Special: 10,000 hits Yukata Lelouch

Thanks for dropping by!
Thanks for dropping by!

Guys always look so smexy when they are in yukata :3

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26 thoughts on “Special: 10,000 hits Yukata Lelouch”

  1. Hahaha… I’ll be looking forward to that XD

    Now we have another figure collecting comrade here at the dark side lol~ Gotta show you this awesome figma/RAH Light parody video of a Japanese CM. I’m amazed by the creator’s patience in doing the stop-motion animation. I’m particularly impressed by how smooth he made Light move: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awwvtQ7R2u8

    This is the original cm ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWBPykIZlJs

    Hehe.. I think if you post 3 or more links you’ll get the moderation message :P

    Yes… RAH-Barbie-syndrome x_x and it is worsening… you’ll be surprised there are so many things and clothes we can buy for our RAH XD

  2. the idea is to finish before you come over and with this smug face of mine i’ll show ya’ muahaha

    oh well, i told her “welcome to the dark side” and she replied, “man, this superb toys is like an enlightenment to me.”

    i suspect wordpress thinks im spamming you with those links. im hurt by the “awaiting moderation’ stats. XD

    i think “RAH-dissecting” doctor has officially caught barbie-syndrome. LOL~
    knowing RAh is expensive it will be more expensive if they have tht brush-able hair.

  3. Have more tea keke…

    Ah~ I’m sure she’ll feel better after the hormones thing balance out ^^ I think once you own ONE RAH I think you’ll want your second… third… *sweatdrop* living example here lol… so I say… Welcome to the dark side! XD

    Woah those links are good! Thanks! :D Early Nov ah… cool… think you’ll be able to complete it when I come over? *wink*

    Hmm the hardware store guy told me they don’t carry such small/fine screws and suggested another shop located at some other part of town. =_= Anyway I’ll try my luck with crafts shops when I go looking for the yukata shop on Friday.

    True… but the long brush-able hair can be sexy XD *points at Mr Feilong-potential* I played with the hair a bit like tie it up and down and stuff… quite fun o_O *shakes head at myself*

  4. oh kay, still carrying a bit weight in my heart (Woooo…)

    1. Light diorama project is officially on hiatus, my friend is stressed out for not able to sit comfortably while doing the delicate work. Plus her mind bent somewhere else into collecting more RAHs!
    2. 1/6 yukata project of mine, the deadline is early november…
    3. Reference for you:

    Apparently pattern can be bought online, man these days they sell everything over internet haa haa

    Is it specific screw? or they just dun have it at the moment?

    What makes RAH better than barbie is you dun have to brush the hair. annoying.

  5. yikes… *makes ocha from tea bag* here have some… *pat pat*

    I HATED it when it happened to me too (T_T)

    Hmm… I wasn’t able to find the figure screws I needed from the hardware store nearby. Have to look elsewhere. I want to replace the current old screws on the figures with shiny new ones ^^

  6. im upset. i wrote long comments with kimono pattern links and dang wordpress gives error “you’ve oredi said tht’.
    but apprently my comment was zilch! Arrrgh…*cooling down first*

  7. I’m not sure but the silver hair looked very cool xD You can make your own too!

    I bought a fine and medium brush each. Haiz dunno how the project will turn out =_=” And Naoto project also on hold temporarily. Busy with work x_x and no inspiration.

    Err, yea… I disassembled his sexy butt, arms, legs, head… chest… washboard stomach kekeke… and saw that he has a spring for a spine. Naoto’s body’s figure material is very reflective “plastic” finish while Light’s a matt finish. I rather prefer the matt finish ^^ Their skin colour is also different. Naoto is a slightly pale shade and compared to Light’s healthy asian-lightly-tanned glow, he seems a bit sickly.

    And strangely this Light figure is super tight everywhere *sweatdrop* very hard to strip and pose. I get really paranoid about breaking his leg or something. So the dissecting exercise is good cos now that I know how they come together, I think I’m going to loosen some of his screws so that his figure is easier to manipulate. Is your friend’s Light figure also very tight?

    Kekeke must show me leh those fabrics and your yukata :D So exciting! I’ve searched for yukata/kimono sewing patterns English books but didn’t find ones with very good reviews. Do you know of any good Japanese books with ready-made patterns that we can just photocopy and use as templates?

  8. Not yet. Still looking..hopefully can buy one around early September.

    You want the silver hair? Are you going to make you’re own Kazutaka Muraki? *jealous*
    How many brushes do you bought? Are they all the same type of brush?
    It’s good tht you have a back-up but i hope you dun find much difficulty and dun have to dump one of them.
    This kinda project absorbs time and need careful planning, cannot do it in 1-2 hours a day.

    OMG! dissected? XD XD XD
    Okay Doctor, when you errrr do it, what do you found on them? LOL
    So presume the Naoto project will be finish real soon?

    Oh yea i visit Daiso yesterday and bought several Japanese pattern fabrics (they’re actually table mats ha ha).
    I plan to use the fabric for sewing-experiment. Im going to try to make 1/6 yukata…
    I forgot how to use sewing machine XD so probably will do it by hands.
    Oredi buy threads and needles…now all i need is some measurement.

