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Don’t we all love sales :D hehe… can’t believe I missed this since it was up since end of July *bashes head on wall* So yeah… $ goes… CD come ^^;

CDJapan 30% Sale

Lebeau Sound Collection Drama CD - Tozando Tentsui Ibun / Drama CD (Jun Fukuyama, Katsuyuki Konishi, Hikaru Midorikawa, et al.)

BLCD – Touzando Tentsui Ibun (東山道転墜異聞)
Starring Fukuyama Jun, Konishi Katsuyuki, Midorikawa Hikaru.
Original price 2800 Yen, discounted price 1960yen ^^

Based on an older shounen-ai manga by Nakamura Shungiku (中村春菊), author of Junjou Romantica. Cute story.

I wanted to get Tsuki wa Yamiyo ni Kakuru ga Gotoku too… but sold out already :( Also based on a cute shounen-ai manga by Nakamura-sensei.

Tsuki wa Yamiyo ni Kakuru ga Gotoku / Drama CD (Hiroshi Kamiya, Kouki Miyata, Toshiyuki Morikawa, et al.)

BLCD: Tsuki wa Yamiyo ni Kakuru ga Gotoku (月は闇夜に隠るが如く)
Starring Hiroshi Kamiya, Kouki Miyata, Toshiyuki Morikawa.

This CD is even cuter than the one before hehe. Anyway, I guess I’ll have to wait for another sale/restock.

Sale ends: September 26, 2008 23:59PM

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