Shop: I want to eat FRESH Zaru Soba!

Homemade Buckwheat Noodle Set / Hobby & CraftsI just saw this cool looking Homemade Buckwheat Noodle Set at CDJapan… Cold Japanese noodles is one of my favourite foods… It is really good for a hot day… in fact, any time of the day! X3


LOL~ I really want this! But quite expensive… can’t imagine the shipping cost since it looks rather heavy. O_o Well hopefully I can find a set at the local store. Most importantly, they must also sell the flour too. No point buying it if I can’t get any flour supplies.

The damage? 12500 Yen (w/o shipping) LOL~

Now for some fun looking pictures taken from the product page. :D
Add water to the flour mix, put in the paste, roll it out! Whee~ Fresh soba noodles!

More info at the official site (See videos of the device in action)

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16 thoughts on “Shop: I want to eat FRESH Zaru Soba!”

  1. I understand how you feel. Cos I think most forms of yaoi and doujinshis can be considered porn for the explicit scenes and although they’re usually rated 18, it is not going to stop the younger ones from reading them. In a way, we also need to learn how to deal with it as an adult ^^” (BTW, I think you would make a great mentor/parent lol~ ) Even now, I struggle with moral issues when it comes to BL in real life, it is just something I rather not express my position in, so the net is a great little outlet for me. I guess I’ll have to stay in the closet for a veerry long time when it comes to my love for BL manga/anime.

    If we don’t BL-ise things, we can always view it as very strong friendship between comrades. But because BL comes into the picture, nothing is so innocent anymore ^^ We can argue that the characters sometimes say suggestive things to each other so they have BL tendencies. But look around us. Some of our straight male friends do that to one another too and we usually just view it as a joke and laugh it off. LOL~ Gaaa~ but real life sexuality is a very complex thing, so it is really hard to say. I mean I know I definitely like guys while in my teens… but I also had a crush on my senpai who is a girl! She was an amazing senpai and an absolutely wonderful person. She took good care of me and I looked up to her a lot. I even get jealous when I couldn’t spend time with her. Haha… Can’t help it right? Since we were not in the same class. But I don’t think I’m bisexual in anyway tho’ cos I think it was a just form of hero-worship that teens go through. Nowadays there are TOO many trying to be politically-correct labels for people. I think I’ll be seriously confused about my sexuality if I grew up during these times.

    But yea… as a major BL fan… I can’t help but notice and enjoy it when the writers purposely inject suggestive scenarios and scripts at appropriate moments ^^ cos too much of a “good” thing can be irritating too. I’ve read about BL fans complaining about the overt BL fan-service added to Monochrome Factor (an anime based on non-BL manga) So that’s another good example for us to not overly indulge ourselves when it comes to general anime/manga.

  2. Yea man x man is looooot better than a kid x kid.

    I’m not trying to be an anti BL activist or anything sort of but i tend to be picky when it comes to discussing BL, if I wasn’t so sure abt the writer’s age or anything i’ll probably leave the blog/website.
    Of course you didn’t mention age or anything but after awhile I’m able to make perfect guess that you’re not an underage BL-fan. It’s not tht I wanna to hate somebody but i just don’t feel comfortable discussing male to male relationship (thou only in manga-anime) with an underage girl. (i’ll be guilty of introducing bad influence^^)
    Curiosity is okay but i hope they can limit themselves to shonen-ai in the meantime.

