Shop: 25% off PlayAsia in Stock CD/DVD/Books/Figure Goodies!

Okie… life has a strange way of “doing you in” when you are either already down in the dumps or made a resolution to do certain things…

For me, is to stop overspending cos I am broke. Why oh why must there be a sale now! (T_T) Sale for in stock items only (excluding items released during the last 30 days). Ends 20 July.

Anyway, I’m going to buy the Kotobukiya Military Shiki that I’ve been contemplating about buying for months already. My ~$~ ~$~ ~$~ (T_T) Pity that Akira is already out of stock.

I’ve not had the time to go through everything on the site yet. I’ll probably list them here when I’m done with it. Here are some Togainu and non-BL items to check out ^^

  1. Togainu no Chi: True Blood Official Fan Book First Edition
  2. Togainu PS2 Soft Vinyl Figure: Arubidoro
  3. Final Fantasy Miniature Trading Figures Vol. 2
  4. Sengoku Basara 2 Vol. 1 Non Scale Pre-Painted Gashapon
  5. Saint Beast: Rasen no Shou PS2 [Limited Edition] (25% off the already discounted price. I should have waited a bit longer for the sale if I knew this was going to happen ^^”)
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24 thoughts on “Shop: 25% off PlayAsia in Stock CD/DVD/Books/Figure Goodies!”

  1. :P Why didn’t I think of that huh… Uploaded already lol~ I sent you an email with the instructions and info ^^

    Yeap, the PC version came out first. So far the BL games, both PC and PS2 I come across are one-player only. It is embarrassing to listen and watch the BL H scenes with your friends right? XD

    Yes… “Limited” is the killer word for suckers like me.

  2. to save time and space ha-ha maybe it will be lot better if you just copy the application into a blank CD and give it to me when you come for visit.

    so CL Summer Season is different with just CL.
    Does BL game meant for one person only? i mean can you play it with friend (using 2 gamepads).
    When it comes to PC i’m not sure…PC are solitary and maybe it’s not fun playing BL game with your other female friend.

    Amazing what LIMITED stuff can do.

  3. It is about 600MB so I’m going to split and upload the parts for ya. I tried to grab just the apps… altho it works, there are error messages if you didn’t use the install disk to add it :-| But I think it is cool cos the matching game of the fan disk is very fun! XD I really would love to buy the original disk if available ^^

    Cafe Lindberg Summer Season is PS2 version (which I also recently acquired but have yet to play) The PC Cafe Lindberg is the one that has Sakupyon XD *meeeoow* Also quite rare nowadays. Either that or I don’t know where to look ^^;

    Haiz, if I have a lot of $ I’ll buy it. But 12500 can buy me another RAH!! x_x So I’ll let it go loh…

  4. How big is the desktop application?
    Even if my fave seiyuu voices not in going to be thrilled XD

    Congrats! I’ve heard Cafe Lindbergh Summer Season, are we talking about the same version/game here?
    From what i heard, CL Summer Season have around 50 endings. Waaaa….

    I hope you’re not desperate enough to play a 12500 BL game. *winks*

  5. Ah~ nice… one of the occasional gripes I have about SG is the hot weather ^^

    Yea, and I sometimes use my phone as an alarm clock and wake me up with a song although I know isn’t a good practice lol~ I also know people who don’t have a home phone at all and rely only on their mobile phones. Can’t imagine the chaos when the network is down.

    Lol~ do you want the fan disk? The apps includes a clock and an organiser/calendar with voice. I can send you a link… altho it doesn’t have the voices of your fav seiyuu ;)

    Speaking of Cafe Lindbergh, I found the PC game disk at a reasonable price on mandarake (approx 4000 Yen) ^^ It is on its way here now. And most recently saw that the Togainu Limited PC disk sold at 12500 Yen on auction. Yeah, people do pay that kind of money for it.

  6. I live in a cool city, air condition is not needed and uncommon.
    Bandung is surrounded by mountains, some area even have one of those natural spring well and the water is cool.

    Of course related to Global warming, i feel this city not as cool as years ago.

    Yep, i know some people always put their mobile phone in the bedside table. These days a mobile phone is like your ID and it’s just stuck with you.

    *nods* tht’s what happening to me, my desk is crowded.
    Lucky you have tht sexy desktop application hee hee, reduce your stress level.

