Shop: Ouran High School Host Club R1 DVD Sale

Ouran R1 DVD
Good news! Rightstuf is having a 40% Funimation sale

At checkout, type in the promo code: rumble to enjoy the discount.

Ouran R1 DVD

So if you’ve been eyeing the upcoming Region 1 Ouran High School Host Club DVD (Part 1), now is the chance to save ^^

The Region 1 Ouran DVD comes as a 2-part package of one season (13 episodes) per box.

Part one retails at: US$59.98, so with the 40% discount it’ll be US$35.99

Check it out!

Offer ends 31 August 2008.

As a side note, other Funimation titles include xxxHolic, Beck, Juu Oh Sei, Darker than Black (pre-order), Claymore (pre-order), Fruits Basket.

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22 thoughts on “Shop: Ouran High School Host Club R1 DVD Sale”

  1. That’s true… but if there were no online shops I would buy at the book store like I used to… and be quite embarrassed :P

    The other time I placed a reservation for a Trim Your Tummy! (something along that line) book at Kinokuniya. When I went to collect it at the counter I felt quite… dunno how to describe xD cos the sales person who handed the book to me was a cute guy *sweatdrop*

  2. LOL~

    Yea told me he have to keep a straight face as if believing their excuses, seriously he really wants to laugh on their face.

    I think the cashier is too busy keeping his/her job instead of commenting on your purchase.

  3. Hahaha cute excuses but they are too just too obvious XD

    I also have to try to keep a straight face when paying for the manga/artbook at the cashier ^^” maybe I’m thinking too much ne…

  4. haa haa well there’s nothing wrong being shy and needing privacy.

    Years ago, i know this guy who *secretly* sells AV and he told me boys are pretty shy when it comes to AV/hentai, they always find excuses and most popular excuse, “it’s for my friend.” and second is, “i just wanna know what it is.”

  5. Yea that’s true, when manga cost S$3 during the time I was a student, I thought it was expensive too keke..

    Anwyay, imagine running into somebody I know when I’m buying yaoi manga… OMG x_x *dies*

  6. it’s not cheap according to buyers, because 80% of buyer are students.
    As for me, i buy from distributor..i dun buy 1-2 volumes but usually around 5-20 vols with 20% discount.

    buying online gives privacy, i understand tht…and you have more selections.

  7. wah… that’s really cheap :O S$2 per copy! Nowadays SG manga cost at least $4 and up (for local and $7 and up for Taiwan import)

    Locally licensed versions oso dun have BL hehe they don’t want to test the censors. But we are still able to find BL titles occasionally which are parallel imports from Taiwan or English/Japanese ones which are expensive. I’m used to buying online already :P I’m shy la… when it comes to BL titles.

  8. In here, Indo-translated manga printed in gray paper. seriously will show you some…
    the price is approx 12,000 – 13,000 ( 1 SGD=IDR 6,500) so you do the math hee hee
    No censor because no BL haa haa…the legal manga industry is already tough why look for more trouble.
    Plus, local bookstores dun makes difference in displaying children,teen or adult comics.
    (by adult i mean manga for mature ppl, not the pervy-adult LOL~)
    oh yeah the dimension is oso smaller…

    it’s pricey but if possible i buy US ver. manga by VIZ or TOKYOPOP or Chuang Yi. (SG)

  9. I think Cyclops is pretty macho too but Gambit is definitely more suave ^^ Beast is a gentlemen xD

    Taiwan version Chinese manga’s paper is whiter and thicker. Print quality of manga produced by authorised companies are pretty good, except for the mandatory censoring of privates and certain H scenes using speech bubbles lol. I remember we had the discussion about censored Viewfinder keke. A bummer especially when you’ve seen the scanlations. Until scanlations came along… we’ve been had for years! lol~

    I’m not sure about M’sia version tho keke.

  10. yeah who can blame stupid who accidentally caught up in the ring whirlwind ha-ha

    I like Gambit too, i think his fan are mostly girls. As for Cyclops, i cannot say i like him..i hate his awkwardly retro goggle. (refer to original design)
    Other chara i like is Beast, seriously i find him appealing in X3 because he seems so intelligent and polite.

    Any difference in paper quality? between Japan ver and Chinese?
    One of my Saiyuki manga is Chinese version, it’s very much alike with the japanese ver.
    Do you have M’sia version manga? XD

  11. You’re right hahaha but his retort would probably be… I didn’t ask for this (T_T) dammit… here YOU take the ring!!! But we can’t really blame him since he is under the ring’s effect…

    Yeah, Sam is very sweet. I think it can be frustrating to be Sam but he is so patient and loyal and he is very focused.

