Special: 2011 Mizushima Iku Gemini Birthday Wallpapers Starry☆Sky (honeybee)

Mizushima Iku 水嶋 郁 Birthday wallpaper!

Gemini boy Mizushima Iku’s birthday is 9 June (oo~ 69)! XD

My fav boy. What an emo-kid pose lol~ but I like the clever layout of his mirror reflection. Especially interesting to look at because Iku in the foreground is wearing his glasses but also holding another pair of glasses! Why? Look closely and you’ll realise that his reflection isn’t wearing any. And because his reflection’s eyes are closed (probably his inner-self when his guard is down), it shows wonderful contrast to the slightly wary expression of Iku in the foreground which is how he deals with people he meets in real life. The pose also makes Iku and his reflection look like they’re leaning against each other for comfort… Maybe I’m analysing too much ^^;; but he is my fav boy so I guess I can’t help lol~ Enjoy the wallpapers!

{filelink=118} | {filelink=119} | {filelink=120} | {filelink=121}

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8 thoughts on “Special: 2011 Mizushima Iku Gemini Birthday Wallpapers Starry☆Sky (honeybee)”

  1. Nah, I’m really not an Otome game kind of guy.
    The only otome game I actually got around to play (not yet but when exams finish) was the SS winter game.

    It came out great, actually. I remember there was some contest somewhere where you would get your figure photos posted into some magazine if they looked.. you know “realistic” and stuff. Too bad i didn’t remember in time, else I would have sent it you entry form.

    1. @Oru: I’m also more motivated to play when the game is BL ^^;; cos I just don’t have the luxury of time to do everything sigh. The latest BL games have arrived but still on backlog OTL;

      Thanks! :D Well, maybe next time! It’ll be interesting to take part!

  2. Yep, that one. I keep forgetting her name… Then again, I forget 60% of the SS charas names.

    The Valentine one lasted since… Valentine.
    Amnesia is the game by Idea Factory. The guys are too girly for me but they have style and, being hooked on those chibis and Kento, I just had to get the wallpaper with chibi Kento, pff.

    D’awww, that’s adorable. I always thought it was an adorable image, just didn’t know you were the original creator. Props o/

    1. @Oru: I also only remember the boys ^^;;

      The character designs definitely look stylish :D you going to play the game?

      Hehe thanks! I’m glad that they made this casual wear version of their nendoroid petites which I totally grabbed when I saw them. I liked their star gazing scene and used the figures’ available poses to create something similar.

  3. OOOOOOOOOOH. See, I only have the cute gift with them harassing people as young, so I missed out on that.
    Is she the lovely lady that comes up in the game?

    Either way, feel free to spoil me. Contrary to many people, I love them : Db

    On a completely different note, I finally dropped the SS’s wallpapers for Amnesia ones.

    1. @Oru: if she has similar hair as Iku then she should be the sister heh. If you catch the Iku arc in the anime you’ll get a good overview of his backstory.

      Lol the wallpaper definitely lasted long for ya! Is your new wallpaper anime based too? I’m currently using the senjougahara x araragi star gazing wallpaper I made ^^

  4. Analyzing stuff is what makes the day fun : D

    Though, since I still haven’t watched the anime nor played the Autumn game, I can’t help but wonder if it represents not only his alter ego of the sorts but also the obvious: his relation to his brother?

    1. @Oru: if you’re a Yusa fan you’ll definitely like it :3 in the story he has a twin sister. But I’ll not spoil anything for you in case you decide to catch it!

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