  9. Managed to get a good printer? ;D

    Well, for soft vinyl material which the head is made of, the recommended paint was acrylics and pastel. I’m a total newbie at this so I bought them off volks dolls website. I didn’t know I also have to buy a top coat spray to set the painting… so that has to come later. I also bought brushes etc x_x Their merchandise, including tools and material are always sold out. I actually bought 2 doll heads (slightly different facial features ^^), one black hair (our Mr Feilong-potential) and one blond. No idea what I can do with him… bought it as a back up. I wanted to buy the head with the face I wanted with silver hair but out of stock. So frustrating. I considered the blue/red hair too tho’ then bought the normal colors in the end.

    Good idea hehe I’ll do a before and after if I can :D

    Btw, I “dissected” Naoto and Light’s bodies. It was almost impossible to strip Light completely (minus tearing his sweater) without removing his head =_= so troublesome. In the meantime, I also got curious about how RAH bodies are assembled so Naoto II (I bought an additional pre-owned one xD) suffered the consequences. Quite an interesting exercise lol. Anyway, I’m going to go to the hardware store later to buy some replacement screws for backup purposes ^^

  10. I suck at origami since kindergarten..

    Being alone overseas will make you more independent…i think we both learn to maintain houses (cooking, cleaning, washing), learn $ management…and learn to keep our parent’s trust.

    Ah well my desk is in a state of mess haa haa..My house and my desk is a very different area. Ha ha

    5 cm? tht’s small…my hands will shaky kekeke…
    oh well if need help with hanging frame, installing vertical blinds call AKiyama. For aid in artistry works..call Ponytale.
    What brand of paint should you use?
    If you decide to make a post, you should include the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics.

  11. hahaha… just one sentence has lots of impact. xD

    Ooo~ that’s pretty awesome to be able to handle hardware and stuffs. I can do it but I don’t really enjoy doing it. It is a lot of work and… aarrgh (T-T) splinters! Crafts and “low-level” woodworking is ok tho’ but I’m not good at it. Drills are a little scary hahaha… Maybe cos I have an older brother, my dad would do these things with him and not me hehe. But due to necessity, I’ve learnt to disassemble my PC and install hardware, etc. When I was in Brissy, I was like the person for all things PC and IT for my mostly clueless housemates :P

    I enjoy gift-wrapping lol~ I used to collect gift wrapping paper too ^^

    Compared to you and most girls, I’m really quite sloppy… :P I have a high threshold for mess thanks to special training by my brother hahaha cos we used to share a room while growing up. After a while, I just kinda gave up trying to clean up and the habit stuck. x_x Hmm… sloppiness isn’t something I should be proud of *dies*

    It’ll be a while before I can do anything for Mr Feilong-potential… His face is only about 5cm… honestly I think it’ll be quite challenge to paint it. I’ll see what I can do *sweatdrop*

    Hahaha… I think if she has always been active, she should continue to be active loh ^^ If it makes her fulfilled, a happy mum will have a happy baby right? Hehe different people respond differently to pregnancy and you happen to be the sleepy type XD

  12. I suck at origami.

    Frankly, (dun laugh) im good at assembling DIY furniture (hammering etc)
    Seriously as a female i think i lack of gentleness.
    For example, i wrap presents badly XD XD
    Oh i think i’m also good on house chores..floor is clean clean and shiny.
    Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

    Ha ha lemme know when yor ‘Fei potential doll’ finished.

    My friend is quite workaholic, i think her hubby worry because it’s their first child.
    It amazed me how she can keep herself active, during pregnancy i sleep a lot, as if i’m hibernating. XD

  13. Yep… most of the miniatures from re-ment are just the right size for our RAH dolls. It can be quite fun ;P (Barbie syndrome) lol~

    Well, I feel that unless it is doctor’s orders that she must physically rest all the time, it is good to keep active and busy even when pregnant right? Otherwise so boring to just lie around at home waiting for the baby to pop out hahaha

    Yesh… I am tempted by the super sculpey. Looks like fun :P I bought a “faceless” male doll head and body from volks. I have yet to learn/try to paint a doll face so he remains featureless except for his long black hair… he has Feilong potential ^^” Need to do more research. x_x

    I like looking at origami too ^^ There are nice books out there but the only ones I can make are crane (who doesn’t know that I wonder :P) ball and boat (another common one) hehehe. You good at it?

  14. It’s like having your own display…
    Hmm..i saw one those soft drink display box@local shop here…

    I think it’s a good idea but she’s quite stubborn..
    Also i heard rumor tht her hubby not quite agree of the gift shop because it keeps her busy (related to her pregnancy i think)

    Actually it’s quite reasonable because online shopping saves time. and yea i dont enjoy shopping in the middle of crowds too. Noisy…

    Oh super sculpy is cooler than i thought becoz the color is beige-pink instead just plain white. Are you interested in 3D papercraft?

