Special: 2012 Happy Birthday Liujien (Omerta, Short Story, Wallpapers)

JJ is the present? :D
Happy (Belated) Birthday Liujien!

Chinese mafia boss in Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ Liujien’s birthday is on 28 March.

The limited period special wallpapers are up for download at the official site!

Link: http://omega.karin-e.jp/BD_sp/01_wall/wall_paper.htm

Wallpaper downloads available by request only. Please leave your request in the comments.

The boys on Twitter

There’s a cute story at the official site that was only online for 1 day. I totally forgot to check the site on the actual day. Please share if you saved it! (*o*) Thanks! <33

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4 thoughts on “Special: 2012 Happy Birthday Liujien (Omerta, Short Story, Wallpapers)”

  1. Aw was about to ask you whether you have the short story since I missed the day. DX
    Btw, today’s Toudou’s b-day~ :D I wish JJ would call him by his first name…~

    1. @Liru: sigh I’m very busy with work these days and missed his short story too. Glad you told up about Toudou too. Or I might have missed it as well D:

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