  7. Oo~ that’s true… but if you work in an air-conditioned room, the heat is not so bad right?

    Yep~ an extra desk is a definite must. If the work space is too cluttered, it is also contributes to the stress factor ^^

    That’s right, if I remember correctly, electromagnetic waves can disrupt our brain waves and that is not good for sleep. So it is also recommended that we avoid having our mobile phones near our sleeping area too since they emit very strong electromagnetic waves.

  8. Whoa will do research on tht Canon Pixma you mentioned.

    I dunno about Wacom but the bad side of using tht Fujitsu tablet PC is the heat tht comin out from the gadget.
    I think both Wacom and Fujitsu Tablet PC have good and bad side, its just depend on your budget and preferences.

    My ‘eye candy’ is using Epson scanner+printer. Actually it’s a gift from Epson and i had my eye on tht thing but the designer (being a designer leh) need it more than i do.
    if i can have tht 3 in 1, tht’ll be awesome but first thing first so i have to provide an extra desk for it first.

    Yea but my hubby can fall asleep as soon as his head touches the pillow so no big deal.
    But’s not good for your health if have many electrical appl for long period time in your bedroom (related to electromagnetic wave perhaps?)

  9. I bought it for S$475 around 2004/05… it is a very good investment tho :) Takes a while to get used to it but it helps to prevent a bad mouse wrist (Repetitive Stress Injury) Fujitsu Tablet is more natural since it is like you’re writing on paper, so it is definitely better.

    Hahaha… it is always nice to have eye candy XD even when in school, my friends and I were more motivated to attend class when we had a handsome lecturer/tutor lol~

    I used to get hooked on online PC games like Maplestory which doesn’t need much of a brain or superb reflexes to play hahaha. PS2 is not as addictive cos I’m not good at it. You see, you need some good hand eye coordination to unlock difficult DDR songs which are impossible for average folks like myself to unlock using a dancing mat. I suck at arcade games and I also struggle with RPG like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy (but THAT is addictive and superbly time consuming, and I always die fighting the Bosses, so I try not to start playing again) and shoot ’em ups like Dynasty Warriors (played at normal mode) In conclusion, BL games are really suitable for pathetic gamers like me lol~. If I fully understand the language it’ll be perfect :P

    Its definitely nicer to have a separate room for work. Bedroom is for resting mah… I’d like to keep it that way ^^ Having too many electrical appliances in the bedroom disrupts sleep.

    I swear by Canon printers and scanners ^^ I’ve been using them for years. My current 3-in-1 printer/scanner/fax is Canon Pixma MP850 (ard S$600+). It is a bit more expensive but very good. I look at it as an investment. The inks are reasonably priced at around S$18 per cartridge.

  10. Tht’s big and expensive ^^, i borrow wacom A4 months ago, but i feel awkward with wacom after long time using Fujitsu Tablet.

    The new designer (still freelance) will be a great relief due to his smexy-ness kekeke~
    mostly his job related to the free magazine but he’s willing to help my upcoming online store.

    haha i hope the PS2 won’t be a temptation to skip work.
    anyway you have a very convenient work space, mine have to use some limited space in bedroom.
    Maybe after cleaning up some other room, i can have my own workspace.

    what 3 in 1 printer do you use? i’ve been eye-ing couple of products but dunno which one is good with reasonable price.
    what’s the good and the bad of using tht 3 in 1?

  11. Yup.. I have wacom intuos 2. Although I’ve been eyeing an intuos 3 for years.. I have to say that these things are really built to last and very reliable and sturdy. I really don’t have a good excuse to splurge on a new one :P

    Wah~ Fujutsu Tablet :O They cost a bomb! Lucky baby u hehehe… the relatively recent wacom Clintiq is a wish-list item too.

    The new designer will handle the technical bits of the ecommerce site? It’ll definitely save you a lot of pain and headache.

    I mean 2 desks are reasonable… like I also had a printer and scanner on my desk so it was seriously crammed. Later on, I got a 3 in one printer (with print, scan and fax) function so it is slightly better but the machine is still kinda huge. Takes up half of one desk. For my additional desk, I installed the pull out tray compartment for my wacom so it frees up space on the main table top. My wacom is 9×12 drawing size, so its real size is almost A2 (2xA4) size.

