looks like the Omerta Fandisk is green-lit~ XDDD
    The twitter event was hilarious! Gotta thank the fans. ;D

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