Special: 2011 Starry Valentine Wallpapers (honeybee, Starry☆Sky)

Better late than never…

I checked their homepage on the 14th but the special wallpaper wasn’t there! Anyway, they sneakily put them up now ^^ Special wallpapers are up until 21 February. :3

Download: {filelink=10} | {filelink=11} | {filelink=12} | {filelink=13}


As usual there was some twitter activity from some of the boys about Valentine’s Day, so check their twitter pages for the conversation.

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4 thoughts on “Special: 2011 Starry Valentine Wallpapers (honeybee, Starry☆Sky)”

  1. Hope they will, the images look so nice and the backgrounds are really full and pleasant : >

    No, I missed out the pre-order line for both the desktop calendar and the agenda ( I really wanted that damn agenda) but someone was kind enough to upload a picture of each of the months on LJ.

  2. Actually saved this one to replace my my chibi after spring one – whenever I have the courage.

    What I’d like to see from them would be maybe a wall paper with the guys when they are older and with their jobs. I just saw the pictures from all the guys in the “future” from the desktop calendar and they look pretty, pretty cool.

    1. @Oru: yeah the after spring wallpaper chibis are really cute :3 Hmm maybe I should post it up too?

      I’m sure eventually they would do that :D Ah~ so you bought the desktop calendar? That’s nice!! I didn’t :(

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