Special: 2011 Tomoe Yoh Capricorn Birthday Wallpapers Starry☆Sky (honeybee)

Tomoe Yoh 土萌羊 Birthday wallpaper available for a limited period :3

Capricorn boy Tomoe Yoh’s birthday is 12 January!

Special wallpapers for download

{filelink=18} | {filelink=19} | {filelink=20} | {filelink=21}

Oh by the way, there was some twitter activity from the boys giving birthday wishes to Yoh, so check their twitter pages for the conversation.

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4 thoughts on “Special: 2011 Tomoe Yoh Capricorn Birthday Wallpapers Starry☆Sky (honeybee)”

  1. Nicely put i agree too.^^
    For me horoscopes are just fun to read when ever i take a trip to the bookstore. (kinda like fortune cookies) Other than that i don’t follow them all the time like some of my friends do.

    without are without the change i’m still a Leo. XD

    1. @sigma: lol~ so you’re one of the lucky ones who won’t be affected by the horoscope “crisis” XDD Yeah, people who follow the readings religiously will probably panic quite a bit.

      I think these horoscope descriptions are good references for creating characters for stories. Oh~ and to use as an excuse too! lol~ like… I’m a Taurus, so you can’t blame me for being lazy and overindulgent XDD or I’m Gemini, that’s why I’m so frivolous OTL;;

  2. woot! love the wallpaper goodies~<3

    btw what do you think about the recent horoscope change? Is your horoscope still the same from the change?

    1. @sigma: Lol~ I’m not too bothered by it X3 Cos everybody has a little of all the traits in each star sign. Just that they emphasized some points more strongly in the sign. Example: Taurus bad point is overindulgence (It’s something anybody can fall into if they allow themselves to lol~ XD) Sometimes I think we can become what we believe ourselves to be, so if you strongly believe you possess the qualities of your star sign, it is likely you’ll display those traits too. So after the shift, I’m an Aries XDD You’re a Cancer now? :D lol~

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