Results! September 2012 Fun at LalaParadise Treasure Hunt Find the White Rabbit (Blog game)

Sorry for the big delay! Congrats to winner of Fun at LalaParadise Treasure Hunt!

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Cycle TWO White Rabbit Treasure Post
Anime: Brave10 (Ono Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi)

Clue for September 2012 Cycle TWO: Weapon

Yep I was looking for Saizo’s big sword :D but I agree that its not easy to be this lucky all the time huh… I’ll probably revise the rules for the next cycle in November. I’ll contact winners from both cycles soon. October cycle shall pause as I’m giving away a Yandere CD for Halloween! Enter the draw here ^o^)/


  1. Cycle TWO: Utapri Keychain (Masato, Jinguuji)

Some statistics:

Total entries: 16 (but one was disqualified cos it was the same as another entry.)
Participants: Angela, @NiceThai, Katy, crystal_yuy, MisakixUsami, M-T-D-G, Kaori, Rai, rasu, EatsSweets, Sweetest.Wish, planck-chan, Sarah Bella Sopianingrum, Hawah, otsuki

Thanks for taking part everyone! :D

Past September Cycle ONE results

Congrats to our winner of Fun at LalaParadise Treasure Hunt!

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First time lucky, Pikapao

Cycle ONE White Rabbit Treasure Post
Goods: I look SO Damn FABULOUS! Sega EX Grell figure (Kuroshitsuji)

Clue for September 2012 Cycle ONE: red head


  1. Cycle ONE: Natsume Yujincho Ring Notebook (Natsume,Natori)

I’ll contact winners at the end of Cycle TWO.

Some statistics:

Total entries: 21
Participants: Shirokaze, crystal_yuy, planck-chan, Katy, Mito, Pikapao, Kasia, momo, Marifluff, King Rein,rasu,EatsSweets, Gradian, Senkai, Mah, Angela, Rai, Kaori, M-T-D-G, Kyoya,Yin

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    1. Thanks!^^, I hope you luck if you’re competing in the second round, if not good luck anyway in whatever you’re doing!:)

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