  15. fufufu* yep they do XD
    Erm… check this out: http://www.hlj.com/product/AZNMYS020AST

    It is very easy to go crazy over re-ment ^^” must control ourselves. So far I bought re-ment sushi, cake and bread… :P Recently Coca-cola has some promotion with 7-Eleven here and release re-ment lookalike miniatures complete with ice-box and supermarket display case. Pretty cute too.

    lol~ hey it would be fun if your friend can create web tutorials in clay miniature making! Has she thought of setting web shop too? I think her tutorials can attract people to her website.

    hehehe you never know until you try lo~ even if our Iwaki-san ends up looking like Afro Gunso, its okie cos we love Gunso too XD

    Super Sculpey Clay is supposedly very soft and easy to play with and used mainly for face sculpts. I found it on sale at Amazon US. There is also a big list of good books on sculpting with clay. There are so many things to do and try but so little time =_= I should drop by some craft/arts shop when I can to see if they are on sale here. I’ve become such an online-shopping nut cos I like to avoid the crowds when I can nowadays o_O

    hehe icic but the skills he learnt is still useful mah :D so it’s still a good experience.

  16. Dang! i like them wearing white undies..makes them look boyish XD

    The re-ment i bought is the japanese traditional food series.
    (the one with onigiri, shoji screen, etc etc) dunno the exact..XD
    I have membership in tht local shop so they gave me 15% disc…ooo i’m afraid tht i go mania on re-ment kekekeke~

    As a gift shop owner my friend seriously thinking re-ment is for lazy ppl.
    Oh well, i’ll keep some so you can see it during your visit here. who knows you wanna grab some as souvenir from Indo LOL~

    I never heard of tht Super Sculpy before. The clay we use is just general clay used for miniature.
    I’m not sure this kinda clay is good for face sculpt.
    I think sculpting and sculpting to make our own Iwaki-san is great but i probably ended up making my Iwaki look like Afro Gunso ha ha ha

    What’s the damage of Super Sculpy?
    Do you have to buy it online or can find it in local shop?

    the architect is too busy so cannot help me. XD
    Anyway, thou he majored in archi, he does not have interest in being one.
    Told me it wasn’t his call.

  17. hahaha… XD yeah… if I remember correctly I think it was one of the pictures in the picture studio figure set where chibi Lulu wears a black singlet top and black undies.

    ooo which re-ment did you get? If you buy the whole box you’ll usually get the full set. Why not share with your friend? :D Wah~ I think making props and environment should be a piece of cake for an architecture grad… lucky you! Your girl can also play with it afterwards too hehehe

    Ooo… Light RAH for business… that’s pretty awesome. Early on in her pregnancy huh… hope she gets better ^^

    What type/brand of clay did you buy? I’m thinking of learning and trying out face sculpts. Looks like fun XD I saw some youtube videos and the weapon of choice seems to be a brand called “Super Sculpy”… wow imagine sculpting our own Iwaki-san XD~~~

  18. OMG!! *Lulu blushes*
    kekeke..seriously black undies? I think of them wearing whites. XD

    Okay im bought several boxes of re-ment today from local shop.
    If we live in the same city we probably buy the whole box then split or do some trading.
    Since hubby’s major in Uni is architecture i hope he can help me making props XD

    Clay miniature is nothing new to my friend, she own a small gift shop. She actually bought Light RAH for business. will make diorama for display.
    According to her plan the diorama will be placed in some sorta box (like aquarium) it’s going to take several months (she’s currently pregnant and having frequent nausea)
    but i will give you update once it finished.

    Clay-thing is kinda stressful, and we do some “secret” copying from re-ment box or japanese magazines.
    I will send you pics of re-ment i bought, lemme know if you want them.

  19. *whispers* Lulu was wearing boxers in this pic (altho it can’t be seen) kekeke XD
    Lulu: x_x *dies from embarrassment*
    I dunno, Lulu (and Suzaku) always strikes me as a boxers guy but there are official illustrations of him wearing black undies *faints*

    Okie! Naoto will get his wooden clogs XD (but no underpants hahaha) We’re so pervy… ah maybe a fundoshi? One of the fun things about doing the photo shoot is the sourcing for props and such XD I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too!

    :D If your friend doesn’t mind, I would love to see her figure pix too. You guys started on the clay miniature making? I think everything takes some practice loh… Re-ment maybe expensive but saves time since it is ready-made.

  20. Yep wooden clogs will make it more authentic.

    Anyway, good job. im not sure if i can pull off tht kinda work. XD
    Im not very good at delicate work or things like handicraft.

    Okay, i want first update as soon as Naoto-Yukata PROJECT finished. XD
    Gonna be really hot. (especially the fact tht he’s not wearing underpants XD)

  21. keke thanks… ^^ *pops champagne* XD

    ah~ Naoto will get his turn soon. Nice suggestion about the clogs. I’ll see what I can do :D

    The yunomi is also from the sushi box I got from Re-ment keke

  22. Congrats.. *throws confetti*

    Plz uncork tht bottle of champagne.
    Lovely pic :D tell me when is Naoto’s turn?

    Juz a suggestion..might be nice if you give LuLu wooden clogs XD
    I love the yunomi. Berry cute.

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