Special: 2011 Monthly Calendar Wallpapers Starry☆Xmas Starry☆Sky (honeybee)

Limited edition 13 Starry☆Xmas present desktop wallpapers collection ^^

Special Christmas present prepared by each boy for all Starry Sky fans were published on their Twitter accounts on Christmas eve. I followed their Twitter accounts and collected all of them :D Their tweets are very cute and in-character. It’s strange because when I read the tweets, I could actually hear them being spoken by their respective seiyuus in my mind! Quite intriguing. :P There’s also a Christmas message from each boy on their individual Christmas present site.

Download the packed zips of 13 calendar 2011 wallpapers:
1) 800 x 600
2) 1024 x 768
3) 1280 x 1024
4) 1600 x 900

Previous download links are dead. Leave a comment if you like me to reupload them.

Check out the individual posts of each boy with their Christmas messages

  1. Capricorn: Midorikawa Hikaru as Tomoe Yoh 土萌羊:緑川光
  2. Aquarius: Suzumura Kenichi as Amaha Tsubasa 天羽翼:鈴村健一
  3. Pisces: Sugita Tomokazu as Nanami Kanata 七海哉太:杉田智和
  4. Aries: Nakamura Yuuichi as Shiranui Kazuki 不知火一樹:中村悠一
  5. Taurus: Hoshi Souichiro as Kanakubo Homare 金久保誉:保志総一朗
  6. Gemini: Yusa Kouji as Mizushima Iku 水嶋郁:遊佐浩二
  7. Cancer: Ono Daisuke as Touzuki Suzuya 東月錫也:小野大輔
  8. Leo: Kishio Daisuke as Haruki Naoshi 陽日直獅:岸尾だいすけ
  9. Virgo: Hirakawa Daisuke as Aozora Hayato 青空颯斗:平川大輔
  10. Libra: Ishida Akira as Hoshizuki Kotaro 星月琥太郎:石田彰
  11. Scorpio: Kamiya Hiroshi as Miyaji Ryunosuke 宮地龍之介:神谷浩史
  12. Sagittarius: Fukuyama Jun as Kinose Azusa 木ノ瀬梓:福山潤
  13. Ophiuchus: Miyano Mamoru as Kagurazaka Shiki 神楽坂四季:宮野真守
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8 thoughts on “Special: 2011 Monthly Calendar Wallpapers Starry☆Xmas Starry☆Sky (honeybee)”

  1. @ponytale – Yes, it was! XD I couldn’t help but squee over Hayato and Kotarou’s messages, since those are the two that I was excited for the most. The chibis were just darn cute. |D

    1. @Luvi: Hmm… the desktop calendar is a collection of the danna pics. Very nice. If I decide to buy it I would get the calendar too cos it is more practical. I don’t like putting posters on the wall cos I realise that unless it is a room without natural light, colours will definitely fade :-\

  2. First time commenter, long time lurker.

    I found out about the wallpapers through your site, and happily went about getting the wallpapers once they were released. Anyway, I wanted to extend my thanks to you for letting us know about this. :D

    1. @AzureKitsune: Thanks for dropping by and commenting XD Was it fun following the Starry Star boys’ twitter action on Christmas eve? Let’s keep watching… maybe they’ll have some special event for Valentine’s Day too! :D

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