Special: 2011 Starry☆Sky Christmas Kiss Wallpapers and Short Stories (honeybee)

Sub characters have no match for the mains… More Christmas joy from Starry Sky!

Just when we thought that was it, Starry Sky wants us to receive Christmas Kisses from all the 13 boys! Available only for a limited time from 24 – 26 December 2011.







聖なる夜、あなたとは誰とChristmas kissをしますか?

Holy Night.

You receive a Christmas card when you return.

There is a little message written in the card: “Waiting for you”

The sender of the Christmas card comes to mind…

Who are you kissing this holy Christmas night?

Read the short stories and grab the limited time period wallpapers and twitter icons here:


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9 thoughts on “Special: 2011 Starry☆Sky Christmas Kiss Wallpapers and Short Stories (honeybee)”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Such lovely boys to kiss in this Xmas night! <3

    Hey, today (well, here is still 24th) is Takano (from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi) bday! I wish Ritsu could give himself to Takano as a present, like Hatori did to Chiaki! XDDD

    Now I wanna wish you a Merry Xmas, lots of delicious cake, nice food, tons of presents, yummy bishies! And together with your dearest people! Thanks for all the nice posts, news, reviews and stuff in your blog!

    Now my Xmas card for ya: http://img846.imageshack.us/img846/104/hideyoshixmas.png – isn't he such a cutie?

    1. @planck-chan: Thanks for your lovely Christmas wishes! I wish you the same! And may the new year be filled with joy and bishies and $$$ to afford them all XDD Thanks too for your company *hugz*
      Hahaha, Ritsu the Christmas gift that I would love to see too XDD

      Aww the image is blocked orz… why?

  2. Oh man… I think Honeybee is trying to kill us all from hnnng overdose…

    That kiss gif… in full-screen… of my hasubando…

    …oh my heart. ;_;

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