    I don’t blame you for Code Geass because giving normal anime/manga a slight touch/smell of BL/Yaoi relationship can boost up selling numbers.
    Perhaps it’s marketing strategy, take an example like Saiyuki, like it or not BL speculations on Saiyuki is very strong among fans thou the author herself never claimed her work as BL and no specific scenes with BL content.
    Saiyuki fans suggesting that Saiyuki characters are BL just because those guys tend to be together and in one or another way needing each other or maybe they’re just too good looking to be taken by women.^^

  3. Yea, a general anime is actually more enjoyable if you don’t keep trying to look for BL potentials between the characters (unless it was meant to be so, like Koutetsu Sangokushi and Kyou Kara Maoh) lol~ BL fans sometimes read too much into every little thing that happens between the male characters ^^” and I can be guilty of that too :P Lulu: *shakes head*

    Looking back, I think one of the major contributors to this BL in general anime/manga effect came about in Evangelion in the form of Kaworu’s relationship/friendship with Shinji. Kaworu seemed to display love affections for Shinji and this made the doujin circles go wild with BL pairings of the series. And if I’m not wrong, they’re both 15? And Yaoi doujinshi’s of general animes like Captain Tsubasa has been around since the late 80s/early 90s… so yeah, I guess the history it goes waaaay back ^^

    For me, the BL stories between the men are definitely hotter and more believable than BL between the kids. It can feel really disturbing when the pairing is very obviously young. I’m not into shota but it is also a huge yaoi sub-genre.

    As for BL relationships between teenage characters… well, it depends. I’ve read some pretty good BL stories that write about the coming-of-age and out-of-the-closet issues that the boys face. But most of the time I still don’t really notice their ages unless it is really obvious.

    Actually it took me a while to get pass the “shock” of hard yaoi even as an adult. When I was a teen, I only liked shounen-ai. To me, shounen-ai was the ideal portrayal of pure love. *stars in eyes* *digs out my dusty old Taiwan licensed copy of Hotaru Odagiri’s Sayonara no Riyu and Ginnokaze Tohitoki* :3 And when I first read Zetsuai and Kizuna then, they were so heavily censored you couldn’t see a damn thing. ^^” Even licensed Taiwan titles I bought were censored too. Only recent years then I got to read the uncensored online scanlations of hard yaoi titles and gradually became a perv who enjoyed them… yeah I’m kinda glad I’m already an adult like you when it finally happened XD

  4. I’m a conservative, i hate underage BL fan..they tend to ruin regular anime/manga into something BL. It’s their personal rights of course but why can’t they just enjoy the anime/manga without BL-ing the series? If we look closely, most BL anime/manga contain sex scenes which is not suitable for them and it’s pretty disgusting to have underage characters such as Naruto (12 y.o), Ichigo-Bleach (15 y.o) to have sex with their pairing(s), which sometimes another underage characters.
    To be rude, how can they have sex when they’re not yet a man.

    I know girls exposed themselves to sexuality during the age of 13-15, i’ve been on that road before. I know the feeling of growing up into a woman and feeling curious about sex and opposite sex, that could be the reason why so many BL fan is an underage.

    As for myself, i consider myself lucky to be able to enjoy BL as a non-underage.
    It’s just feels better…^^

  5. *nods* I understand… Up till now I’ve not watched even 1 episode of Naruto cos I didn’t want to start and get hooked on such a long-running series. I’m actually not that familiar with the character details, altho as a BL fan, the pairings pop up quite frequently so I kinda know who they are. Hmm so they are mostly underaged? I didn’t know that. A quick scan on the net… okie… so… Naruto is 12 yo… ^^; I’ve not watched Gundam Wing (I read that it is THE Gundam series that supposedly spawned an uncountable number of BL doujinshis. LOL~) so I can’t really comment on it either.

    Generally for anime, I don’t really notice the character’s ages cos anime style doesn’t show it as clearly unless it is really obvious that they are kids. Also, I think many BL fans are under-aged, so they probably identify with the younger characters more and that’s one of the possible reasons they like to pair them together :) But yeah, I’m also guilty of enjoying non-BL characters of some series made into BL, like Code Geass. Come to think of it, even though I was exposed to shounen-ai through shoujo manga in the past, it never once occurred to me to pair up the guys in general animes I watched then LOL~ I think it is an unstoppable trend now thanks to easily available scanlations of BL doujinshis on the net nowadays.

    Also, I think maybe BL fans are just too deprived. That’s why I’m so glad that Junjou Romantica is made into an anime. It is well-animated and very good so far. I was very moved by some of the scenes and interactions between the characters. The manga and drama CDs are good but seeing it brought to life on screen definitely gives a stronger impact.