    PS2 is on a 4-row shelf by the side in the same room, with a small 14 in CRT TV and CD stereo/player on a row each. So if I want to play I can just swing around and switch it on, then clear a bit of space on the floor to lay my dancing mat :P Anyway, it is time to do a small clean-up. Things are currently in a mess ^^”

  12. So you use wacom?
    i’m more complicated because i use a PC and Fujitsu tablet PC (gift from daddy :D) it can be quite stressful but since now the company have freelance designer (tall and smexy) i have somebody to help me.

    Im glad you also use 2 desks, it means my request for 1 more desk is reasonable.
    Very convenient eh to use printer/comp as fax machine? i’ll think about tht too.

    Where’s your PS2 machine? is it on your workspace too?

  13. Scanner and printer are must haves :O fax machine still ok cos my printer/computer can also function as one.

    hehehe I used to have only one work desk… after about a year, I expanded it into a 2-desk workspace. Definitely much better cos previously more than half the desk is taken up by the CRT monitor + keyboard + my wacom tablet + mouse… + external hard disk +….. talk about clutter. hehehe.

  14. Yea but it won’t do much until i have my own scanner.
    Unless i have a scanner, i cannot help with pics or info.

    I haven’t got fax machine and scanner and those two are on my wishlist.
    Oh yeah i wish for bigger desk too haHa…

  15. Yep. always good nee to have limited fig but in this case i won’t fight for getting my hand on tht thing.

    Oh yea i subscribe hobby japan mag starting from this month. the company pays because it’s job-related but who knows i might stumble upon interesting figures for myself.

    I still keep ol’ Togainu figures scanlation from hobby Japan XD

  16. My Shiki is free shipping ^^ If the weight is less than 1kg, usually I can get free shipping… so I choose free shipping in box. But for books, PA will tend to charge shipping for them.

    Yep.. white uniform is ANIMATE only. Black looks better but the white is cool too. Not must haves but rather nice to have :P

  17. What ‘shipping method’ do you choose from PA?

    Is it ANIMATE only? i saw it in Kotobukiya website and i thought tht limited fig can be bought from Koto-shop.
    Ah well, i just gotta let it pass..because i dun wanna waste many $$$ to bid or buy it second hand from somewhere else.
    I like SHIKI but there are some things more important and bidding his limited white uniform fig seems too much for me.

  18. YESH~ I also just received an order shipped email from playasia keke… :D

    The Animate-only white uniform figures are no longer on sale… at least I see that they removed it from the animate website ( T-T) I have those on my wish list too…

  19. Hooray *throws confetti* My ‘querida’ (spanish for ‘darling’) in on shipment. Should have it in 5-7 days.
    Bienvenido a Indonesia..querida! Hahaha (hope i got tht right)

    Actually i want to get my hands on the limited edition (white uniform) but i’m far late, becoz during the pre-order time i dun have the budget.

  20. Yeah… I went to take a look at Shiki sale page again after reading your comments and it was already sold out :P I was still tempted to buy one more and wanted to struggle some more hahaha ^^” But not to worry, I believe we’ll be the lucky ones cos we ordered early.

    Now that I’m going to have Shiki, I placed an order for Akira at Hobby Link Japan. It is on backorder so will take some time before he arrives. =_= sheesh… no control over $. But our boys will have each other for company.

  21. Really? SOLD OUT oredi? I order it only couple of hours ago.i receive e-mail confirmation regarding my order. Hopefully things run smoothly and i’m able to have it *making v-sign*

    I order 1 pc. it’s not for selling but goes to my personal collection. Now Akira won’t be lonely.
    *AKira: thanks mam!*

    Nope, my Indy set will be late. hic hic

  22. Wah~ this Shiki is also sold out already. So fast!! How many did you buy? Limited to 2 per customer… after some struggle, I ordered only 1 ^^”

    (=^^=) Thanks! I managed to buy a number of display cases from Daiso so the indy figures are being housed in there now. Would you be receiving your set soon?

  23. Currently im in the process of ordering Shiki ~Der Soldat~ figure from PA

    Thanks for notifying me thru this post.

    Btw, The one coin indy figures are soooo cute. Nice picture too!

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