Special: 2012 Happy Birthday Aoba! (DRAMAtical Murder, Wallpaper, Voice Messages)

Aoba and Ren! Aww~ aren’t they the cutest couple! :D

It’s Aoba’s birthday on 22 April! Being newly released, DRAMAtical Murder characters get all the loving attention. There’s a wonderfully illustrated birthday wallpaper and special voice messages for our blue-haired protagonist.

Limited period goodies available only till 30 April 2012!

Wallpaper Link: http://www.nitrochiral.com/game/dmmd/wallpaper/

Birthday Voice Messages Link: http://www.nitrochiral.com/game/dmmd/2012birthday/

What birthday presents did Aoba receive and from who? :D

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12 thoughts on “Special: 2012 Happy Birthday Aoba! (DRAMAtical Murder, Wallpaper, Voice Messages)”

  1. Awww! Happy Birthday Aoba!!! You are sooo cute!!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo! Love You~!

    I love all the presents he received! Super cute!

  2. Thanks for the link!!! i really like Noiz’s present XDDDD
    and hav you played the game!!? T_T i heard it’s great!!!

    Aoba and Ren is just soo cuttteeeee ////

  3. Aww I loved this! Hey, have you done a DRAMAtical Murder review? For the life of me I cannot find it!

    I absolutely love your blog by the way (:

    1. @deaLott: I haven’t had the time to finish any routes yet orz;; I’ll write if j can but it’s definitely an awesome game so far :D

  4. N+C are genius!!i love this attention!and Clear’s present is…just so funny!!i want to see Aoba with it! lol

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