    Yes… it is so unbearably hot recently to the point the heat can be distracting. I usually try my best to hold out and use the fan instead of the air-con cos I feel cold easily :P

    I don’t like to camp in SG… too hot and sticky ^^” and the bugs and mosquitoes! o_O But yeah for that once or twice I did, I could sleep too, tho not a good rest. However we didn’t sleep much we stayed up to chat or did some form of activity. You enjoy camping? :O

    I’m not sure if master has better overseas/online shopping deal… so far it works just like other credit card for the things I bought hehe.

    I think there is inflatable bolster :D but good ones are hard to find. I’ll get back to you on that. LOL~ sex dolls wahaha~ XD

  6. I actually dun like to see non-BL made into BL.
    I don’t watch Gundam or Naruto but it’s very annoying for me if those underage characters are paired and made into BL couple by lots of BL-fan.
    Fortunately by the time BL gain fame in here i’m already above 18 and i think i’d better stick to actual BL than normal anime/manga made into BL.

    Whoa, SG is hot and not using air con is hardly possible. I cannot stand heat and maybe tht’s a problem too.
    If not using air con maybe you turned on fan, right? well constant use of air con is also not good for health. the air needs to be circulated.

    Haha you’re easily adapted, tht’s good! Have you ever go camping and sleeping in tent wif sleeping bag?

    Yea cc promotions is great these days for cafes or restaurant or clubs. I might apply for master in the future..heard it gives better deal in overseas/online shopping.

    Too bad there’s no inflatable bolster. Duh! therefore can carry bolster when going abroad or out of town. those sex dolls doesn’t count as bolster!

  7. Well-ventilated rooms are great. I don’t like to switch on the air-conditioning if I can help it. I also must have my bolster for a good night’s sleep. I read somewhere that a bolster is good for sleeping posture too!

    A good bed is very important lo~ definitely a worthwhile investment since we spend so much time on it kekeke… but I’m usually quite adaptable and can sleep on almost any surface, anywhere XD I’m a nap queen. Oh~hohohohoho~ (^o^) Although I may take a little longer to fall asleep on less comfy places but I still can do that most of the time. But of cos my own bed is still the best.

    I have 2 cc visa and master but I usually only use only 1 cos its spending benefits are better ^^ It’s good to have cc from different banks here cos of the discounts, promotions and tie-ups they have with restaurants. But at the same time we also must have better self-control…

    XD hehe that’s true. BL fans are.. quite. *ahem* ^^” It must be rather annoying for normal manga/anime fans to see their favourite non-BL characters forced into BL relationships with one another *MEGA sweatdrop*

  8. Comfy yes and i’m glad he didn’t mind at all for having us to stay. He lived alone. well-ventilated and crowded too with feng shui decoration.
    Yeah it’s true, it’s becoz i’m so accustomed sleeping in my own bed and also i’m the typical person who sleep with bolster.
    Couple years ago as a newlyweds, me and my husband invested some money in buying a really really good and expensive king-sized spring bed, we didn’t think much except we both likes nap and want to have a good bed, ever since then i feel uncomfortable sleeping in other bed than the one in our house.
    maybe it’s dangerous to have too comfortable bed. LOL

    Do you have more than 1 cc? I try to keep sane and only allow me to have 1 cc (visa).

    Homura’s paired with any other saiyuki characters. (saiyuki fans are not discreet^^) but somehow i dun like BL connection on saiyuki characters. I like the manga/anime just the way it is.

  9. Hahaha… it must be a very comfy and well-ventilated house? Since he is so into fengshui keke. I’ve not slept on futon before… eh~ maybe we’re used to spring bed that’s why sleeping on the floor on a futon is not so comfy? A hard surface is supposed to be good for us :P

    That’s good of you to have self-control. I’ve already spent quite a lot for this month. I’m expecting to receive a couple of more pre-orders within these 2 weeks… which I have to pay for once they’re shipped to me o_O seriously dun want to see my credit card bill at the end of the month. (T-T)

    Hehehe… icic who do they usually pair Homura with? XD

    I don’t see many Saiyuki figurines at all. I wouldn’t buy a bust figurine either. I prefer a full body one too.

