Special: 2011 Happy Birthday Kiryuu Reiji (Omerta, Short Story, Wallpapers)

Update! Wallpapers are up for download!

Lol~ Why did Kiryuu throw a book with pixelated pages at JJ?

Wanko doggie uke turned tsundere Kiryuu Reiji 霧生 礼司 is from BL game, Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ Kiryuu’s birthday is on 13 October.

Nearly missed this one-day special cos I was too busy to monitor the site. Thanks Liru for the reminder! :D

The boys on Twitter

Here’s the funny short story about JJ giving Kiryuu an… ero-hon??? for birthday present lol~

Download the wallpapers here

{filelink=185} | {filelink=186} | {filelink=187} | {filelink=188} | {filelink=189} | {filelink=190} | {filelink=191} | {filelink=192}

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12 thoughts on “Special: 2011 Happy Birthday Kiryuu Reiji (Omerta, Short Story, Wallpapers)”

  1. Oh thank you once again for the update! Kiryuu is SO cute I cannot even ;_;!! You are so amazing for translating these hehe. Have you heard the J.J/Kiryuu drama CD yet? They have the most adorable relationship ever. ;A; I love it.

    1. @Tachibana: glad u enjoy them! But have to bear with my errors here and there ^^;; yeah Kiryuu is such a cutie! <33

      No, I haven't listened to the drama cd yet! I really should huh!!! >.< I'll try to do that soon. Gaah so busy (ToT)

  2. awww this is sooo cute btw Ugajin’s wallps are up finally =)


    just in case u have’t grabbed them yet ^^

  3. No problem, Ponytale! And thank you so much for translating! -huggles-
    By the way, what Kiryuu read was actually Cool-B! XDDD Gosh that cracked me up alot.
    Paolo and his erm ‘interests’ hahas~

    1. @Liru: OMG!!! Sorry missed out ur comment.

      So it’s Cool-B lol xD I didn’t think of it! Karin is so funny to write that scenario into the short story. There were some features of Kiryuu in group illustrations as well as him with JJ in various compromising situations lol xD no wonder he got so embarrassed.

      He is so cute :3 love the chibis so much!

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