    Ah~ The first X-men is like laying the groundwork for the better things to come. I enjoyed all three tho :D I watched the X-men cartoon when I was a kid and my fav character was Gambit (his voice actor sounded so cool…) Pity he wasn’t in the movies.

    Yep, the translated ones used to be lots cheaper (half price) but nowadays the difference not so great :)

  12. That’s what makes him annoying, he’s dumb and important. XD
    I like his bud Sam, i think of him as Frodo’s touchstone with his strong loyalty in a simple mind.

    X-men Trilogy is not bad at all. The first one kinda suck but then 2nd and 3rd sequels are loooot better, so it really pays of watching the all of’em.
    Any fave chara on X-men?

    Yeah no Iron Man for me too…

    Chinese translated manga is cheaper than Japan ver. is it?
    Local KINO sells Chinese ver manga too

  13. Frodo is annoying but still quite likeable to me. I feel bad for him hehe… but he has an important role to play. He is the typical reluctant hero that must go through denial, shit-loads of trials and tribulations before he grows up and emerges triumphant.

    Oh~ yep yep I enjoyed that one. The Lemony Snicket novels are meaner but yeah it was a pretty well-executed adaptation :D I missed out on Naria and HP books too but I believe from fan reactions, the movies were good adaptations too.

    I remember original English comics were a lot more expensive (like say 2~3 times more for 1/4 the page length per comic) so the hobby was definitely an indulgence compared to Chinese translated manga. Yeah that I have to say was the main reason why I didn’t pick up the hobby ^^”

    I think the X-men movies were fantastic! Spidey was a bit disappointing and I didn’t watch Iron Man cos too busy…

  14. Hey i agree with LOTR, i dun follow the books but knowing how complicated the plot and all-tangled up characters i think the director is doing great job.
    When my dad and I watch LOTR, we both really annoyed by Frodo.

    oh yeah another good adaptation is Lemony Snicket (Series of Unfortunate Events)
    I cannot comment of Narnia or Harry Potter because i dont follow the books.

    When it comes to super heroes, i prefer to watch than read the comics.
    From X-men to Spider-Man and lately Iron-Man…it’s too complicated and too much time wasted if i have to dig on and follow the comics.

  15. wow.. I read the wiki info about Perfume… very intriguing (and twisted xD ) would be interesting to watch/read.

    Another title to the super long list of to-watch movies (including Charlie and Chocolate Factory) :P

    Hmm… personally I have no complaints for the Lord of the Rings adaptation but I’ve read about them haha. I can’t think of anything else off-hand tho’

  16. Make an exception for:
    1. PERFUME: Patrick Suskind (some director)
    2. Charlie and Chocolate Factory: Roald Dahl (Tim Burton)

    Hmm…what else???

  17.’s like watching a movie adapted from a novel.
    The readers of the novel always have something to complain about the movie hahaha

  18. Still waiting for its arrival ^^ I’ll make a post when I get it.

    I think in this case, maybe it is better to watch the anime first. Cos usually I think people who read the manga first will tend to be disappointed when they don’t see certain details animated. I became a fan of Miyano Mamoru because of his Tamaki in Ouran :D Some things are just better when animated keke

  19. Oh yeah..what’s the news on tht Junjou vol. 2??

    haa haa in tht case it depends whether i like to red or watch nee? after all both are good.

    As for Keroro, i prefer to watch. Tamama have cute voice desuuu~

  20. I’m also thinking about it cos I just blown some $$$ on Junjou DVD Vol. 2 Its unlikely I’ll get the Ouran R1 DVD this time round.

    I think the anime is very enjoyable. Beautifully animated and voice-acted. ^^ Laugh out loud but also heart-warming. All the characters are lovable! When the 26 episode anime ended, the manga hasn’t completed yet, so they changed the ending. It was done properly, so not much complaints there. The manga has more details that sometimes anime cannot show, so it is more “fulfilling” for a fan who likes to know more :P

    Personally I would get the DVD first before the manga la… but that’s just me heh.

  21. I’m thinking about it. ;p

    In your opinion, is it better to read or watch the anime?
    (because i’m also thinking of collecting Ouran manga)

    In some cases, reading the manga is better than watching the anime adaptation or vice versa.

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