  10. oo…tht’s what i meant, plasticine. i dun think Playdoh is already imported to Indonesia in the 90s. I literary said anything similar as Playdoh.

    the house is modern and traditional, the honorable cousin hahaha is a fusui/feng shui freak and his house is decorated with Japanese and Chinese items related to fusui.
    it gives me backache becoz we have to sleep in futon, he insist not having any western-type bed.

    Nope, my hubby scanned it from HobbyJapan or sort of and ask me if i want it or not but i said no becoz i don’t really want it. Especially we’ve been using our credit cards pretty much lately, dun want to be in debt Ha-ha

    I like Homura but it’s a small character, he died in the end of Gensomaden Saiyuki season 2. No resurrection except in fanfic Ha Ha.
    I never knew any saiyuki chibis, back in 2002 or 2003 i saw Saiyuki figurines (from head to chest) but again i don’t feel like buying it.

  11. That’s true! Looks like a toy indeed. I enjoyed playing with plasticine… couldn’t afford the more expensive playdoh then keke

    Icic… that’s nice too! Definitely save a lot more $ when you have accommodation and eat in. Hotels and restaurants are more expensive x_x oh~ is his house the traditional type with sliding doors and tatami? uwah~

    Yesh~ I saw that figurine when surfing online shops too… and I wondered if you’ll get it… but Homura is your favourite character right? And you prefer chibis mah haha… did they have Saiyuki chibis? Are you going to buy it? :D

    Oh yea~ my copy of Goldfinger is finally on its way here. I bought it during the 2x points promo at HMV recently. They just shipped it this morning. xD

  12. when i first saw the pic i tot it was soba-maker set by playdoh.

    i seldom eat at restaurant during trips to Japan, i have a cousin there and instead of staying at hotel we stayed at his house ( yep, a house not apartments or condos), he and i usually cooks together..the only time we got out is for snacks, cakes or beers.
    It’s saves my money for not eating outside or paying hotel fees, but it makes me lack of experience in eating out in Japan.

    12500Y…i can buy Saiyuki ‘genjo sanzo’ figurine with tht.

  13. Ooo~ I also discovered during my last trip to Japan that ramen can be eaten the cold Zaru Soba style ^^ my friend and I ordered a set meal at a departmental restaurant (cos it was cheap, the most value for $ oh and it had a big picture on the menu that we could point to LOL~) and they served us cold ramen with the soba sauce to dip in, came with small portions f sushi, tempura and green tea too. Yummy~ for under 2000 Yen if I remember correctly.

    I don’t think there is a taste guarantee altho that would be nice hehe. It reminds me of the girly toys where we play pretend with fake plastic foods and kitchen utensils.

    I’ll consider getting it if I see it in stores here but I’ve not gone on the search yet keke.

  14. i dun like udon too..prefer ramen.

    still tht mini contraption is cute and girls are susceptible to cute things like tht.
    does it comes with the guarantee tht the soba will taste just as restaurant-soba?
    if you buy it maybe you can start your own soba cafe….or invite your firends on a mini soba party.

    this can be considered as cooking gadget..maybe your parent will support. ^^

  15. Mmm… and knowing me I’ll probably be using it very actively for the 1st few months and after that it collects dust :P It’ll be fun to have tho and makes a fun conversational piece XD

    I love cold soba… but I don’t know how it happened… kekeke… I don’t like udon as much tho’

  16. This mini-contraption is cute…althou i’m no fan of soba.

    It’s dang expensive too plus the risk of shipping this delicate stuff to overseas.
    ah well, same with you…rather than buying online i would prefer hunt down local store (but then i remember i don’t like soba) XD

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