Special: 2011 Happy Birthday Ugajin Ken (Omerta, Short Story, Wallpapers)

Ugajin Ken shows his cute side to JJ

Ugajin Ken 宇賀神 剣 is the tsundere (nearly forgot +kichiku) megane glasses character from BL game, Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~

This is the special one day only short story about Ugajin and JJ spending a night star gazing in Taiwan. Ugajin’s birthday is on 20 September.

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The sweet short story of JJ and kichiku-turned-dere Ugajin.

Download the wallpapers here

{filelink=177} | {filelink=178} | {filelink=179} | {filelink=180} | {filelink=181} | {filelink=182} | {filelink=183} | {filelink=184}

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19 thoughts on “Special: 2011 Happy Birthday Ugajin Ken (Omerta, Short Story, Wallpapers)”

  1. Thank you so much for translating the stories!~ ^^

    PS: Kiryuu’s birthday’s up! Be sure to check it out today~ :D
    I checked out the Karin blog, and noticed that the latest entry has a pic preview of the Omerta. I think the next chap will be released in November. Can’t wait! ><

    1. @Liru: Thanks so much for the reminder! <3 I was so busy with work I forgot XD Managed to grab the story before the page was removed.

      I've translated Kiryuu's story! Going to post it up in a bit!

      Ooo~ Looking forward to the stories!

  2. @ponytale

    I’ve been planning to watch Steins Gate, might do so =)

    Im guessing on the side of the world I’m in I should keep track since the previous day in order to get them XDDD

    Um..I’ll be on his good side then o_o;; ..lol XD I noticed that it seems violent, I don’t really mind violecen or the hardcore yaoi since well for some strange reason it doesn’t affect me as it should..but when I saw Keisuke ripping off Akira’s ..er yeah lol I got in a big WTF moment ..maybe Im attracted to Akira too much lol

    The plot changed? oh alright I’ll keep that in mind, lol I always get those comments about Togainu’s anime. I truly have to watch it to know why it sucks. I heard that therre’s not much yaoi or something like that? um well if it’s cos of that I don’t mind not watching hardcore scenes since Im that kind of person who is ok whether they are there or not..but if it sucks due to the story then o_o;; lol I’ll still try to give it a try um I heard the same comments for Uraboku ..at least from my friends

    1. @Rukia: the game is violent and Keisuke is obsessed about his beloved Akira lol.

      The anime didn’t suck at just the plot change. The animation itself was so bad it had to be seen to be believed.

      Only the seiyuu and music was good.

  3. @ponytale

    Oh I didnt know that they produced Steins Gate and Madoka

    wow only for a day o_O so if you’re not constantly looking at the site then you’re in danger of losing cool stuff

    yeah the psp one but the review I read was about the PC ver ad seriously, Keisuke scares me o_o.. I’ll just watch the anime first..but yeah Im looking for the limited psp ver

    1. @Rukia: yep… and those are pretty awesome works. Highly recommended. Watch them if you haven’t done so yet :)

      Well, definitely have to be on the alert when there are significant events like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day April Fools… other days we have to watch out for are Japanese holidays lol~ but generally, those 4 are the main ones to keep track of.

      PC version is more violent and sexual. I think Keisuke also goes psycho in the PSP version but the CGs are probably not the exact same ones in the PC game.

      And I have to warn you about the anime tho. It really sucked and they changed the plot. OTL;;; so please lower your expectations as much as you can before watching.

  4. @ponytale

    Cool, thanks =)

    What animes? =O lol I knew about dramatical murder but I didnt know they were busy with animes but yeah I saw those wallps for white day and vday. I remember logging in Togainu no Chi’s site and not a single Akira wallpaper I was shocked really lol.

    I’ve checked your tags for Togainu I gotta check sweet pool’s XD I’ve actually never really tried to get into it but I’ll check. Ty.

    Hopefully they release some wallps when they are not as busy. ..now talking ’bout nitro+ makes me want to play Togainu no Chi but lol I still havent ordered it plus Im trying to look for the special edition somewhere and well I freaked out when I was reading a review and saw Keisuke’s bad end..o_o..poor Akira lol

    1. @Rukia: Steins Gate, Madoka Magica (2011) and Togainu anime (2010)

      They always make their wallpapers and specials limited period events, so most of the goodies are only there for a short while (sometimes only for 1 day like the April Fool’s special).

      Are you referring to the PSP version of Togainu game?

  5. @ponytale Ah I see, like I said, I turned the site upside down while looking for the wallp and ended up on the otome side of Karin ent lol hopefully they’ll be up, they are too cute really

    I wish that nitro+chiral would upload wallps like those more like Karin and otomate do ._. I never seem to find anything in their sites, not even banners, only found stuff for lamento lol

    And you’re welcome about Starry Sky =3 I’m always stalking the official site so..X3 yeah lol

    1. @Rukia: I’ll update when its up ^^

      Nitro+Chiral used to have them too if you browsed my older posts of Sweet Pool wallpapers, Valentines Day, April Fools special, etc. But they’re busy with lots of projects lately, including DMMd, Nitro+ and animes. The staff seems to be quite overworked if you asked me.

      Hopefully they’ll have these nice goodies again soon. I really miss them too.

  6. I’ve been trying to see for this wallpapers in Omerta’s site but I click everywhere and can’t find them XD so I try going back to the previous bday wallp link and lol it said it wasn’t active. I hope they get to be uploaded soon~~ this wallps are surely cute =)
    By the way honeybee updated their starry sky site if you’re interested in the new wallps ^^!

    1. @Rukia: They’re not up yet heh… maybe next week!

      Thanks for the heads up on Starry Sky! I was so busy this week I didn’t check for updates XD

  7. Hehe, oh I love that translation too, I just read it! Azusa loves his birdies! You’re so awesome, putting all them up ;_; Tachibana definitely beats out everyone for me, personally, followed by Kiryuu and Luka and Wong and Uozumi. I get such a good giggle reading this, and it’s great seeing more exposure for such a good game!

    I can’t wait for the wallpapers… I’ll keep a look out for them for you, as well!

    1. @Tachibana: XD Thanks for sharing too! I’m so glad you found Azusa’s birthday short story! I love how sweet and cute they all are X3 It’s a pity we can’t do stuff to the supporting characters. Maybe they’ll release a fan disk in the future for them kekeke *evil thoughts* XDD

      Ooo~ I feel lots more at ease with you guys helping out! <33

  8. Ahaha, oh Ugajin. He goes from kichiku megane to a… sadly ultra-sap. I didn’t quite enjoy the character as much in the game, but the birthday special was so cute! J.J is such a lover. :D

    Thank you for the translations!!! <3

    1. @Tachibana: Yeah I’ve read comments about his relationship development with JJ happened too easily. He is still hot tho XD Yep yep, JJ is such a sweetie X3

      I updated Azusa’s post with the translated short story too. Take a look XD

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